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How to Remove Browser Hijacker, Manual Tips Description is not a reputable domain categorized as browser hijack virus – one computer infection which may result in hazardous symptoms on the OS that it infects. It has been considered as a malignant advertising platform that is operated by malware distributors who strive to benefit from victims with the aid of uncontrolled pop-up advertisements including banners, coupons or other bogus online deals. browser hijack virus serves as a very newly computer virus; it is compatible with common-used web browsers, some examples of which are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The infection can always sneak into a user’s computer through a variety of dishonest approaches. As long as being installed and activated, virus will fleetly implement damaging project by typically modifying original DNS (Domain Name Server) configuration as well as other system settings.

browser hijacker

Thereupon, Internet users who are stuck with threat may notice that their default homepage, start-up page or error page get altered with unwanted URLs, usually based on The browser hijack virus may also redirect users to its own page that has hardly any association with the initial one. Similar as other browser hijacker or redirect virus, infection may drop and install additional computer threats such as Trojan, keylogger, rogue, worm and more on the compromised machine for further harm. As the recent security research shows, some experts also worry about the safety of PC user’s privacy due to the existence of browser hijack virus. It is common that a browser hijacker may be created for diversity of reasons. No matter how cyber criminals make it, one fact that must be realized is the virus should be eliminated from PC at any cost.

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How does Spread from the browser hijacker family is often being propagated using system exploit kits such as BlackHole, which has the capability to infiltrate a user’s computer surreptitiously using the system vulnerabilities. Apart from the basic spreading method, browser hijack virus may be distributed by malicious websites or legitimate web pages that have been attacked by cyber criminals. Another regular approach used to deliver infection is the spam email that contains infected links or attachments. In addition, Internet users may get infected with browser hijacker through downloading some unknown applications shared on networks carrying the activation code of the virus.

Manually Remove Step by Step

1. Reset web browser.

Before removing from PC, you’d better reset web browser to get the settings restored, including homepage.

Internet Explorer

  • Log in your infected account and open Start menu.
  • When you see the search box, you are required to type the command “”inetcpl.cpl” without quotes in it.
  • Pree Enter. The Internet Options widnow will open.


  • In the Internet Options window, click on the Advanced tab.

ie advanced_ reset

  • Now you need to click Reset button to start the process of resetting Internet Explorer Settings.
  • When it is done, click Ok to finish.

Google Chrome

  • Find yourself at Google Chrome.
  • Click on Chrome menu, and select Settings option.

google chrome settings 2

  • In the next window, click on Show Advanced settings link.
  • Navigate to Reset Browser Settings window.
  • Click Reset button to start the operation.


Mozilla Firefox

  • If you Mozilla Firefox is messed up by the virus. Open the browser.
  • On the Menu tab, click on Help option.
  • Then you are required to select Troubleshooting Information icon.


  • In Troubleshooting Information window, click the Reset Firefox button.
  • Apply OK when the process finishes.

reset firefox22

2. Remove all the files and registry entries of from computer.

  • Open Task Manager to stop the running process of (Method: Press CTRL + Shift + ESC key together; on the task manager window, find and stop the process of

task manager1

  • Go to Local disk, clean up all the files relative to browser hijacker.


  • Open Registry Editor, and get rid of all the registry entries of


Video Guide on How to Backup Windows Registry

In Conclusion has been classified as a browser hijack virus which has the capability to trigger website traffic as well as other harmful symptoms on the computer that it infects. Up to now, the infection typically attacks common-used web browsers, regardless of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Endowed with the most advanced hack technology, browser hijack virus can often permeate onto a user’s computer secretly without asking for any approval. One being installed, abnormal symptoms would be directly triggered by browser hijacker. For instance, the default homepage, start-up page and error page may be modified to appointed domain relative to the virus. Annoying pop-up ads may keep popping on the screen out of control. Without timely removal, browser hijack virus may result in extra computer infections on the compromised machine through all possible found security vulnerabilities.

It is certain that browser hijack virus should be removed timely from computer once being noticed of harmful symptoms. If you cannot deal with the operation alone, you are welcome to ask help from VilmaTech Certified 24/7 online expert here for professional support.

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