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Smart Web Search Removal, Get Rid of

Smart Web Search or is a malignant advertising platform, which has been universally categorized as a typical browser hijack virus operated by malware distributors for illicit subjects. Being endowed with sophisticated techniques, this type of infection can be generally lurked into a victim’s computer without user’s authorization or knowledge. When installed, it will insert its intrusive codes and registry files to mess up original web browser configuration such as DNS and web search provider settings. By means of its compulsive modification, Smart Web Search browser hijack virus would be able to alter search and error page of infected browser, despite of IE/Chrome/Firefox, and redirect victims to its appointed URLs based on or other web pages which hardly have any intention of visiting. Apart from the basic attributes, Smart Web Search redirect virus may also modify the start-up/homepage to its detrimental domain forcibly.

smart web search

Meanwhile, the infection is regularly bundled with a variety of pop-up advertisements such as banners and coupons, attempting to encourage users into purchasing specific products or services which may be only fabricated by scammers. It is certain that Smart Web Search browser hijack virus should be erased immediately as long as being noticed of its presence. Otherwise, it may drop and install its related add-ons, plugins or extensions so that to follow and trace users online search history and cookies. As a consequence, the confidential data of users may be directly revealed to public, including personal identification information, bank card number and password or other sensitive materials. In addition, Smart Web Search browser hijack virus may also lead to additional infection by technically taking advantage of found system vulnerabilities, which is quite similar as redirect infection. This may include Trojan, worm, keylogger, rootkit or other unclear objects. In this case, the affected operating system would be at unthinkable high risks.

Note: If you haven’t sufficient expertise in handling virus program files, processes, dll files and registry entries, you will take the risk of messing up your computer. Cannot remove Smart Web Search browser hijack virus by yourself? VilmaTech Certified 24/7 Online Experts will be glad to help you out of trouble.

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How does Smart Web Search Spread

1.    Most commonly, Smart Web Search browser hijack virus can be propagated onto a victim’s computer as drive-by-downloads which generally exploit security vulnerabilities in targeted computer. To be specific, the threat is often delivered by malicious websites or other legitimate web pages that have been assaulted. When users click on those websites, Smart Web Search virus can be directly dropped and installed on computer.
2.    Computer users may get infected with Smart Web Search browser hijack virus when they navigate a malign link or attachment in a spam email. This way attacker may utilize obfuscated JavaScript in web browser to dig and exploit all possible system loopholes to perform further damage.
3.     In addition, Smart Web Search browser hijack virus may be also packaged with specific software application, including some pirated or illegally acquired software. When users download and install the infected program, Smart Web Search infection could be activated out of expectation.

How to Remove Smart Web Search Hijack Virus

To safeguard computer against potential threats, major computer users would like to utilize their trusted antivirus software program. Without any doubts, a standard antivirus program is capable of protecting operating system from certain PC malware. However, being endowed with advanced hiding techniques, Smart Web Search browser hijack virus can always escape the detection from antivirus or other security tool easily. If this is the case, users need to figure out other effective approach such as manual removal to get rid of Smart Web Search redirect virus completely. If you are not familiar with the manual operation and afraid of making mistake, you are welcome to start a live chat with VilmaTech 24/7 Online Agents for real-time support.

Part one: Clean up all cookies.

Google Chrome:

1.    Open Google Chrome. Click on the “Tools” menu, and go to “Options”.

2.    In the pop-up Google Chrome Options window, click the “Under the Bonnet” tab. Go to “Privacy” section and then select the “Clear browsing data” button.

google_chrome_options-under bonnet
3.    Now you can select “Delete cookies and other site data” to get rid of all cookies from the list.


Internet Explorer:

1.    Open Internet Explorer. Click the “Tools” button.
2.    The go to “safety” and then click “delete browsing history” tab.

ie safety delete history
3.    In the next pop up window, tick the “cookies” box.
4.    Click “delete” button.

ie delete browsing histroy

Mozilla Firefox:

1.    Open Mozilla Firefox. Click on Tools, then Options, select Privacy.

2.    In the pop up window, click “Remove individual cookies” button.

3.    Click on “Show Cookies” in Cookies panel.
4.    To remove a single cookie click on the entry in the list and click on the “Remove Cookie button”. (Or click on the “Remove All Cookies button” to remove all cookies)


Part two: Remove all its leftover and registry files.

1.    End up the process of Smart Web Search virus.


2.    Remove the associated files of Smart Web Search virus.

local disk c

3.    Remove the associated registry files of Smart Web Search virus.

a (25)
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\random
HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run |Regedit32

Items Needing Attention

Manual removal is known as the most effective way to clean up stubborn PC malware including Smart Web Search browser hijack virus. Anyhow, it is recommended only for advanced users as it refers to key parts of operating system. Any mis-operation or single mistake will directly lead to worse results such as data loss and even computer crash. Thus, if you choose to manually remove Smart Web Search redirect virus on your own, you’d better take note of items below:

First: Back up Windows registry. If there are any problems during the operation, you can always start from the beginning. To do so, you can back up Windows registry on either a CD or external hard driver.
Second: Do not modify Windows registry without certain computer expertise. If you have no enough knowledge on computers, any single mistake will damage your computer significantly.
Third: Only remove the associated files and folders related to Smart Web Search browser hijack virus. If you are not sure which files or folders should be removed, you can ignore them first in case mistake.
Fourth: Restart your system regularly. Provided you have problems with booting up computer during the manual operation, you can restart your computer regularly to check the problem effectively.


Smart Web Search (or has been recognized as browser hijack virus which has the capability to generate website traffic on common-used browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Once being installed, it may directly modify original web browser configuration including DNS and web search provider to cause apparent symptoms in web browser. As a result, whenever users open a new tab or link in their web browsers, it may be redirected to malicious domain that is based on Besides, similar as other browser hijack virus, Smart Web Search threat may steal user’s confidential data by technically installing its related add-ons, plugins or extensions on affected browsers. Provided users cannot remove Smart Web Search redirect virus from computer timely, it may also take advantage of found system vulnerabilities to drop and install additional threats on compromised machine for further harm. It is certain that Smart Web Search virus should be terminated timely as long as being informed of its existence to end up its symptoms. Anyhow, being endowed with advanced hiding techniques, Smart Web Search virus can easily bypass the detection and removal from antivirus software program. In this case, the manual removal is recommended to get rid of Smart Web Search browser hijack virus completely. Cannot remove Smart Web Search virus on your own? You may ask help from VilmaTech 24/7 Online Agents to resolve your issue promptly.

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