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Perfect Privacy Coupon & Discounts: Get 31% Off 2020

Are you looking for the valid Perfect Privacy coupons, discount and deals? If so, you’ve come the right place. Perfect Privacy is an excellent VPN that allows an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. Here is a good deal for all users. If you subscribe to their VPN service for a period of 2 years, then you can get flat 31% discount instantly. Pay a one time fee of €214.95. 7 days money-back guarantee. No risk at all. Get the limited time deal & Experience true online freedom!

What’s Perfect Privacy?

Whether you’re traveling abroad or just connected to a public Wi-Fi, the best and simplest way to protect your data online is using a virtual private network (VPN). Perfect Privacy is one of the best VPNs for online anonymity that comes with fast speeds, strong encryption and great customer support. The company has been offering premium privacy solutions since 2008, with an aim to provide Internet users with an open and secure Internet with no borders. This Swiss VPN supports on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and  Linux. Game consoles (XBox, Nintendo Wii, Playstation) or streaming devices (AppleTV, Samsung SmartTV, etc.) are also supported as well. With one single account, you can have unlimited number of simultaneous connections and there is no bandwidth or traffic limit.

Perfect Privacy scatters its premium servers in 23 countries including Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States, serving more than thousands of people worldwide. It features with a strong set of high-end, premium features. For example, Perfect Privacy gives users the option to cascade around four VPN connections simultaneously. You can cascade your VPN connection with up to four OpenVPN servers plus additional proxy and ssh tunnels. With this feature, you can pass your traffic through a sequence of servers to be even less traceable. Another great feature is the service doesn’t have any annoying bandwidth or traffic limits, and there are no restrictions on the number of connections you can use. Perfect Privacy uses the military-grade encryption AES-256 encryption to encrypt and protect user’s internet traffic and online activity. No one can break into this strong encrypted tunnel to steal something important about personal information. Besides, Perfect Privacy recently release feature comes as protection for not only DNS leaks and IP leaks but also for other security related problems. Almost all of Perfect Privacy VPN servers now support IPv6. Useful features like NeuroRouting and TrackStop are also included in Perfect Privacy VPN service plans that gives end users the comfort and security as they want, along with tracker-blocking and anti-phishing and multiple layers of IP leak protection feature etc.

Although Perfect Privacy’s price is a little bit high, it does a good job helping you keep your search habits and personal information secret, hide your activity on public Wi-Fi hotspots , bypass censorship to access blocked websites, keep you anonymous on Bittorrent and safeguard your right to online privacy. The service has a very easy signup process and payment options are extremely versatile. You can pay with wide-range of options like PayPal, Bitcoin, Mobiamo, Visa and Mastercard, Amex, and UnionPay. All plans are covered by 7 days money-back guarantee. If performance and security features are your first consideration but not money, then Perfect Privacy VPN is good for you. Get Perfect Privacy Coupons, Discounts & Deals: Upto 31% Off 2019 here before you sign up the service. You can save a lot here!

Get 31% OFF Perfect Privacy Coupon Now

Who Need Perfect Privacy?

Using a VPN is an easy way to protect your Internet connection from certain kinds of cyber attacks, staying anonymous while you browse, and unblocking censored content. Perfect Privacy VPN increases your security, privacy, and freedom online. Perfect Privacy VPN is a necessary for people who are planning a holiday to highly censored countries like China, Iran, North Korea, Turkey, or Cuba. In these countries accessing banned Internet content could result in huge fines or, even worse, potential jail time. Perfect Privacy can help you access blocked websites in a few seconds. If you’re a researcher/whistleblower/activist/journalist, confidentiality is of uttermost importance. So Perfect Privacy is helpful for you as it allows you to manipulate your IP address, cloak your internet traffic, and perform your work without any risk. Even students need a VPN because sometimes they need to access their university network from other locations and bypass the school restriction. Most of the online users download movies and TV shows illegally from notorious torrent websites, so it’s time for them to get Perfect Privacy. The service offers servers with 1Gbit bandwidth at several locations – usually much more that your private Internet connection allows. This way ensures they’ll remain anonymous while downloading large files with no restrictions regarding speed or bandwidth.

Perfect Privacy Plans & Discount

Perfect Privacy offers 5 different pricing plans. Give the details a look, and select the best option for your need:

  • 1-Month – €12.99/Month (€12.99 billed every 1 month, save 0%)
  • 12-Month –  €9.99/Month (€119.99 billed every 12 months, save 23%)
  • 24-Month – €8.95/Month (€214.95 billed every 24 months, save 31%)

As the above image shows, Perfect Privacy offers relatively expensive VPN subscription packages compared to most VPNs in the industry. However, it gives away the biggest discount to those users who sign up with them for the longest period. If you sign up for a period of 24 months, you’ll gain up to 31% discount. Perfect Privacy doesn’t offer a free trial, however, it has 7 days money back guarantee. Get Perfect Privacy coupon, promos and discount with up to 31% Off to start your savings & Test Perfect Privacy risk free now! Price starts as low as €8.95/Month!

