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Remove Windows AntiBreach Module Fake Antivirus(Rogue Removal Guide)

Windows AntiBreach Module has been confirmed to be a fake protection software making a fool of a mass of computer users and causing them irreparable damages in the infected computer. Windows AntiBreach Module could get installed into the targeted system with a variety of tricks that the users could not debunk in the first place. Windows AntiBreach Module just took advantage of this occasion to infiltrate into the computer system so as to carry on its evil plan. To be the default but fake protection software for the computer, Windows AntiBreach Module secretly disabled the original antivirus and protection tools without users’ permission then forcibly added its startups in the system background. In this way, as long as the computer was stared, Windows AntiBreach Module will be able to run automatically without being detected.

Windows AntiBreach Module has a friendly interface which is also the main reason that most of the users could not detect it as a rouge in the fist place, resulting in horrible consequences. Windows AntiBreach Module pretended to offer the system with real-time protection, in this way, it could have the opportunities to send tons of shocking warnings and scan results to the users constantly, just to draw their attention and make them worry about the current system status. Actually, that is also a dirty trick played by Windows AntiBreach Module. Generally, this rogue will show a bogus scan result telling the innocent users that the computer system has become weak and vulnerable, some unknown malware and malicious codes had infected the computer. Windows AntiBreach Module seized the chance to ask the users to download or purchase the Windows AntiBreach Module full version or license immediately, otherwise the computer system would be in serious trouble.

Actually, Windows AntiBreach Module is the real problem for the infected computer and users. All those scary reports displayed by Windows AntiBreach Module are fake. Since this fake antivirus got installed in the computer, the system protection has already been corrupted, leading more and more unwanted programs and malware to invade into the computer and make things even worse. Unfortunately, users might be so panic and could not realize the Windows AntiBreach Module is bluffing. The more the so-called full version of the rogue they purchased, the computer system status was getting worse. Under this circumstance, the best solution is to remove Windows AntiBreach Module the sooner the better. If not, this fake antivirus will keep mislead the users to spend more money on nothing and the computer system will be put in serious danger. Without comprehensive protection, cybercriminals could also take advantage to steal information from the compromised computer and cause even more irreparable damages and losses.

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How to Remove Windows AntiBreach Module Rogue Completely

Enter Safe Mode with Networking Before The Removal

1. Restart the computer immediately.
2. Keep hitting the F8 key on the keyboard until it successfully enter the Windows Advanced Options screen. If it failed, reboot the computer and try again.
3. Select “Safe Mode with Networking” option from the list with the arrow key then press Enter key to continue the auto booting.

Remove Windows AntiBreach Module Malware from Control Panel

1. Disable the unwanted running processes in the background first.
1) Use key combination: Ctrl+Alt+Del/Ctrl+Shift+Esc, open the System Task Manager easily.
2) Locate Processes tab to find out all the running processes of Windows AntiBreach Module, select and right-click on them and disable them completely.

3) Close the current window.

2. Open Control Panel to find and uninstall the Windows AntiBreach Module programs.
1) Open the Start menu then choose the Control Panel option to open it.
2) Click on the “Uninstall A Program” link under the Programs heading.

3) Go to find out all the programs belong to Windows AntiBreach Module, click on Uninstall button and follow the uninstall wizard to complete the removal.

Delete the Leftovers from the Computer System

1. Open the Run box by pressing Win+R keys at the same time.
2. Use “regedit” command to open the Registry Editor immediately.

3. In the displayed Registry Editor, locate the left side of it and search all the remaining registry entries and remove them all.

To be on safe side, it is better to back up the registry before this step, just in case some of the important registry files were deleted mistakenly and cause system failure unexpectedly.
4. Reset the folder properties settings to show up all the files of Windows AntiBreach Module in the computer, then remove them without hesitation.
1) Click on Appearance and Personalization in the Control Panel.

2) Find and click on on Folder Options link.

3) Click on View tab.
4) Select “Show hidden files and folders” and uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”.

5) Save the Settings then go to delete all the files of Windows AntiBreach Module.
5. Reboot the computer once finished the Windows AntiBreach Module removal.


Windows AntiBreach Module is definitely a dangerous infection for your computer, so all the users should learn some techniques and tips to prevent the similar infection effectively just to minimize the damages and losses. According to the experience of VilmaTech PC Security Experts, most of the malware and virus could infiltrate into the computer by being bundled with those popular third-party software without knowing. As most of the users could not behave themselves and prefer to download those needful software from any kind of websites as long as it is convenient, leaving a great chance for malware to get installed into the targeted system without awareness. It is strongly recommended to download software or applications from those authentic official websites strictly, just to make sure the downloads are 100% safe for you.

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