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MacRemover 2024 Review: Is it a Scam or Legit

Have been searching for a tool to remove Mac apps & related files completely as well as the useless leftovers? Is your Mac running slowly and slowly with lower disk space and don’t know which apps should be removed, and how? Is your Mac bootup taking longer time with loads of apps run at startup? Are you looking for an app removal tool that can run on your nearly 10-years old Mac? MacRemover is the solution to get all these issues resolved without any hassle, and the one-time pricing model is more than welcome at the era of higher inflation. It is the first Mac uninstaller released on 2012 and has praised by power users and professionals as one of the most essential apps you need to keep your Mac in good shape.

In this post, we will use the latest version MacRemover 2024 to uninstall apps like n-Track Studio Suite, AudFree Audio Capture, and others to justify how the new version holds up its high reputation as it used to be.

Uninstall n-Track Studio Suite with MacRemover

n-Track Studio Suite is a digital audio workstation (DAW) that has evolved over the years, with its latest iteration being n-Track Studio 10. This DAW is designed to cater to a wide range of users, from beginners to professionals, and is available across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. n-Track Studio Suite is an audio and MIDI digital audio workstation (DAW) developed by n-Track Software, transforming your personal computer into a powerful audio recording studio. The software supports multi-track recording, playback, and over-dubbing like a tape multi-track recorder, and can apply effects, use real-time input processing, automate auxiliary channel sends and returns, and perform destructive and non-destructive waveform editing. Version 10 of n-Track Studio introduces many new features, including new creative enhancement tools and effects such as shape sound, FX and instrument chains, Shimmer effect, Diffuser effect, etc. It supports 24-bit-192 kHz recording, multi-channel sound cards, real-time input processing, mp3 encoding, and more. Additionally, n-Track supports VST, AU, and ReWire plugins and instruments, and offers built-in effects like reverb, multiband compression, sidechain compression, chorusing, delay, pitch shift, graphic and parametric EQ, and more. Version 9 of n-Track Studio was also updated, including a new look, more plugins, and optimized workflow. It added VocalTune (a vocal tuning plugin), guitar and bass amplifier plugins. Furthermore, n-Track Studio 9 integrates the online music production platform Songtree, allowing users to invite other musicians more easily to their projects. The n-Track Studio Suite version provides an unlimited number of audio tracks, MIDI tracks, and plugins (VST, VST3, DirectX, AU, Rewire). It supports hardware faders/control surfaces, has sample-level editing capabilities, supports surround sound mixing (5.1, 7.1, etc.), and 64-bit mixing and processing. Additionally, it supports saving to AAF exchange format (export to third-party DAW) and synchronization with external devices (MTC & MIDI clock).

Testing result: MacRemover removes all files of n-Track Studio Suite completely.

Uninstall AudFree Audio Capture with MacRemover

AudFree Audio Capture is a powerful audio recording tool that works on both Windows and macOS operating systems. It allows users to record any sound played on their computer, including streaming music, background noise, game sounds, and online broadcasts, and save these audio recordings in various formats such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, and more. For the macOS version, AudFree Audio Capture is a lossless audio recording software that can capture any sound played on a macOS computer, such as songs, audiobooks, podcasts, games, movies, and streaming audio, while maintaining 100% lossless audio quality. It supports multiple audio sources, whether the music/online broadcast is played through a browser (such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome), or through media players like QuickTime, VLC, etc. AudFree Audio Capture can easily record and export to common audio formats like MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc. AudFree Audio Capture provides advanced audio editing features, such as smart multi-track music recording, automatic segmentation of audio recordings, flexible trimming and mixing of audio recordings, and intelligent ID3 tag editing. It also allows users to manually edit the recording’s music quality, such as customizing audio parameters (like codec, channels, sampling rate, bit rate), and has an easy-to-operate recording interface and intuitive operation window, allowing users to preview the entire sound recording process. It is important to note that AudFree is a home edition software and is only intended for personal use.

Testing result: MacRemover removes all files of AudFree Audio Capture completely.

Uninstall Studies with MacRemover

Studies is an application designed specifically for macOS, primarily used for creating and managing flashcards to aid in learning and memorizing various types of information. This app is particularly useful for students who need to remember a large amount of information, such as those studying new languages, medicine, law, history, aviation, and other fields. Studies allows users to create flashcards with text, images, audio, and video, and supports synchronizing study materials across multiple devices via iCloud, including Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Additionally, it provides a scientific study plan, multiple-choice quizzes, and data statistics to help users learn and memorize information more effectively.

