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Malware Defender 2015 Fraudulent Anti-virus Program, Manual Removal Tip

Purpose of Malware Defender 2015

As virus gets wild, many anti-virus programs are created successively to help people surf safely and generate revenue at the mean time. Virus makers smell this chance to confuse the market by making rogueware like Malware Defender 2015.

To allure virus-tortured end users into purchasing the fraudulent anti-virus program, Malware Defender 2015 carries more tasks for easy money, according to the observation by VilmaTech Online Support, including:

  • load extra virus into the controlled machine to get commission.
  • collect people’s surfing habit to help Malware Defender 2015 or the next malware track and attack people easily.
  • gather personal information.

Vilmatech remove malware defender 2015


Don’t Register Malware Defender 2015

The real trick lies in Malware Defender 2015’s register page where address, cell phone number, debit/credit card information and the like are requested to fill in. As a web page containing BHO computing technique, Malware Defender 2015’s register page manages to reach all the information filled in the form without triggering alert by the genuine installed security utility. The information collection can be either transferred its own “improvement” in virus attack or resold to other ill-purposed authors/sales companies for profitable income.

VilmaTech would kindly remind you of the fact that: every program is programmed with backdoor for future improvements according to the feedbacks.

Malware Defender 2015 Needs Manual Removal

As what VilmaTech mentions in the preceding section that it is the Malware Defender 2015’s register page that import dangers. The software itself is nothing but a piece of entity programmed with codes to display computer threats and alerts about Windows cannot remove such threats and that only the licensed Malware Defender 2015 can remove them all. Taking good use of computing technique, the rogueware can only be uninstalled/removed manually since security tools only take care of vicious codes for high efficiency. Follow the steps below carefully to help yourself. Should any unexpected issue occur during Malware Defender 2015’s removal process that overwhelms you, just feel free to get professional help from VilmaTech’s technicians by pushing the live chat button below.

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Steps to Remove Malware Defender 2015

Step1. Access Control Panel to uninstall Malware Defender 2015.

Windows 7/Vista/XP

  • Hit Start menu to click Control Panel.
  • Access “Add/Remove Programs” to locate Malware Defender 2015.
  • Use “uninstall” button to remove the rogueware’s evidence there.

Windows 8

  • Locate bottom-left corner of the start screen to press on “Unpin” button.
    access control panel to remove the evidence of Malware Defender 2015
  • Choose ‘Control Panel’ in the pop-up sidebar.
  • Browse to “Programs and Features” and remove the rogueware’s evidence there.

Step2. Navigate to Windows Service to end Malware Defender 2015’s service.


  • Hold down Win key and R key together to enable Run dialogue box.
    win+r key combination
  • Input “services.msc” and hit Enter key will lead you to the Windows Services window.
  • Check the enabled services respectively by right clicking on them for the inspection on “Path to the Executable”.
  • Disable/remove the ones with “Path to the Executable” directing to Malware Defender 2015.

Windows 8

  • At Start screen, click open Windows Explorer.
  • Go into Administrative Tools and access Windows Service through a Services icon.
  • Check the enabled services respectively by right clicking on them for the inspection on “Path to the Executable”.
    access service property ti end Malware Defender 2015’s service
  • Disable/remove the ones with “Path to the Executable” directing to Malware Defender 2015.

Step3. Unveil hidden files and folders to remove

Windows 7/XP/Vista

  • Access ‘Control Panel’ through Start menu to continue by navigating “user accounts and family safety”.
  • Please then click open ‘Folder Options’ to hit View tab.
  • Tick ‘Show hidden files and folders’ and non-tick ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’ will you show hidden items.
    show hidden files and folders on Windows7/XP/Vista

Windows 8

  • Access Windows Explorer again to locate View tab.
  • Tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options to unveil hidden items.
    win8 show hidden files

Remove all the folders/files as follows:
C:\Program Files\ HBClient
%systemroont%Downloaded Program Files
C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Temp\
C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Local Settings\Temp
C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet File


Notes for Malware Defender 2015’s After Removal

According to the past experiences, rogueware would lead to additional virus attack, and Malware Defender 2015 would not be exceptional. VilmaTech Online Support would like to draw your attention to the fact that the above offered steps are exclusively applicable to Malware Defender 2015. For further steps to get rid of the extra virus, visit virus bulletin for corresponding solution or get real-time help by live chatting with experienced technicians.

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Complaint about sluggish performance after removing Malware Defender 2015 has been received and that has made end users concerned over the incomplete removal. Actually the poor performance is caused by the unreasonably scattered data files that take up the internal space. Each program has its own data file. The longer it stays on a machine, the more data files will be generated. Fortunately, Windows provides an automatic method to clear them up. Here’s the video to show how:


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