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How to Access YouTube in China in 2020?

Can’t access YouTube in mainland China? How do you watch YouTube in China without blocking? If you are living in China or you will find in recent future, you will know that people in China generally don’t have access to several social and general websites. This happens because of the Great Firewall of China i.e. the Golden Shield Project that blocks several websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, etc. And this is the reason that we can’t access YouTube in China. But there are several ways in which you can actually access these websites if you can go around government policies.

There will be a lot of English movies that you will not be able to access in other regions of the world. The Chinese government is really strong and secure, but you can always enter systems by breaking some rules and regulations. Your life will have great impacts if you are in China and you don’t have access to these social networking sites. You cannot enjoy the shows that you would generally watch and also would be deprived of watching new shows or series. But this is not the only one; there are several other websites that are not allowed in China.

What can we do about it?

Encryption is one way to avoid this problem in order to use YouTube in China. You can also do this by securing and further hiding all the online traffic that you might have from the start itself. You can do a VPN program which works fine for the computer as well as your mobile. The VPN hides all that goes online while you are working or surfing through something and so if you cannot be tracked then no one can get hold of what you are using.

What are VPN’s or Virtual Private Networks?

This is a network system that works on two systems that are connected with the help of internet. The VPN’s are generally used internally by several companies to set up internal networks. The VPN’s ensure that the networks are secure and safe from any outside traffic. This adds some more security to the data and information base of the company. For security reasons the use of VPN’s have increased a lot more than what it was in the past. In Businesses, the security is a major issue, and thus VPN comes very handily for transactions, social networks, connecting with the customers, etc.

Nowadays VPN uses more of an advanced technology and encryptions, so the use is more satisfying and advanced. So, this is how you can take help of the VPN while using YouTube in China.

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Using a VPN

Policies like these are not only hampering YouTube’s reach, it’s also hampering it’s output. Those who are a little tech-savvy have found an alternate route though. And it goes through a VPN. Through a VPN, paid subscribers are now logging into YouTube of other regions to access the programs that may be unavailable in their region. It’s technically not a crime nor something unethical since the user has already subscribed to the service and considering that a certain show should be a part of the parcel the user pays for, no legal consequences can be imposed upon a paid subscriber using a VPN.

The work of a VPN is to hide your real identity and create a fake identity for you in order to get access to the internet in other countries for doing different works. While you are in a different country, you can pretend to be to be a resident of that country by using a mapped address and then use different social sites and also all other services that Google provides you with where your actual identity would be hidden. But in order to use YouTube in China, you need to know how to use a VPN properly and which ones actually work well or else you might get caught too.

You will firstly have to install the VPN after it is given to you by your VPN provider in your nearby area. The following is the process you need to follow in order to install it on your system:

• Firstly you will have to download VPN in order to hide your real IP address.

• You can subscribe for higher volumes of VPN’s, and you will just have to pay a minimum amount for the subscription.

• You can also share the VPN given to you with your friend in order to share the total charge or cost of it.

Now if you search globally you are to get results that will work for all over the world, but since China has special restrictions, so you will have to be very careful while you choose. Baidu is a Chinese search engine that will give you results according to the Chinese network only.

Legality and How to choose the proper VPN:

The Chinese government doesn’t allow using Google, twitter, Facebook, Netflix or YouTube, and in order to do that they have put up some rules and regulations. Being said so; it is also true that they haven’t said anything about using VPN’s. Since you cannot access a lot in China so using the VPN’s is important. Now after deciding this, you will have to choose the perfect VPN for your use and area. Before downloading a specific VPN, it is recommended that you do proper research in order to have something that actually works and not just famous for its name. Here we list down some of the VPN’s that work properly and also are not under the track records of Chinese Government. So here are some of the major and popular ones:

Fqruoter: This will work best for the android phones and always on top of the list. So, if you own an android phone, then this should be your first pick.

SuperVPN: This comes after fqrouter, and this offers a free trial of 30 days. After this gets exhausted, you are given another hour for absolutely free.

ExpressVPN: This is the best one for China and runs pretty smooth and quick. They will give you several other services, and if you don’t like the service and network, you will get a refund easily.

So, yes there isn’t much scarcity of VPN’s, and thus you should always use one that doesn’t restrict you when using it. You will always have to be careful that the one you are opting to use is legal or not and also shouldn’t be pirated. There are many reliable VPN provider in industry so in order to find the best one, go online and check out the reviews for different VPN services. Make a comparison of the features, costs, security, speed, bandwidth, server location and connectivity protocol. By doing your research beforehand, you can narrow down your options to two or three VPN service providers before making a final decision however please note that your YouTube account could potentially be cancelled at any time or your could be locked out in some way because although accessing geographically restricted content with the aid of things like a VPN or DNS proxy doesn’t seem illegal, it is likely to be breaching the terms of use of streaming sites to use any service to bypass their restrictions or to lie about your location.

Video on How to Access YouTube in China

Top 5 Best VPN Services In The World

Servers Country # of Connections Price(USD) Website
3000+ VPN servers in 94 countries. British Virgin Islands 5 Connections $6.67/Month (Save 49%) 1 View Deals
5450+ servers in 62+ countries. Panama 6 Connections $3.49/Month (Save 70%) 2 View Deals
200+ servers in 70 countries. Bulgaria 6 Connections $4.18/Month (Save 50%) 3 View Deals
Premium VPN-servers in 23 countries. Switzerland Unlimited €8.95/Month (Save 31%) 4 View Deals
1,300+ VPN servers in 75+ countries. USA 10 Connections $6.49/Month (Save 46%) 5 View Deals

In China, it is recommended that you use a paid one to have better results and safety too. Also, remember that the Chinese government can make up new rules and block this much access to anytime. But this is all that you need to know about how to access YouTube in China. ExpressVPN is stable and reliable with high ratings that is your best choice and still work in China.

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