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Remove EXEchecker(ExechEchaer) Extension (Malware Removal Guide)

EXEchecker, sometimes also named as ExechEchaer, was exact an unbeneficial program which could get installed in the targeted computer without user’s permission. When its invasion plan achieved, it would pretend to be an advantageous application so that the users won’t remove it too soon then it could strive for more time to practice further damages. On some instances, most of the innocent users just thought that the EXEchecker was just an additional extension and it won’t make much difference to keep it in the computer, because the cunning EXEchecker was disguised to provide the service that it could wipe all the unwanted pop-up ads from the computer effectively, so the masses of the users were totallly fooled by it.

As the EXEchecker malware did not have the specific virus traits, moreover, it often came with other third-party software and used it as the cover, so the regular antivirus or antispyware would not detect it in a timely manner, that’s why the innocent users could not notice the danger caused by EXEchecker because most of them were also lacking of precaution consciousness, especially for those computer novices. Under this circumstance, EXEchecker extension was already have enough chances to do whatever it wanted in the system. Have to know that the unsolicited malware could do nothing nice like it promised, in fact, it could add plenty of troubles to the system instead. Because EXEchecker was usually attached to the third-party software, once the related software was running in the computer, the purposive malware would get the opportunity to release all kinds of ads so as to reveal its main intention.

Keeping EXEchecker in the computer without taking measures to it, the whole system would be under serious threats. As both the protection tool and the users could not detect it or remove it, it could freely insert its malicious applications or codes in the system without scruples. Evil cybercriminals could take advantage of EXEchecker to practice the invasion of the targeted computer easily. In that case, purposive criminals would use the baleful extension as a spyware, searching in the whole system comprehensively to find out all the critical and valuable files and data, making a collection then sending remotely to the criminals. Once the confidential or private information has been stolen or revealed illegally, cybercriminals might use it for evil intentions, the innocent users would be violated and encounter irreparable losses. More than that, the cunning EXEchecker could weaken the system gradually so that more and more other invaders could infect the computer easily. If so, the computer would be collapse soon as the users could not notice the danger timely.

Users have to remove EXEchecker extension as soon as possible before things getting serious and unable to save. Please follow the instruction below and if you are afraid of encountering any trouble, welcome to have a chat with the VilmaTech Online Experts by clicking the button, they’ll be helpful.

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How to Remove EXEchecker Extension from the Computer Completely

1. Disable the running processes related to EXEchecker immediately

1) Concurrently press the Ctrl+Alt+Del/Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys to open the System Task Manager.
2) Select all the unwanted items in the Processes tab then disable them one by one.

3) Close the current window to continue.

2. Remove the unwanted programs related to EXEchecker

1) Click on the Start icon on the lower left corner of the screen then click on Control Panel to open it. For Windows 8 OS, right-click on the lower left blank then choose Control Panel from the pop-up list.

2) Find out the Programs(Add or Remove Programs for XP OS) headline, then click on the Uninstall a Program link under it.

3) Search for the programs which might cause the EXEchecker infections in the programs list, click on the Uninstall on the top column to remove them without hesitation.

4) Confirm the uninstall request then follow the prompt till finished the removal.

3. Remove all the related registry entries of EXEchecker

1) Use the key combination(Windows+R) to open the Run Command. For Windows 8 OS, users could open the APP search bar for searching.

2) Type “regedit” command in the search bar then press Enter key to find and open the Registry Editor.

3) Unfold the branches on the left side, find out all the related registry entries of EXEchecker extension then remove them cautiously. In case to delete the wrong items, users would better back up the registry file in advance.

4) Find out all the unwanted files of EXEchecker in the computer.
5) Close the current windows then reboot the computer immediately by pressing the Reset button on the case, letting the removal take effect.


EXEchecker was a kind of tricky infection which could easily to be infected with, as it often came with other third-party software so that it won’t be detected by users. There are lots of unwanted programs like EXEchecker on the Internet waiting for the innocent users to be victimized and fall for the traps it set up. In order to prevent all the cunning infections from the computer and also protect user’s legal interests and rights effectively, users have to learn more methods to deal with virus or malware on their own. Just as most of the tricky malware would like to hide in other software’s package and want to install in the targeted computer without awareness, users have to learn to vigilant about it and should never download and install this kind of bundled software blindly. Most of the suspicious software were free or shared by unknown resource station, which could be controlled by cybercriminals who wanted to frame the innocent users for evil purposes. Meanwhile, users should pay enough attention on the computer performance in order to detect any exception about it in time. Such as the computer loading speed was getting slower or the computer was easily stuck or received plenty of unknown pop-ups suddenly, users should consider the computer was infected then take remedial measures immediately.

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