Testing result: MacRemover removes all files of Studies completely.

Uninstall MarsEdit with MacRemover

MarsEdit is a blog editor specifically designed for macOS that allows users to write, preview, and publish blog posts in a local environment. The application offers a range of advanced features, including rich text editing, Markdown syntax highlighting, a new rich text editor, an easy-to-use media manager, and compatibility with various blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, and Movable Type. MarsEdit supports standard MetaWeblog and AtomPub interfaces, which means it can be used with most blogging systems. MarsEdit provides convenient features such as offline writing, real-time previewing, directly dragging and dropping images from Apple Photos into blog posts, and creating new articles directly from web content through a Safari extension. Users can write blog posts using Markdown or directly editing HTML and preview the content as needed.
MarsEdit is compatible with macOS 10.15.4 or higher and can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store. It also offers a free trial version. Users can choose to purchase a full license to unlock all features, or continue using the free version to maintain local archives and publish blog posts online.

Testing result: MacRemover removes all files of MarsEdit completely.

Uninstall Piezo with MacRemover

Piezo is an audio recording software designed for macOS, known for its simplicity and ease of use. The software enables users to quickly record audio from any application or audio input (such as a microphone). Piezo requires almost no configuration and is straightforward to operate; users can easily select an application or audio device and click the record button to save the audio. Additionally, Piezo supports easily recording audio from VoIP applications like Skype and Zoom, and can save audio to different channels for editing purposes. Its interface is designed to be minimalistic and attractive, making the recording process enjoyable. Piezo’s design emphasizes ease of use, providing simple recording presets so that users don’t have to worry about complex settings. Its interface is intuitive, making it very easy to record audio on a Mac. Piezo is compatible with macOS 11 or higher and can be obtained through a one-time purchase from the Mac App Store. Users can download and try the software to decide whether to purchase the full version.

Testing result: MacRemover removes all files of Piezo completely.

Uninstall BetterMouse with MacRemover

BetterMouse is a mouse enhancement tool designed for macOS, aimed at improving the performance and functionality of external mice, replacing heavy, intrusive, and resource-intensive mouse drivers. It is feature-rich, lightweight, optimized for efficiency, and completely safe, designed to meet all the needs of third-party mice on macOS. BetterMouse is compatible with macOS 11 and higher, supporting Intel/Apple silicon architectures. It provides a clean application interface that can be used without activation. Additionally, BetterMouse offers unique features like shortcut space switching, fly control gestures, and more, aiming to increase user productivity and comfort.

Testing result: MacRemover removes all files of BetterMouse completely.

Uninstall Elmedia Video Player Pro with MacRemover

Elmedia Video Player Pro is a video player designed for MacOS that offers a wide range of convenient features. This player is capable of playing a wide range of video and audio formats, including AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV, MKV, MP3, M4V, and more, without the need for additional plug-ins or codecs. It also supports HD playback and has some advanced features such as a built-in web browser, download function, jitter-free and tearing video playback, audio and video synchronization correction, etc.

Testing result: MacRemover removes all files of Elmedia Video Player Pro completely.

Uninstall X-Disk with MacRemover

X-Disk is a disk management tool designed for macOS, primarily used for monitoring USB and network storage devices. This tool helps users quickly view the status of external storage devices, including USB drives and mounted network folders. X-Disk is compatible with macOS 10.13 or higher and supports an English interface. It is a comprehensive disk management tool suitable for macOS users who need to manage and optimize disk space.

Testing result: MacRemover removes all files of X-Disk completely.

Uninstall Folder Icons with MacRemover

Folder Icons is an application for macOS that allows users to add personalized icons to files or folders. Folder Icons also provides other features, such as saying goodbye to traditional blue icons and giving folders a more orderly and tidy appearance. Users can easily change folder icons through this app, adding personalized elements to improve work efficiency and meet individual needs. Folder Icons has a rating of 4.6 in the Mac App Store, indicating widespread user approval. The app requires macOS 10.10 or higher to run.

Testing result: MacRemover removes all files of Folder Icons completely.

