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Remove Hijacker Completely(Virus Removal Tips) was not a friendly domain showing in the browser suddenly, it was considered as a unwanted hijacker once infected the targeted computer would secretly replace the original homepage to itself (, in this way, it would have the ability to redirect the innocent users to any websites it wanted so that it could achieve its evil purpose. As the cunning hijacker was decorated just like the normal search service such as Google Chrome, naturally fooling the majority of the users especially for those computer novices who were not so familiar with the computer and the Internet. In that case, when the innocent users used the hijacker for searching, they would be led to specific advertising websites without awareness.

With the far-fetched hijacker stationed in the browser, all the regular search results would be blocked completely, the users could only visit the ads websites provided by the virus. Even they input the exact URL in the address bar, it would still be able to change back to the forcibly, making the innocent users confused and irritated. Using this hijacker for searching, especially using for shopping, users would always be redirected to strange webpages which they were not familiar with. Since then, they would receive all kinds of annoying pop-up ads and sponsored links all the time, constantly promoting various products for them. That was just a trick played by evil cybercriminals, with the intention to induce the innocent users to click on each link so that they would go to those fraud sites and get defrauded unconsciously.

Because the hid in the browser and recorded all the private information of the users without authorization, bringing plenty of potential safety hazards to the targeted computer and the users as well. Under this circumstance, user’s browsing history, search queries, key words and browsing preferences would be revealed to purposive cybercriminals so that they could provide more and more fraud links to the corresponding users and get more gains. More than that, as the tricky hijacker has weaken the defense of the computer, freely introducing lots of unwanted malware to the system, making the computer become weirder and weirder. In that case, the computer performance would be decelerated soon and more and more system failures would happen. More and more dangerous virus and malware would take the chance to infiltrate into the system and make serious damages to the computer till it collapsed. So it is better for the users to remove hijacker immediately before things getting ugly.

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How to Remove Hijacker Effectively

1. Disable all the interferential processes first

1) Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at the same time to open the System Task Manager.

2) In the Processes tab, search for all the related processes of then select them all, click on the End Process button.

3) When it finished, close the System Task Manager.

2. Remove the additional programs of the hijacker

1) Open the Control Panel from the Start menu.

2) In the displayed panel, click on the Uninstall a Program under the Programs.

3) Search for the unwanted programs of hijackers and other attached programs , click on the Uninstall on the top column to remove them.

4) Confirm the uninstall request then follow the instructions till finished the removal.
5) Refresh the programs list then check if all the unwanted programs have been removed.

3. Restore the browser and the homepage

Internet Explorer

1) In the Internet Explorer, click on the Tools from the menu bar then select the Internet Options from the drop-down list.

2) Click on the Advanced tab in the displayed dialog then click on the Reset button.

3) In the General tab( in the same dialog), locate the homepage setting section then type a new address in the box and save the changes.

4) Restart the Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox

1) Click on the Firefox button then remove the cursor to the Help in the menu, then choose the Troubleshooting Information from the list to open it.

2) In the pop-up page, click on the Reset Firefox button then approve the reset.

3) Wait until it finished the reset, click on the Finish button to restart the Mozilla Firefox immediately.
4) Click on the Firefox Options from the menu.

5) Click on the General tab in the pop-up dialog, input a new URL in the homepage section then save the changes.

6) Restart the Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome

1) Click on the Chrome wrench icon then click on the Settings from the list.

2) Click on the Show advanced settings link in the Setting page.

3) Click on Reset browser settings button to start the reset.

4) Locate the Appearance section put a check on the Show Home Button then click on the displayed Change link and type a new address as the homepage.

5) Save the changes then restart Google Chrome.


Being redirected by to various commercial ads sites is seemingly not so matter, but in fact it is. As most of the users always want to get goods with preferential price and great discounts, so they did not take notice of the hijacker and easily being tempted by deceptive ads, resulting in enormous losses. After being victimized by the hijacker, all the Internet users have to learn to be vigilant for the future. Because tricky infection always comes without a sign, and the masses of the users are not so professional with the computer security protection, easily losing sight of the details and letting cunning virus have the opportunity to take advantage of. So, users have to pay more attention on the computer performance especially while surfing on the Internet. Once finding any exception like the original homepage has been changed without permission or more and more weird pop-ups showing out of blue, users would have to consider that the computer might have something dangerous so that they could take remedial measures in a timely manner.

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