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United States Courts Virus – Remove United States Courts Andriod Virus Immediately

What Is United States Courts virus?

United States Courts virus  and United States Courts Andriod malware have been detected by VilmaTech Security Labs recently. It is not an accident that VilmaTech Support Team report and analyze this malicious malware on Andriod phone. Actually, they have traced and made observation on the United States Courts virus for a couple of months. A large number of Windows users have got this infection because of its high efficiency spreading capacity. United States Courts virus of course should be categorized as ransomware like Metropolitan Police virus, Homeland Security virus which will locks the computer and Andriod system and displays a localized webpage depending on the user’s current location then demands payment for the supposed possession of illicit material. People who receive this notification would be asked to pay a fine to the appointed account online within 48 hours. United States Courts virus and Android security issue  are released by cyber criminals to mainly attack PC users live in United States. United States Courts virus is high level risky and United States Courts United States Courts lock should be removed immediately. Illegal commercial benefit is the final purpose of its publishers.

Once a PC has been infected by United States Courts virus, it would be locked up and user can do nothing with the computer. It claims that the user has violated local laws and other copyright policy or download illegal various files such as porn movies, mp3 files and software from the Internet. The only way to have the infected PC released is to pay a fine in the amount of $300. Most of the victims make a choice to be cheated and choose to send the money to somebody they never know because they were shocked by the warning message and they did believe it comes from the United States courts. Unfortunately, there is not any PC user can get the computer back successfully after the payment. United States Courts virus pretends it as legitimate document signed by government officials in order to scare the victims into paying the money. People should realize that the only way to regain the computer is to remove United States Courts virus but not trust any fake alerts from the virus. United States Courts virus is a scam and Windows users had better ignore everything it shows up then remove it as soon as possible.

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It is very dangerous to pay the money online to the crime criminals. Once they inject virus into PC system successfully, they will monitor everything of the computer remotely and steal the financial information of Windows users. A great part of victims loss their credit card password, important business information and other document files after they accomplish the online payment.

United States Courts virus can infect Windows system in several ways. When PC users tend to visit illegal websites, download freeware, open spam, click suspicious links, they will probably be infected by the United States Courts virus through a Trojan. This type of virus can bypass most of the antivirus-programs then inject into PC system sneakily. Therefore, people should be very careful when trying to visit un-trustable website, click on suspicious links, open attachment from unknown resource and install freeware on the computer.

Residual Damages by United States Courts Virus

As we have learned that United States Courts virus affects Windows PCs through Trojan, the lock up virus thus manages to compromise the secure defense as a whole by biding its own vicious codes to system items, which makes infected computers become susceptible to deadly virus, such as:

  • Search redirect virus that would hijack default homepage, search results.
  • Toolbar virus that would hijack queries to filter out most related search results.
  • Endless pop-up advertisements that would incur in-text words being double underlined with hyperlinks directing to spam sites as well as commercial sites.
  • Strange programs and rogueware that would take up a lot of resource.

That’s why there have been not a few victims seeing various problems and virus after they have successfully removed United States Courts virus. To crown it all, according to TCP/IP protocol, there are thousands terminals on a single one computer. In fact, only 3 terminals at most do we usual PC users apply, which means the Unites States Courts virus is capable of alleviating installations of infections without a hitch.

Extra Attention to the United States Court Virus

It is easy to understand that the longer one takes to remove the United States Court virus, the more residual damages one may encounter. Still, there are many victims do not take the infiltration of the United States Court virus seriously simply because they can utilize other forms to run the infected computer, like:

  • Safe Mode.
  • Safe Mode with networking.
  • Another accessible user account.

Victims who manages to use any one of the above listed forms deserve to be relax, but not to the point where to leave the United States Court virus behind.

With its purpose for illegal commercial benefit, the United States Court virus will collect as much information as possible so as to resell the information to other spammers for a large amount of commission. Trojan, the kernel gear of the lock up ransomware, will help to detect any information that has not been exploited and to compromise the secure efficiency for survival.

