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NSA Scam Virus Removal On Android Phone, Remove NSA Android Ransomware

NSA Virus Overview

NSA Virus is a sort of hazardous android ransomware distributed by attackers to blackmail money from those unsuspecting online users. NSA virus already had many versions, just such as NSA Internet surveillance program virus, central security service virus – NSA ransomware, National security agency virus, and more. All of them came carefully crafted by attackers and the malicious goal is to fool targeting Internet users and trick money from them. NSA virus on android phone is able to invade users’ devices without any consent, and the commonplace ways are usually through drive-by downloads, spam emails, malicious pop-up ads and fishing sit. Attackers prefer hiding such NSA scam virus within those potentially unwanted apps to complete a distribution, those freeware, shareware, web plugin, pop-under and more can be the target tools taken advantage by attackers. So, the NSA virus is able to self install on a android phone just when android users download potentially unwanted apps, click risky pop-ups, or stray into fishing websites. Once Android users become infectious, such NSA virus would block out the infectious device and stop those victimized users from accessing anything. NSA ransomware keeps popping-up blocked page to disturb victimized users and scare them with a lot of false alarms seemingly distributed by authentic agency.

NSA virus blocked android phone interface will inform victimized users their mobile devices are totally blocked due to their some illegal online activities. The blocked interface comes designed with striking name and logo similar to the authentic agency of the United States “National Security Agency.” And a series of warnings inform those victimized android users that their mobile devices are blocked due to they violated some laws. As a immediate punishment, their android devices should be blocked out completely. Meanwhile, NSA virus blocked page also tells victimized users should have to pay a demanding fine as a ransom, once beyond the deadline, victimized users have to face a serious criminal case. However, the truth is that all warnings reflected on the NSA virus blocked page is a fraud performed by attackers, the solitary goal is to convince victimized android users into paying a mount of ransom. If you have seen those threatening warnings popping-up on your android phone, you must feel at loss about what to do. But what you have to known is the NSA virus is made by attackers, all you have seen is just fraud and the goal is to trick your money.

Therefore, don’t be taken in by such NSA virus, what you have to do is to remove it from android device quickly and completely. If need professional help to remove NSA virus from android phone, you can ask for professional help by Live Chat with VilmaTech 24/7 Online Services now.

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How to Remove NSA Virus from Android Phone Completely

Unlock NSA Virus on Android Phone

1. To bypass the NSA virus blocked page, you have to boot the infectious android phone into safe mode. You then need get the power options menu appeared, which just needs you long-press the power button until you see the power options menu popping-up.

2. Locate at the Power Off option and long-press it until you can see the words ‘Reboot to Safe Mode.’You then need click OK option to continue.

3. After that, wait for booting into safe mode. If you are now in safe mode, you can see ‘Safe Mode’ at the left bottom of your screen.

Uninstall Malicious App and Clear Out Left Files

1.After reach at the safe mode, go to the setting screen and you need uninstall all potentially malicious mobile apps associated with the NSA virus here. Access to the setting screen and tap Apps option, locate at the app you need to install, tap it, and tap the install button. If there are many mobile apps need to be uninstalled, you can remove then one by one. Now, you need uninstall unwanted app related with NSA virus.

2. To completely remove NSA virus leftovers including left system files and registry entries run by those malicious apps you have uninstalled, you need go to the Settings and choose on the Storage option now. You can tap on the Category to see all the files stored on your android phone. Long press the targeted files and select the deletion option.

3. You can skip all troubleshooting and immediately restore your device to the factory default settings. But by this way, you have to lose all the confidential data or personal files on your mobile device. Therefore, make sure all your personal files or confidential data have backup up before starting this step. Go to the settings screen again, and tap factory data reset immediately. Then, you just need follow the pop-up wizard to compete the factory data reset.

4. Restart your android phone normally and check if the NSA is still popping-up.


NSA virus is a notorious ransomware on android phone, which is good at pretending to be a punishment from authentic agency to blackmail money from its targeting android users. This kind of android ransomware is able to entice in the targeting machine without any need of administrative privilege and is quite stubborn so that most victimized android users feel frustrated about getting it removed completely. Furthermore, the NSA virus blocked android phone can collect sensitive information from the infectious devices as quick as possible, login-credentials, online transaction data, banking data, and a lot of other financial details stored on the infectious device or web browsers must be at high risk of exposure. If you are facing such NSA virus, what you have to is to remove it at first time rather than attempt to follow those tricky warnings designed by attackers. Otherwise, you would have to face incredible loss on both money and system damage. Till now, you probably have a real recognition about the NSA virus, and what you have to do is to remove it completely. If still need help to remove NSA virus from android phone, you can live chat with VilmaTech 24/7 Online Experts.

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