Uninstall PopClip with MacRemover

PopClip is an application designed for Mac that provides a convenient way to handle text. When you select text in a Mac application, PopClip pops up a menu with options for copying, pasting, and other useful operations. PopClip has a user-friendly interface, with simple and quick operations, making it ideal for daily text processing. It is only 5.4 MB in size and supports macOS 10.15.7 or higher, compatible with both Intel 64 and Apple Silicon architectures.

Testing result: MacRemover removes all files of PopClip completely.

Uninstall InstaBro Browser for Instagram with MacRemover

InstaBro Browser for Instagram is an application designed specifically for macOS that allows users to browse and download photos and videos from Instagram in a convenient way. The InstaBro application is free but may contain some built-in ads. To fully unlock the features of the application, users can choose to purchase a license. InstaBro supports macOS 10.12 or higher and is compatible with both Intel 64 and Apple Silicon architectures.

Testing result: MacRemover removes all files of InstaBro Browser for Instagram completely.

Uninstall Keep It with MacRemover

Keep It is a note-taking and organization app designed for MacOS that provides a convenient way to write notes, save web links, store documents, images, or other types of files, and find them again easily. Keep It can be used on Mac and as a standalone app on iPhone and iPad, automatically syncing changes across all devices through iCloud. Keep It 2 version adds integration with Finder, Quick Open, Quick File, Reading Mode, and Minimize Web Page features. It also allows users to reorder lists in the sidebar, redesigns the project list, places favorites at the top, improves search functionality, improves PDF viewing and Markdown preview, improves project linking, adds the ability to copy projects, and more. Keep It allows users to create notes with built-in styles that look good on all devices and are easy to read. Notes can include checklists, bulleted and numbered lists, links, dividers, images, and other attachments. Users can directly add any type of file to Keep It, save it to a folder in Finder, or create and edit it from templates using other apps. Any project can be encrypted with a password. Keep It also supports saving web links, viewing live previews of web links, saving web links as PDFs or web archives for offline reading, or converting web links into editable notes. In addition, Keep It can store all content in iCloud and make it available on all Macs and your iPad and iPhone. Keep It can also share top folders and individual items with other Keep It users through iCloud. Participants will automatically see all changes. Keep It’s file organization mainly comes in two forms: folders and bundles. Folders can nest folders and bundles, with folders being able to nest infinitely, but bundles cannot. Another difference between folders and bundles is that files can only be placed under one folder, but can be placed under multiple different bundles. This way, we can use bundles to integrate files from different folders. In addition to folders and bundles, Keep It also adds tags and labels. Tags can be directly added to files for quick visual identification. Labels appear directly in the sidebar and can be easily found by their assigned colors. Keep It also provides filtering features, which can be filtered by file name, file type, source, tag, label, creation time, etc. All matched files can be quickly retrieved through the “Saved Searches” saved in the sidebar. Keep It supports searching for text in text files, PDFs, and images. According to tests, Keep It has good support for both English and Chinese in text files and PDFs. Keep It can be used in other apps in compact mode, reducing it to a column, which is very suitable for using with other apps or in split-screen mode. Keep It can also add almost any content through drag and drop, and can add content from various apps through Share extensions and Services menus. Keep It can be used with a paid subscription within the app. Subscriptions can be chosen monthly or annually. The subscription will be charged from your iTunes account after the trial period ends, unless you cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the trial period. Keep It has a rating of 4.5 in the Mac App Store, indicating widespread user approval.

Testing result: MacRemover removes all files of Keep It completely.

Uninstall PowerPhotos with MacRemover

PowerPhotos is a photo management application designed for macOS that works in conjunction with the built-in Photos app on Mac. It provides a suite of tools to help users better organize and manage their photo collections. The latest version of PowerPhotos is 2.5.7, supporting macOS 12 or higher and compatible with both Intel 64 and Apple Silicon architectures.

Testing result: MacRemover removes all files of PowerPhotos completely.

In Conclusion

MacRemover is able to completely remove all the apps and related files in our testing: Everything works in an good and old fashion. It is a legit, powerful and flexible tool that is highly suitable for macOS users who want to thoroughly remove apps, clean up leftovers and optimize performance. In addition to the one-time pricing model, the features and fresh & modern interface the new version offers make it one of the top macOS uninstallers on the market.

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