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Remove Monetomi Adware and the Pop-ups Completely(Removal Guidance)

Monetomi adware should be considered as one of the most common infection on the Internet. In most cases, this unwanted adware would pretend to be a beneficial server and induce users to install it on the system. Once the targeted computer has been infected, users would see a large number of pop-up ads provided from the Monetomi, constantly displaying everywhere in the computer and the browser, seriously affecting user’s online activities. Most of the pop-ups were associated with coupons, discounts and sponsored links, intending to draw the innocent users’ attention and coax them to click on them to figure out more. This kind of tempting ads links were very dangerous for those users who could not control their curiosity and easily fall for the trap.

At the mercy of the Monetomi adware, the users might be freely led to deceitful sites and be framed without knowing it. Because Cyber criminals might secretly act in collusion with the adware, with the intention to release plenty of deceptive pop-ups to the innocent users and wait for them to get hooked. As some users coveted petty gain, so they were easily attracted by special offers and willingly to click on the ads link without questioning it. In this case, evil criminals would coax the users to purchase the goods so that they could freely oppress and exploit the users and cause them huge losses. Have to know that the people behind the Monetomi adware would also the beneficiary from the defraudation.

Moreover, making transactions on the deceptive ads sites was also risky for the users. Because Cyber criminals must have planted many spyware and monitors in the background, in order to record all the confidential information of the victims. Once the important data has been released to the evil criminals, they would steal user’s money and cause them enormous losses. More than that, with the Monetomi adware remaining in the system, it would lower the security defense and continually introduce more and more viruses and malware to infect the computer, combining together to corrupt the system and destroy it gradually. In order to save the computer in time and avoid the safety trouble in the future, users have to remove Monetomi adware from the computer immediately before it is too late.

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How to Remove Monetomi Adware Effectively

1. Disable the running processes of Monetomi adware

1) Open the Run from the Start menu.

2) Type “taskmgr” in the search bar then click on the OK button to continue.

3) In the pop-up Task Manager, locate the default displayed Processes tab then select all the related processes of Monetomi adware and click on the End Process.

4) Close the Task Manager.

2. Remove Monetomi adware from the Control Panel

1) Click on the Start button then choose the Control Panel to open it.

* For Windows 8 users, open the App search bar then type “control panel” on it to start a search and find out the Control Panel from the search results.

2) In the pop-up panel, click on the Uninstall a Program under the Programs option.

3) Select the Monetomi adware from the programs list, then click on the Uninstall to start the removal.

4) Follow the prompt till it finished.
5) Restart the computer immediately to let the removal take effect.

3. Clean the Monetomi traces from the browser

Internet Explorer

1) Click on Tools from the Internet Explorer menu bar then click on the Internet Options from the drop-down list.

2) In the Internet Options dialog, click on the Advanced tab then click on the Reset button.

3) Restart the Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox

1) Click on the Firefox button then locate the Help from the list and click on the Troubleshooting Information to open it.

2) When the Troubleshooting Information page showing up, click on the Reset Firefox button then conform the request.

3) Wait till the reset is done then click on the Finish button to restart the Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome

1) Click on the Chrome menu from the top right corner then choose Settings from the drop-down list.

2) Click on the Show Advanced Settings link from the pop-up Setting page.

3) Then Click on Reset Browser Settings button to restore the browser.

4) When it finished, restart Google Chrome.


Monetomi adware usually infected the computer in improper ways. Sometimes, when users browsed some social networking sites or shopping sites, cunning adware would hang on there, waiting for the innocent users to browse the webpages and infect their computers without awareness.This tricky infection would also hide in the spam mail. Users might receive some strange emails from unknown senders, once they opened them and downloaded the attachments, malware infections would naturally happen to the computer system. More than that, because most of the users prefer free downloads, so more and more freeware and shareware become the favorite carrier for malware and virus. As long as they packed with the free downloads and installed into the targeted system, they would have the chance to infiltrate into the computer and cause damages to it. So users have to be cautious all the time and do let the unwanted viruses have their ways that easily. And all the Internet users should behave themselves while surfing on the Internet, never browse any unfamiliar websites no matter how tempting it seems, just in case to fall for the trap set up by Cyber criminals and result in disastrous consequences.

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