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Remove Total System Care Rouge, Remove Fake System Optimizer Easily

Total System Care has been considered as a paid system optimization tool at first but it’s actually a rough coming with an evil conspiracy. Since Total System Care got installed into the targeted computer, things are getting worse and worse and the whole system becomes a mess. Total System Care is definitely not beneficial for the computer system because all it wanted is to defraud money from the innocent users. Total System Care could pretend to be a reliable system tool to secretly run in the system background without permission. Users could not debunk the evil purposes of Total System Care and blindly use it for system scanning, giving a nice chace for Total System Care to set them up and resulting in huge losses and terrible consequences.

Total System Care just took advantage of this occasion to show an appalling scanning result report to freak the users out. According to the fake report by Total System Care, the computer was seriously infected by tons of malware and the current status of the system is so weak. In this way, Total System Care would seize the chance to tell the users to purchase the so-call full versions of the Total System Care license which could solve the problems of the disastrous infection, otherwise, things would go down. In fact, this shocking scanning results from Total System Care are totally fabricated. Total System Care just wanted to threaten the innocent users so they would get worried about the computer security and do whatever Total System Care required, waling into the trap without knowing.

Total System Care and the people behind it only starting this scam to obtain more money from the users and the Total System Care full version is just a cover for the conspiracy. Have to know that the money is not the only problem that users should worry about. After Total System Care infiltrated into the computer, the system protection would be broken. Without comprehensive defense, Total System Care would have the opportunity to introduce a mass of unwanted programs even malware into the computer without restraint. Under this circumstance, users would receive the scary scanning report from Total System Care constantly, so they have to purchase the fake version of the Total System Care and continually be fooled by Total System Care. Users have to remove Total System Care rouge in a timely manner then repair the damaged system as soon as possible, just in case things get worse and more infections happen to it.

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How to Remove Total System Care Fake System Optimizer Completely

Reboot the Computer to Enter Safe Mode with Networking

1. Close the current windows and applications.
2. Press the reset button on the computer case to restart the computer immediately.
3. Keep pressing the F8 key on the keyboard before it loading into windows.

4. When the System Advanced Options screen shows up, use the arrow key to select “Save Mode with Networking”, then press Enter key to continue.

Remove Total System Care from Control Panel

1. Click on Start icon on the lower left corner then click on Control Panel from the menu.
For Windows 8 users, right click on the computer desk then select Control Panel from the shortcut menu.

2. Locate the Programs heading, then click on the “Uninstall a Program” link under it.

3. In the Programs and Features section, search for the Total System Care and related programs from the list, select them then click on the Uninstall button.

4. Follow the uninstall wizard until finished the uninstall.

Delete Total System Care Remaining Leftovers

1. Close the current windows then open the Run command box by pressing Win+R keys at the same time.

2. When the Run search bar showing in the lower left corner, type “regedit” command into it then click on OK button to open Registry Editor.

3. In the left side of the Registry Editor, unfold the branches of HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, find out the Total System Care registry entries and delete them. To be on safe side, users could back up the registry file before this steps just in case.

4. Reset the folder properties to show up all the files of Total System Care in the computer, then go to find and delete all of them completely.
1) Open the Control Panel again then click on “Appearance and Personalization”.

2) Find and Click on Folder Options link to open it.

3) Go to Advanced tab in the displayed window, select the “Show hidden files and folders” item, and remove the check mark from “Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)”.

4) Remove Total System Care files without hesitation.

5. Once finished the Total System Care removal, restart the computer immediately


In order to avoid being victimized by malware like Total System Care rouge, users have to learn to prevent the infection in the first place. As Total System Care could be bundled with other software downloads, when the users mistakenly downloaded this kind of software into the system, unwanted malware would get the chance to get installed without awareness. Users should always download the needful software from official websites instead of those small ones with no credits. Most of the informal websites are controlled by cybercriminals who want to get the targeted computer seriously infected then they could make profits from them. In the mean time, users must detect the new downloads before using them just in case. If you still need more advice about malware prevention, welcome to click on the button and have a one-on-one chat with the VilmaTech Online Experts, they’ll be glad to help.

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If you need easy guide to back up registry file in Windows 8 system, please take a look at the video and get timely help.

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