That’s the reason why almost all anti-virus programs cannot help with the removal of the United States Court virus and the accessible forms become disabled one by one till the whole computer is down without any possibility to be turned on.

Take the special situation that the United States Court virus triggers into consideration, manual removal method is thus recommended for a thorough and complete removal. However, only victims who are equipped with computer technology are allowed to go through the steps hereinafter since the steps reference the kernel part of a computer. Any slight mistake there would incur damages that may not be rectified completely. If you meet with confusion or you are not that technically sound, it is advisable to start a live chat with professionals from VilmaTech Online Support for one-to-one assistance to achieve the successful removal.

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How to Remove United States Courts Virus?

If you are one of the victims who get the infection on the Windows PC, you can try to follow the instructions below to remove United States Courts virus step by step. This is one of the manual methods for Windows users and it has helped lots of people accomplish the virus removal successfully.

1) Boot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking

Before performing the manual removal of United States Courts virus, we need to boot machine into Safe Mode with Networking in order to operate smoothly.

For Windows 7, XP & Vista

To perform this procedure, please restart your computer. -> As your computer restarts but before Windows launches, tap “F8″ key constantly. -> Use the arrow keys to highlight the “Safe Mode with Networking” option and then press ENTER. -> If you don’t get the Safe Mode with Networking option, please restart the computer again and keep tapping “F8″ key immediately.


safe mode with networking

For Windows 8

A: Start and login the infected computer until you see the desktop.

B: Press the Ctrl+ Alt+ Del combination key, the Switch User interface will pop-up.

Switch user page

C: Always hold down the “Shift” key on the keyboard and at the same tine click on “Shut down” button once on the bottom right corner of the page.

D: You will get three options there: Sleep, Shut down and Restart. Click on Restart option.

windows 8-Restart option

E: The next window says ‘Choose an Option’ screen,” then you need select “Troubleshoot.”


F: On the troubleshoot page click on ‘Advanced Options’. In the following window choose ‘startup settings

Start up settings

G: Choose ‘restart,’ and then wait for a minute. Windows will automatically display Safe mode options. At last press F5/5 key to highlight Safe Mode with networking option, hit enter key as well. Later after that, Windows 8 Operating system will be booted up with safe mode with networking.

2) Open Task Manager and end all the malicious processes created by United States Courts Virus.

( Methods to open Task Manager: Press CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC or Press the Start button->click on the Run option->Type in taskmgr and press OK.)

backgroud processes

One may encounter error when ending malicious running processes because of the rigorous program of the United States Court virus to avoid being removed easily. If it is the case, you are welcome follow the instruction here:

A: Hold Ctrl, Alt and Delete key combination together to bring up Task Manager (Windows 8 users need to Type ‘Task’ in search charm bar and hit Enter key to enable the  Type ‘Task’).

B: Hit View tab to select ‘Show Kernel Times’/ ‘Select Process Page Columns’.

C: Next tick PID (Process Identifier) and press OK.


D: Find ‘LSASS.exe’ for its image of the User Account which does nor belong to system.

E: Back to desktop and press Win key and R together to put in ‘CMD’ and press Enter key.


F: Type ‘ntsd –c q -p (PID, the number you saw on Task Manager)’ (without quotation marks).

G: Press Enter key and go ahead to end the malicious running processes.

3) Check the following directories and remove United States Courts Virus associated files before showing hidden files and folders:


For Windows 7, XP & Vista

A: Open ‘Control Panel’ from Start menu and search for ‘Folder Options’.

folder options1

B: Under View tab to tick ‘Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’ and then click ‘OK’.

For Windows 8

A: Double click on Windows Explorer application from Start Screen.

windows explorer

B: Select View tab on Windows Explorer window to  tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options.

C: Press “OK” to confirm the change.

