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How to Troubleshoot Mouse Common Faults on Windows?

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If you need to work with computer every day, there is no evitable that using mouse is a daily activity. The mouse keeps working as long as your computer works, so it is used as frequently as the computer. However, a mouse likes other electronic applications, all sorts of malfunctions and common faults will appear after being used for a long time. So today, I’m going to show you some common mouse faults and how to solve them.

How to troubleshoot your mouse common issues?

1. After inserting the mouse, there is no response, slow reaction, left and right key failure, no indication light and other faults.

Solution: It may be caused by the quality of the mouse itself, so the first thing you should confirm if the mouse itself is malfunctioning. Change to another computer to test, and you can plug the mouse directly into the USB port and see if it will work.

2. Computer crashed.

Solution: When your computer crashes, the easy method to troubleshoot the issue of mouse not working is to restart your computer.

3. The mouse interface is not well connected with your computer.

Solution: Usually, the common-used USB interface supports hot plug, allows users to plugin and re-plugin repeatedly several times. If there some dusts or the layer is oxide, the repeat plugs of mouse probably solve the issue of oxide layer or rub off the dust.

4. When you open too many websites, the system may be stuck and at the same time your mouse may fail to respond.

Solution: Restart the system, or press F5 to refresh the screen. Or launch the Task Manager and delete some processes

5. There is a problem with your Windows operating system, or there is a conflict with the system when some software is installed, which lead to your mouse not moving.

Solution: Uninstall the software that is not compatible with your system or check. Install an optimal mouse driver, adjust the sensitivity. If you need to learn how to uninstall a program from your Windows computer easily, don’t miss out on discovering a guide here.

6. When your system gets jammed or can’t run smoothly, the mouse also won’t move as usual.

Solution: There are many reasons for why your system gets jammed, such as heat dissipation problems, backward system configuration, too much computer garbage, or low-performance of hard disk, insufficient memory and so on, the easy way to troubleshoot is to restart your computer.

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