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Remove Hijacker (Virus Removal Tips) hijacker was a baleful malware taking advantage of the keyword “Chrome” which has nothing to do with the Google Chrome. Even so, with the help of the counterfeit name, this hijacker has successfully victimized plenty of innocent users and caused them irreparable damages. virus could infected targeted computer freely because it usually installed on user’s browser without authorization. Once it succeeded, it would suddenly have the ability to hijack the original homepage and replace it into the without user’s permission. In this case, when users launched the bowser and started a search, the cunning virus would block the regular search results and only provide those purposive ads sites that it specified, so that the users could visit various advertising and spend money for it.

Generally, hijacker might just work as a transport machine, drawing the innocent users to specific ads websites, however, it is still necessary for all the users to pay attention on it. Just because virus could invade into the targeted system without resistant, cybercriminals would like to utilize it as a sypware planting in user’s browser for evil purpose. As the hijacker suddenly became the default search service and most of the users might not notice the change, when they trustingly used the for searching, all their private information would be secretly revealed to those evil cybercriminals, such as the search keywords, browsing history, favorites, online trading pages details, etc. In this way, user’s personal privacy and properties would be under serious threats. could bring more safety hazards to the infected computer as well. Since the default settings was modifies, the browser became vulnerable and easily to be attacked by other unwanted malware. In this case, the infected browser was like a backdoor which could not against with security threats and malicious infection, resulting in being captured. With all the dangerous malware and virus gradually invaded into the system, the computer performance would be seriously affected and decelerated soon, coming along with various system failures happening over and over, users would not work on the computer normally. More than that, as the whole system has fell apart and lost the protection gradually, cybercriminals would have the opportunity to break into the computer and steal or destroy user’s personal files freely, the consequences would be disastrous.

Users have to remove hijacker immediately before things getting worse. If you are afraid of encountering trouble during the removal, please click on the button to ask the VilmaTech Online Experts for help.

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How to Remove Virus Completely

1. Disable the running processes which interfere the removal.

1) Press Windows+R keys to open the Run box.
2) Input “taskmgr” in the search bar then click on OK button to open the System Task Manager.

3) Search for all the unwanted processes running under the Processes tab then disable them immediately.

2. Remove the related programs of from the computer

1) Open the Control Panel from the Start menu.

2) Click on the Uninstall a Program link in the displayed window.

3) In the Programs and Features, select the unwanted programs of from the programs list then click on Uninstall on the top column.

4) Follow the removal wizard until it finished.
5) Check if all the related programs of hijacker has been removed.

3. Reset the browser then restore the homepage

1) Start the browser at once.
2) Reset the browser to erase all the malicious traces of virus.

Internet Explorer

Click on Tools-> Click on Internet Options-> Click on Advanced tab-> Click on Reset button.

Mozilla Firefox

Click on Firefox button-> Click on Troubleshooting Information-> Click on Reset Firefox-> Click on Finish button.

Google Chrome

Click on Chrome wrench icon-> Click on Settings-> Click on Show Advanced Settings link-> Click on Reset Browser Settings button.

3) Reset the homepage manually.

Internet Explorer

Click on Tools-> Choose Internet Options-> Click on General tab-> Type a new address on the homepage box-> Save the changes.

Mozilla Firefox

Extend the Firefox menu-> Click on Options-> Locate General tab-> Input a new URL in the homepage section-> Save the resetting.

Google Chrome

Click on Chrome menu-> Click on Settings-> Find the Appearance section-> Choose Show Home Button-> Click on Change link-> Reset the homepage then save the changes.

4) Reboot the browser.

Conclusion virus was considered as one of those tricky virus which was easily to be infected with, because it was disguised with the counterfeit name of Chrome and could always infiltrate into the targeted computer without a sign, in the case, the innocent users could not detect the infection on their own until thing getting pretty ugly. Moreover, the masses of the users usually did not pay attention on the exact search service they are using, blindly falling for the trap of redirect virus and ending in terrible consequences. So, after experiencing the farce causing by the virus, users should learn to be on guard against cunning virus and prevent it from the computer in the future.

Because most of the tricky viruses would like to hide in software installation packages, once the innocent users download and install this kind of bundled programs, unwanted virus would seize the chance to pretend as an useful application for the system, coaxing the users to permit its installation request and letting it have its way. Unfortunately, most of the users did not pay enough attention while doing the installation, they often gave the permission without thinking and easily opening the door for malware and virus to get into the computer, bringing terrible hazards to the system unconsciously. Users have to build a nice precaution awareness just to defense the computer from being infected that easily.

If you need a guide to against tricky virus effectively, welcome to make a contact with the VilmaTech Online Experts by clicking on the button, they’ll be glad to help.

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