4) Open Registry Editor by navigating to Start Menu, type in Regedit, and then click OK. When you have been in Registry Editor, please remove the following registry entries related with United States Courts Virus:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “courts” = %AppData%\p1.exe
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon “shell” = “explorer.exe,C:\Documents and Settings\Bleeping\Application Data\skype.dat”


If one is unfortunately not able to use Safe Mode with Networking to remove the United States Court virus, one need to create a user account with administor rights and remove the lock up ransomware from there. But if one already has another healthy user account, one can remove the United States Court virus straightly there with the steps offered above. However, always bear in mind that the healthy user account should have administor rights; otherwise, one need to create another user account with administor rights by following the steps below. If one doesn’t know how to create a new user account with administor rights, live chat with experts from VilmaTech Online Support for explicit instruction.

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1) Boot into Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

For Windows 8

A: Press Alt,Ctrl and delete key together.

B: Please hold shift key and click on power button together to select Restart option.

C: Please select Troubleshoot with arrow keys arrow key.

D: Select Advanced options before hitting Restart button at the right bottom of the screen.

E: Please hit F6 to get into safe mode with command prompt.


For Windows 7, XP & Vista

A: As the computer is booting but before Windows launches, keep tapping “F8 key” continuously.

B: Upon “Windows Advanced Options Menu” appears, highlight “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” option.

C: Press Enter key.

safe mode with command prompt

2) Create a new user account from cmd.

A: Type ‘explore’ at the place where a slash/line is flashing.

B: Hit Enter key to get into another desktop.

C: Created a new user account with administrator right.

3) Remove the United States Courts virus in the newly created user account.

A: Restart the computer normally and enter into the newly created user account.

B: Follow step 2) to step 4) depicted in the ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ section.

Money Submission Only Makes Things Worse

No matter how real United States Courts virus looks and no matter how convincing to be locked down by United States Courts accusation message, people should check the credibility when it comes to finance. According to an analysis, a few people pay because of being threaten to be put in jail while the majority pays up because of documents stored on a target machine. Paul Ducklin, security adviser for anti-virus software company Sophos had given a better explanation on why people still pay for cyber criminals when knowing well that United States Courts virus is a ransomware scam – “If your data is worth $300 to you, it must be very tempting to pay up, just in case it works”.

However, money submission in such situation is not recommended; otherwise, it’ll be encouraging transactions with cyber criminals. Besides, there have been few cases reported by ex-victims that the submission worked. We hereby quote what Dmitri Bestuzhev, spokesperson for Kaspersky anti-virus software, says, “If even a few victims pay them the cybercriminals will think they have got a viable business model and keep infecting people and asking for ransoms. If nobody pays, they will stop these campaigns”.

Apart from the above mentioned, more concrete reasons are listed down to convince you that pay United States Courts virus with money will only make things worse:

  • Paying money to United States Courts virus will make its cyber criminals consider you as a “big client” who they will continue to visit.
  • Paying money to United States Courts virus through the payment method as it prescribed can be dangerous, as to United States Courts virus is supported by Trojan, the kind that is adept at stealing information, financial particularly. Therefore, no matter what, it is not wise to hand over your money.

Optimize Your Computer

According to the preceding paragraphs that the Unites States Courts virus  and Unites States Courts virus Android security issues are able to trigger residual damages after a successful removal, which leaves victims with sluggish computers. Victims hence need to optimize computers thereafter for the regain of perfect operating experience:

  • Reset browsers (e.g. IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) as affecting through web site is the major dissemination way of the United States Courts virus.
  • Adjust disk defragments as there will be many more incomplete items left after removing the United States Courts virus Android malware. If on Android system, you should remove United States Courts virus from  Android phone definitely.
  • Disable other unwanted startup items as the United States Courts virus is able to introduce additional virus.
  • Remove browser cookies as there may be tracking cookies that are good at exploiting vulnerability and backdoor to monitor your online whereabouts, preference and confidential information you typed online.
  • Run powerful anti-virus programs to detect and delete infectious items, if any.
  • Uninstall unknown programs from Windows or remove Android malware completely.


Note: If you are not so confident of removing United States Courts virus manually, you had better stop and have a online chat with VilmaTech experts. If you unfortunately failed to remove the virus with the above method, you can also contact VilmaTech Support Team for the latest information about the United States Courts virus. The only reason for the failure is that the cyber criminals have updated this virus to make it more stronger. That is why a virus removal instruction can not always work forever.

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