Get 31% OFF Perfect Privacy Coupon Now

Perfect Privacy Payment Methods:

Depending on anonymity or speed being more desirable, there are different payment options for people to choose from. Currently Perfect Privacy accepts more than 60 payment methods. The range of payment options include:

  • PayPal
  • BitCoin
  • Cash
  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Bank Transfer, AliPay, LiqPay, payment with mobile phone and many more via Paymentwall
  • WebMoney, PerfectMoney, OK Pay, Paxum, LiteCoin and more via LavaPay

A VPN is Mainly Used to:

  1. Hide your Internet activities from your ISP.
  2. Bypass restrictions in office/school/college.
  3. Stay safe on a public Wi-Fi.
  4. Hide your real IP address and browse anonymously online.
  5. Unblock streaming video and other content.
  6. Save money while buying a ticket or shopping online.
  7. Download torrent files safely.
  8. Secure your VOIP phone calls.

How it Works?

Perfect Privacy software is easy to use and it is developed completely in-house, will automatically update itself as well as the configuration files. Therefore,  you can be sure that your software and configuration is always up to date while using this VPN. Perfect Privacy allow users to securely access a private network and share data remotely through public networks. It works like a firewall protects your data on your device. Every time you connect to Perfect Privacy, all of your Internet traffic is encrypted and tunneled to the VPN server. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will never know what you are doing, and there is no way for them to monitor, log or control your Internet usage. Third-parties also can’t steal your private information or spy on your online activities. With a VPN, you can change your IP address to anywhere of the world. This way allows you to easily unblock sites and services like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube and Gmail, accessing any sites you love wherever you are. As a VPN users, you remain anonymous online so you can download torrent files anonymously and anonymize your Internet activity as you wish. Meanwhile, you can video chat with your friends and family without buffering. The service provides with unlimited number of simultaneous connections. Whether you are on a laptop, desktop, mobile or even a tablet, you will experience complete online freedom. Perfect Privacy features with no logs policy, unbreakable encryption, cross-platform support, unlimited number of simultaneous connections, Multi-hop technology, TOR and all sorts of network security protocols. Grab best Perfect Privacy coupon to experience the top-rated VPN service in the industry now!

Get 31% OFF Perfect Privacy Coupon Now

Why Choose Perfect Privacy?

There are lots of great features that give strong reasons for you to use Perfect Privacy:

  • No logging: Perfect Privacy has a very short and clear logging policy on their website. It claims it doesn’t monitor, review, log or store your communication/connection data. There’s no logging of your activities online, or of any session data (times you’ve connected, bandwidth used and so on). You will get 100% anonymous.
  • No traffic limit: Some VPNs may limit your traffic and bandwidth but Perfect Privacy offers no limitation of your traffic. It allows up to 1000 mbps bandwidth.
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous connections: Even the largest VPN service limit the number of simultaneous connections, however, there is no hard limit on the amount of devices you can use simultaneously at Perfect Privacy.
  • OpenVPN & AES-256 bit encryption: Perfect Privacy offers the OpenVPN protocol, along with IPSec and SSH, plus SOCKS5 and PPTP proxies. OpenVPN is considered to be one of the safest and reliable encryption protocols. And the VPN uses 4.096 bit public key encryption for the key exchange and AES-256 bit for encryption of the traffic data.
  • Stealth VPN Technology: It allows to use the new Stealth VPN functionality. The feature, also known as obfuscated VPN, will mask your VPN packets so that they look like normal HTTPS traffic. Because HTTPS is the default protocol for secure communication with websites it is usually never blocked in public networks.
  • TrackStop: The feature is Perfect Privacy’s Adblocker, capable of filtering thousands of advertisement, malware, social media, and even Google domains at the VPN server level.
  • NeuroRouting: In 2017, Perfect Privacy announced the release of their NeuroRouting feature, which is basically a dynamic, simultaneous, server-side, multi-hop VPN setup. This feature enables you to utilize the entire VPN server network to route all traffic dynamically.
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee: Perfect Privacy offers a full 7 day money-back guarantee, without any tricks or bandwidth clauses. This allows you to test everything out risk free.
  • Cascading of multiple VPN servers: One unique feature of Perfect Privacy is the “multi-hop cascade” option. A multi-hop VPN chain (cascade) will encrypt your traffic across multiple VPN servers (hops) before exiting onto the regular internet. With the Windows, Linux, and Mac OS clients you can create custom VPN cascades utilizing up to four servers. The feature gives you more security and online anonymity.
  • TeamViewer Support: Perfect Privacy is one of the few VPN providers that offers the option of getting support through TeamViewer. The TeamViewer software allows one of their technicians to chat with you and also to remote control your system, while you are watching, so they can set it up for you.

In today’s times, the use of VPN is growing rapidly and it’s being seen as a basic internet security practice. Considering this VPN brings lots of advantages, it’s the best time for you to get one to protect yourself. Perfect Privacy is currently offering an exclusive discount. Grab the Perfect Privacy coupons, discounts & deals with up to 31% off & save big on your VPN account. Limited-time offer. Hurry up!

Video on How to Get Perfect Privacy 31% OFF Discount

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Founded in 2008, Perfect Privacy is always a good tool enables people to unblock restrictions from services such as Netflix and others, or bypass limitations set by national, corporate or university firewalls. The company is serious about your privacy so its policy privacy is very clear. Nothing is going to logged when you use this VPN. Compared to other VPNs, Perfect Privacy is a little bit expensive but it comes with advanced features and technologies including AES-256, non-logging policy, multiple VPN protocols, Stealth VPN, DNS Leak Protection, NeuroRouting, TrackStop, Port Forwarding, integrated firewall protection and more, especially it gives you an unlimited number of connections so you can protect every single device in your house with only one subscription. Get Perfect Privacy VPN to experience the true online freedom now!

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