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Uninstall VAFMusic Toolbar in Windows System

Vafmusic toolbar has been a headache for wide range of PC users nowadays. According to reports by its victim, people run into VAFMusic toolbar after installing Quicken 2013 Starter Edition, downloading a copy of Adobe Flash, updating Flashplayer and the like. Almost all PC users call vafmusic toolbar a malware or virus as the toolbar installs itself automatically and will not uninstall from Add/Remove Programs. However, vaf music toolbar is not flagged by installed anti-virus program.

vaf music toolbar

VAFMusic toolbar is a browser malware. It opens the copy of browser engine, takes over the search functionality to force PC users to employ vafmusic toolbar though they are unhappy to be redirected to unrelated search results most of the time. VAFMusic toolbar, resembling midicair toolbar, is a product by conduit. Therefore, getting VAFMusic toolbar will result in default homepage substitution with, a pushy search redirect virus not only collecting confidential information but also introducing additional virus. Upon detection, Vafmusic toolbar has placed its vicious resgistry entries into database from which directions are issued to determine how a machine performs. That is to say, the injection of vafmusic toolbar’s keys will cause series of PC issues, such as slowness in PC performance and page loading speed, frequent search redirect issues, error message popup, highly consumed CPU and so on, whereupon, vulnerability is formed without owners knowledge. Such vulnerability can be easily exploited by tracking cookies and deadly virus. As a consequence, victims would end up with information lose as well as a higher possibility being under additional virus attack.

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Now it is known that Vaf music toolbar needs to be uninstalled as soon as possible whether it is for the sake of computer health or information security. Nevertheless, it is quite a challenge to uninstall vafmusic toolbar. Victims will simply find that to uninstall vaf music toolbar in the Uninstall Programs menu will not cause response from Windows; running reputable anti-spyware programs both in normal mode and safe mode without success; implementing system restore also leads to VAFMusic toolbar malware after reboot; uninstalling and reinstalling the infected browser but to no avail; having tried Vafmusic uninstall. IIRC with zero progress. As vafmusic toolbar infiltrates deep in a machine, it is recommended to manually uninstall it for a complete removal as no program will help manage the kernel part of system automatically. It should be mentioned beforehand that risk is always there when handling kernel part of a system if one is not equipped with specialized knowledge in computers. Stick to the following steps to avoid any slight mistake that would bring unreasonable damage to system or go and get one-on-one assistance from VilmaTech online support here.

Steps to Help Uninstall VAFMusic Toolbar

Step1. As situations can be different, it is advisable to uninstall vafmusic toolbar from Add/Remove Programs first.

–          Windows 8 users to follow up:

Move mouse to bottom-right corner of your desktop -> choose ‘Control Panel’ in the pop-up sidebar-> “Programs and Features” -> uninstall vafmusic toolbar there.

win8 control panel

–          Windows 7/Vista/XP users to follow up:

Start Menu -> Control Panel > click on ‘Uninstall a program’ > search for ‘vafmusic toolbar’ -> click on Uninstall/Change.

Step2. Rectify back your database

–          Windows 8 users to follow up:

Move your mouse over lower right screen -> charms bar appears -> click Search charm -> type ‘regedit.exe’ -> hit Enter key -> hold Ctrl and F key together to bring up ‘find’ box -> type keys there > hit Find button to remove them.


–          Windows 7/Vista/XP users to follow up:

Start menu > launch Run/Search box > type ‘regedit’ > hit Enter key > hold Ctrl and F key together to bring up ‘find’ box -> type keys there > hit Find button to remove them:

  1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\InternetExplorer\Toolbar\ {77f8c945-4b74-4bd6-a073-e0d1997edce8}
  2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\BrowserHelper Objects\{C:\Program Files\vafmusic\tbVafm.dll}

Step3. Manually manage browser settings.

–          IE users to follow up:

1. Go to Tools.

2. Select Internet option at the bottom of the drop down list.

3. Select General tab to

  • empty browse history.
  • locate ‘Search’ section which will bring you to ‘Manage Add-on’ window > check ‘Toolbars and Extensions’.

4. Go to Privacy tab to turn on ‘Popup Blocker’ if you suffer from endless popup ads.

IE modify pack

uninstall toolbar

–          Google Chrome users to follow up:

1. Click on ‘Customize and control’ Google Chrome iconmenu bar .

2. Select ‘Settings’ -> manage ‘Extension’ > find and select the ones related to Vafmusic toolbar > click on the trash bin to delete them one by one.

3. Back to Tool’s drop down list > find and search for vafmusic toolbar > click on ‘End Prcess’ to uninstall vaf music toolbar.

– Firefox users to follow up:

1. Click on the Tools menu.

2. Select Manage Add-ons.

3. Modification should be made under Extensions tab and Plugins tab respectively.

add on

firefox management

Step4. Uninstall VAFMusic toolbar’s startup item with build-in utility.

–          Windows 8 users to follow up:

Start screen > type ‘Task’ > hit Startup tab > find vafmusic toolbar’s startup item and uninstall it.

win8 startup

–          Windows 7/Vista/XP users to follow up:

Start Menu -> select ‘Run’ -> type ‘MSCONFIG’ -> find vafmusic toolbar’s startup item and uninstall it.


It is highly recommended to run security utilities after you finish the above steps to consolidate. However, failure can be seen if there are other virus/malware sticking around. One should always go to center for computer virus removal and update with virus list so as to detect vicious items timely and regain a completely clean machine. Should there be any difficulty that overwhelms you, you are welcome to contact VilmaTech online support. Quick and professional help will impress you.

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