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How to Remove CIBS POL Ransomware on Android Phone, Android Police Blocked Virus

CIBS POL Ransomware Introduction

CIBS POL Ransomware is a sort of notorious ransomware prevalently used by remote attackers on Android phones and tablets, those bad guys are still exploiting such malicious blocked virus to propagate heavily on the mobile devices and aims at tricking as much money as possible from targets. One of the main features of such CIBS POL Ransomware performing is it uses the disguises of the legitimate Switzerland police to inform victimized users their android phones or tablets have been blocked due to some illegal online activities. CIBS POL Ransomware also declares the targeted victims have to pay a fine of ransom €100 or more to get unblock their android systems, otherwise their mobile devices will have to be corrupted completely once beyond the deadline. But mostly, the CIBS POL Ransomware never has any conscience, which comes carefully crafted by attackers and has no relationship with any authentic agency. Attackers just poses CIBS POL Ransomware as a warning virus by police and takes advantages the scared inside of victims to attempt to blackmail money from them. The fact is the CIBS POL Ransomware doesn’t have any relationship with any Switzerland police.

Once the targeting android systems become infectious, the CIBS POL Ransomware would pop-up a series of fake warnings to fool victims and trick money from them. Just similar to the Central Security Service virus, all performing fake warnings are just made for confusing victimized users and convincing them into paying a demanding ransom. Besides that, the victimized users could be blocked out from accessing android systems and forbidden to enable any app to go farther. This means that the CIBS POL Ransomware is able to stop you from taking any rescue measures though you have installed an anti-virus app on the infectious mobile phone or tablet. The reason is the CIBS POL Ransomware virus can bypass any security scanning to finish its distribution without any consent. The main way is to through driver-by downloads, the free app, sharing app, gaming app, and a lot of other third-party free app downloads in special. The CIBS POL Ransomware can be bundled within them to conceal its existence, and the virus attack can be finished just need an unsuspecting download.

It is highly recommended of you removing the CIBS POL Ransomware from the infectious android phone and tablet completely and quickly. If need professional help to fix the virus definitely, you can Live Chat with VilmaTech 24/7 Online Services.

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How to Remove CIBS POL Ransomware from Infectious Android System

Unlock CIBS POL Ransomware Blocked Page

1. To bypass the CIBS POL Ransomware blocked page, you have to boot the infectious android phone into safe mode. You then need get the power options menu appeared, which just needs you long-press the power button until you see the power options menu popping-up.

2. Locate at the Power Off option and long-press it until you can see the words ‘Reboot to Safe Mode.’You then need click OK option to continue.

3. After that, wait for booting into safe mode. If you are now in safe mode, you can see ‘Safe Mode’ at the left bottom of your screen.

Uninstall Malicious App and Clear Out Left Files

1.After reach at the safe mode, go to the setting screen and you need uninstall all potentially malicious mobile apps associated with the CIBS POL Ransomware there. Access to the setting screen and tap Apps option, locate at the app you need to install, tap it, and tap the install button. If there are many mobile apps need to be uninstalled, you can remove then one by one. Now, you need uninstall unwanted app related with CIBS POL Ransomware.

2. To completely remove CIBS POL Ransomware leftovers including left system files and registry entries run by those malicious apps you have uninstalled, you need go to the Settings and choose on the Storage option now. You can tap on the Category to see all the files stored on your android phone. Long press the targeted files and select the deletion option.

3.You can skip all troubleshooting and immediately restore your device to the factory default settings. But by this way, you have to lose all the confidential data or personal files on your mobile device. Therefore, make sure all your personal files or confidential data have backup up before starting this step. Go to the settings screen again, and tap factory data reset immediately. Then, you just need follow the pop-up wizard to compete the factory data reset.

4. Restart your android phone normally and check if the CIBS POL Ransomware is still popping-up.


CIBS POL Ransomware virus is hazardously recognized as the malicious sort of Urusay family ransomwar, which is able to completely block the targeting android smartphones and tablets. The main goal is to completely control the targets and trick as much money as possible. Once become attacked, the notorious CIBS POL Ransomware would constantly exploit system vulnerabilities to corrupt the infectious android devices, one done, the attackers also could remotely access in to collect sensitive information, such as login-credentials, online transaction data, banking data, and a lot of other financial details. To in case of any further damage, the CIBS POL Ransomware should be removed from the infectious devices as quick as possible. The longer time the CIBS POL Ransomware left alone on the infectious android system without any fix, the more damage victimized users have to suffer. Therefore, never belittle such CIBS POL Ransomware and it should be removed timely. Till now, if you still need further help to remove such malicious CIBS POL Ransomware, you can live chat with VilmaTech 24/7 Online Experts

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