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Remove Adware-Bprotect, Guide to Uninstall PUP Threat

Adware-Bprotect is a specific PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) which has been quarantined by numerous standard anti-virus programs including MaAfee, a product designed by Internet Security Company who has differentiated PUPs from other types of malware. By default, a PUP application may be undesirable for computer users, despite the possibility that users accepted to download it. It cannot overtly recognize PUPs as malign or positive applications. Adware-Bprotect is a freshly released PUP application which frequently overlaps with adware or spyware, capable of generating unwanted symptoms on compromised machine. Though Adware-Bprotect is not technically-classified as a virus or other type of malware, it has been described as a threat by VilmaTech security experts on the basics of detrimental symptoms it could boost.

Specifically, the Adware-Bprotect is generally bundled with some freeware/shareware downloads, which are regularly accompanied by a notification stating the installation of Adware-Bprotect. Nonetheless, overwhelming majority of computer users fail to read a download agreement in sufficient detail to reject the installation of Adware-Bprotect. Apart from the manual-installation of the program, it has the capability to infiltrate onto a victim’s computer with the aid of various social engineering strategies. Basically, the Adware-Bprotect program is distributed by SPAM email or public media files that contain the activation code of the threat. It is also prevalent on peer-to-peer file sharing websites or some legitimate web pages which have compromised to Adware-Bprotect. Universally, Adware-Bprotect may directly engage in security problems for a victim’s computer, such as displaying potentially-dangerous pup-ups on browsers.

This may be involved with popular-used browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. By virtue of updated characteristics, Adware-Bprotect may be utilized by hackers as a hack tool for illegal purpose. Typically, Adware-Bprotect may exploit web browser vulnerabilities to install its related add-ons or extensions on user’s browser, which may be capable of following and tracing computer user’s online history and cookie. As a consequence, the confidential data of victim’s could be revealed to third party out of expectation. In order to avoid unwanted symptoms or financial loss, computer user are obliged to remove Adware-Bprotect from computer timely. However, the Adware-Bprotect endowed with progressive techniques has the capability to bypass the detection and removal by antivirus applications. Even if it has been terminated once, it may come back over and over again after PC reboots.

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How to Remove Adware-Bprotect Threat

1. Stop the associated process of Adware-Bprotect.

To terminate the process of Adware-Bprotect, you need to open up the Windows Task Manager. To do so, you can press CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC together.
task manager end process

Or you can go to Start button->click on the Run option->Type in taskmgr and press OK. When the Windows Task Manager opens up, click on the “Processes” option; find out the process of Adware-Bprotect. And then, you can right-click on the process of Adware-Bprotect, and then select “End Process” Key.
end processes

2. Show hidden files of Adware-Bprotect.

Adware-Bprotect has the capability to hide its components deeply in system to avoid completely removal. Hence, it is necessary to show hidden files of Adware-Bprotect.

a. Click Start menu, and go to Control Panel.
ControlPanel1 win7
b. In the Appearance and Personalization window, select Folder Options.

c. Click the View option.
d. Under Advanced settings, click Show hidden files and folders, uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.
file folder view tab

Additional method for Windows 8 users:

a. Start up Win8 computer.
b. When you see the desktop, find and click Windows Explorer icon from the taskbar.
Windows Explorer
c. In the opened Libraries window, click on View tab.
d. Then put a check mark in the checkbox of File name extensions and Hidden items.
win8 hidden file

3. Remove files of Adware-Bprotect.


4. Delete registry files created by Adware-Bprotect.

a. Go to Start> Run. Type “regedit” in the search box and OK.
b. In the Registry Editor, search for the registry files of Adware-Bprotect and delete them all.
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\random
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\”Shell” = “[random].exe”


Adware-Bprotect is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) which can be downloaded onto random computers surreptitiously. Technically, a PUP application cannot be classified as a virus or other type of malware. However, different from other common PUPs, the Adware-Bprotect may be utilized by remote hackers to generate harmful symptoms on compromised machine. In worse cases, it may even reveal victim’s sensitive data to third party by secretly tracing and recording user’s online history and cookies. Without any doubts, Adware-Bprotect should be removed from computer timely to end up its malicious symptoms. Anyhow, with the aid of advanced hiding techniques, Adware-Bprotect is capable of escaping the complete detection and removal by antivirus application. If this is the case, you may consider the helpful manual removal to erase all its processes, DLL.files and registry files. If you haven’t sufficient expertise on doing that, it’s recommended to ask help from a VilmaTech 24/7 Online Computer Expert to manually remove it for you.

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