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Remove Win 7 Protection 2014, How to Remove Malware(Rouge Removal Tip)

Win 7 Protection 2014 has been confirmed to be a fake protection software pretending to be useful and beneficial for the computer system and in fact, it could only bring nothing but damages to it. In most cases, Win 7 Protection 2014 gets installed into the targeted computer without user’s awareness, and once it succeeded, the whole system would be put in serious danger that most of the users could not realize in a timely manner. For this reason, users might mistakenly use Win 7 Protection 2014 as the default protection and help the wicked wicked malware with wicked deeds. As long as using Win 7 Protection 2014 to scan the system, users could receive an appalling report about the current status of the computer, noticing about those infected files remaining in the computer so as to keep the users worrying.

Win 7 Protection 2014 has a friendly interface and multiple functionality for camouflage, so it could win the user’s trust without being removed. Win 7 Protection 2014 could take advantage of the occasion to scan the computer system so as to find the weakness and breakthrough easily. What’s worse, every time when Win 7 Protection 2014 finished the scanning and showed the worrying results to the users, it would hypocritically recommend them to activate their copy right and get the so-call full protection of the Win 7 Protection 2014. Actually, Win 7 Protection 2014 could size the chance to cheat them into the belief that as long as the full versions of the Win 7 Protection 2014 have been installed into the computer, those terrible infections would be fixed completely. The truth is, Win 7 Protection 2014 could add plenty of unknown programs even malware into the system so as to achieve evil purposes easier.

Win 7 Protection 2014 is definitely not the remedial measures for the computer and those scanning results showed by Win 7 Protection 2014 were fake. Win 7 Protection 2014 rough was created by purposive cybercriminals who wanted to tale advantage from the targeted computer and the user which were victimized by Win 7 Protection 2014. As long as Win 7 Protection 2014 successfully introduced those malware into the system and lowered the defense there, cybercriminals would have the chance to break into it and do whatever they want to. As the tricky accomplice in this evil crime, Win 7 Protection 2014 opened the door for cybercriminals and also dangerous virus. The system could be seriously infected and become unstable, users might find the computer performed weirdly and the running speed was reduced apparently. Cybercrinimals also took the opportunity to steal the valuable and confidential information saved in the computer, so they could use it for illegal deal. Users should remove Win 7 Protection 2014 rouge as soon as possible and repair the corrupted system before it is too late.

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How to Remove Win 7 Protection 2014 Fake Antivirus Completely

Remove Win 7 Protection 2014 from Control Panel

1. Stop the Win 7 Protection 2014 processes.
1) Use key combination(Ctrl+Shift+Esc) to open the System Task Manager.
2) Click on Processes tab.
3) Select unwanted processes of Win 7 Protection 2014 then click on End Process button.

4) Close current window.

2. Open Control Panel to remove Win 7 Protection 2014 related programs from the computer.
1) Press Win key then click on Control Panel from the menu.
2) Click on Uninstall A Program link under Programs heading.

3) Find out all the unwanted programs related to Win 7 Protection 2014 rouge from the programs list then click on Uninstall button on top column.

4) Follow the uninstall wizard to complete the removal.

Remove Win 7 Protection 2014 Remaining Files and Folders Thoroughly

1. Reset the folder properties to show up all the related items of Win 7 Protection 2014.
1) Open the Control Panel again to click on Appearance and Personalization link.
2) Find and click on Folder Options link.

3) In the displayed window, click on View tab.

4) Choose the “Show hidden files and folders” option.
5) Remove the check from the “Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)”
6) Click on OK button to save the Settings.

2. Find out all the files and folders of Win 7 Protection 2014 from the computer then remove them without hesitation.

Clean Win 7 Protection 2014 Registry Entries from the System

1. Open Registry Editor.
1) Press Win+R keys at the same time to open the Run search box, type “regedit” command in the bar and press Enter key.

2) Locate the left side in the Registry Editor, unfold the branches to search for the remaining registry entries of Win 7 Protection 2014.

2. Delete the registry entries and keys of Win 7 Protection 2014 from the Registry Editor.
3. Restart the computer once finished the Win 7 Protection 2014 rouge removal.


Win 7 Protection 2014 is a cunning invader breaking into the computer by using improper means, all the computer users should learn to resist the infection effectively. First, be vigilant about every download and installation. Dangerous virus and malware might take the chance to get installed into the computer without permission. Most of the time, unwanted programs could be bundled with the third-party software and get into the computer, pretending to be a beneficial application to optimize the computer performance so as to get the change to get the permission from the users. Anyway, tricky virus might be hiding everywhere so users should learn to debunk the conspiracy and prevent the infection. If you want more help, please click on the button to have a chat with the VilmaTech Online Experts at any time you need.

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