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RSAC2019: Biometric-Based Authentication Becomes Popular

At the RSAC2019 conference, the need for security improvement in identity management of enterprises has prompted biometric-based authentication to become many participants’ focus.

Enterprises are currently facing more and more phishing attacks. Using weak passwords or default passwords are the main reason of this situation. According to the Verizon Data Breach Survey, weak passwords have caused more than 80% of the phishing attacks. To make matters worse, hackers are compiling password lists and selling them on the dark market.

Security researchers from Sinfor point out that a big opportunity in the security market today is identity authentication. Plus, biological recognition technology is rapidly gaining popularity. It may only require a card that includes a fingerprint maps database to open door, connect to networks and commercial applications in the future.

Some research agencies predict that the value of identity management market is expected to reach $7 billion by 2024. At the end of last year, MasterCard and Microsoft have stepped up cooperation again to promote the management and application of digital authentication. That is also a good performance of the market.

People face various complicated identity managements and authentication operation as well as high risk of password leakage. As users have more and more complicated passwords to remember, biometric-based authentication is a big opportunity on the identity authentication market


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