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What is Perfect Privacy VPN?

Perfect Privacy VPN is a powerful and the most secure virtual private network that has been starting its service since 2008. The VPN provides servers in 23 countries worldwide, including Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Romania, France, USA, Denmark, UK, Canada, Luxebourg, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Egypt, Singapore and more to let their users get past regional restrictions for video and music-streaming sites and evade government censorship restrictions.

Perfect Privacy is available on a variety of platforms and operating systems but the custom app is not available for Andriod and iOS users. You also can configure the VPN in your router. This way, you can protect all your devices without going through the hassle of separately installing the app on multiple devices. Aside from the features such as switching protocols, cascading your connection, a firewall, and DNS leak protection that Perfect Privacy VPN offers, its large selection of security features are very impressive. Perfect Privacy allows for double hop encryption (with up to four hops), and VPN into Tor. It also offers a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and provides an SSH tunneling/split tunneling feature. A choice of proxies (squid or SOCKS5) are also available. Stunnel (VPN obfuscation) is available for getting around firewalls in locations such as Iran and China. Perfect Privacy gives you an unlimited number of connections so you can protect every single device in your house with only one subscription.

The price of Perfect Privacy VPN is not cheap as it offers the best VPN service in the world. Users are required to pay €12.99 a month for a monthly plan, €11.98 per month for quarter-yearly subscription or €10.99/month for a half-yearly plan. If you sign up for a year it costs €9.99 per month. By far the cheapest option is to commit for two years at €8.95. Payment options are extremely versatile. You can pay with wide-range of options like PayPal, Bitcoin, Mobiamo, Amex, Visa and Mastercard, and UnionPay. Perfect Privacy offers a seven-day money-back guarantee. With Perfect Privacy VPN you can watch restricted online TV shows, unblock censored websites or browse anonymously without exposing your real IP address. Get Perfect Privacy VPN to experience the true online freedom now!

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