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Generic5 Trojan Removal: Remove Adware Generic5.ANHA that Triggers Popups

Adware Generic5.ANHA Is Trojan Dropper

Though it starts with “Adware”, Adware Generic5.ANHA is a variant of Generic5 Trojan Dropper, “ANHA” is its variant number. “Generic” indicates that Adware Generic5.ANHA possesses the capability of executing the typical Trojan behaviors:

  1. Opening up backdoor to connect with the remote server for information exchange.
  2. Generating verisimilar system files to keep running and dodge automatic removal by installed anti-virus programs.
  3. Stealing information, if any, stored in the memory or web cookies.
  4. Cleaning vicious log to stop being tracked down.

For now, Adware Generic5.ANHA has been found to target Windows OS and it rages nowadays to constantly pops up with meaningless content. The below paragraphs primarily shows how Adware Generic5.ANHA infiltrates, how it spreads, the reason why Generic5.ANHA manages to resists automatic removal by anti-virus programs and the efficient solution. Read this article completely to gain clear picture about it. Should you need professional help to due with incidental issues by Adware Generic5.ANHA, you are welcome to contact VilmaTech Online Support and ask their experienced technicians for on-demand help by starting a live chat window here.

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Adware Generic5.ANHA Infiltration Report

With system or security exploitation method and distribution channels including e-mail, malicious or hacked Web pages, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) as well as peer-to-peer networks, Adware Generic5.ANHA manages to implant its vicious core file into a target machine. Unlike virus, Adware Generic5.ANHA does not replicate itself to affect a target system. Instead, it fabricates several executable files that seem to be beneficial or wanted; for example, media-related file and security relevant file. Once an unsuspecting victim clicks on those files, Adware Generic5.ANHA is woken to start its work:

  1. Adds or modifies Internet Explorer cookies.
  2. Process attempts to call itself recursively.
  3. Enumerates many system files and directories.
  4. Inserts values to critical section such as startup in registry.


Adware Generic5.ANHA Needs Quick Removal

Adware Generic5.ANHA has been accessed to be highly risky. However, the real-life situation tells that the Trojan dropper cannot be easily removed and it is capable of resisting automatic removal by even the most reputable anti-virus programs. Thus many victims encounter the following listed troubles:

  1. Multiple system running processes are playing in the background for unknown reason to consume CPU significantly, leading to a sluggish PC performance.
  2. Web pages are directed to some spam sites, resulting in tardy response or even browser crash.
  3. Additional infections/web applications/unknown programs are caught to install without permission.
  4. A lot more files and unknown items are piling up in the local disk to cause error messages from time to time and trigger malfunctions.


Adware Generic5.ANHA Resists Automatic Removal

With sophisticated algorithms like MD5 and SHA, Adware Generic5.ANHA is able to protect itself from being modified by any “protectors” and prevent from being followed. Without the exact location of Adware Generic5.ANHA, anti-virus programs are not able to remove Adware Generic5.ANHA completely and bring about constant re-image after each reboot. Another reason that security utility fails in removing Adware Generic5.ANHA is that the Trojan Dropper is running in the background. It works for the same reason you may exit a program before you uninstalling it.

Given the fact that security utilities fail in removing Adware Generic5.ANHA, manual removal method is recommended by VilmaTech Online Support. Stick to the steps and avoid any deviation. In the event that you are overwhelmed by the incidental issues caused by Adware Generic5.ANHA, please feel free to live chat for instant help.

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Generic Trojan Removal: Remove Adware Generic5.ANHA Manually

Step1 – End services created by Adware Generic5.ANHA according to the information given by Task Manager.

Principle: locate any suspicious running processes that consume plenty of CPU and are unfamiliar to you; check corresponding services in “System Information” and disable the ones that are not belonging to system.


  • Go to start Menu to click on Run option.
  • Type “services.msc” in the pop-up text box and hit Enter key.
  • Remove/disable the services that are not belonging to system and consuming plenty of CPU.
    End Adware Generic5.ANHA's service

Windows 8

  • Right click on Windows Explorer to select “Open”.
  • Bring up Administrative Tools window and bring up Services window with the same method.
  • Remove/disable the services that are not belonging to system and consuming plenty of CPU.
    End Adware Generic5.ANHA's service

Step2 – Unveil hidden items to remove all the files generated by and brought along with Adware Generic5.ANHA.

  • Windows 7/XP/Vista – Go to “user accounts and family safety” (a sub-option of ‘Control Panel’) to bring up ‘Folder Options’ window; navigate to View tab to tick ‘Show hidden files and folders’ and non-tick ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’.
    remove  Adware Generic5.ANHA from WIndows
  • Windows 8 – Browse to the View tab of Windows Explorer to tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’.
    remove  Adware Generic5.ANHA from WIndows 8

Files and folders to delete:

%WINDIR%\SYSTEM32\[random numbers and letters].dll
%TEMP%\[messy code]temp_0\[random letters]setup.exe

Tip: some JPG files related to Adware Generic5.ANHA are also required to be removed for a complete removal as well as space saving; besides, some path values may be replaced with environment variables as the exact location may vary with different configurations. If you are confused, you are welcome to contact senior technician at VilmaTech Online Support for exclusive help according to your concrete situation.

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Step3 – Enter Registry Editor to delete the entries concerned with Adware Generic5.ANHA.

  • Use Win+R key combination to enable Run box.
  • Put “regedit” in the text box and hit Enter key to enter Registry Editor.
  • Remove the following offered entries.
    remove Adware Generic5.ANHA's items from Database.



Adware Generic5.ANHA Collateral Reading

The purpose of Adware Generic5.ANHA is not to arouse mechanical problems and browser chaos. In effect, Adware Generic5.ANHA performs maliciously under the messy situation. It connects to its remote server through some designated web sites. By doing so, Adware Generic5.ANHA manages to help its author to propagate other products, some of which are produced by the same author and some are made by other spammers. Profitable income can be thus achieved.

What’s worse, with popup ads or advertising platforms triggered by Adware Generic5.ANHA, the Trojan Dropper is capable of utilizing their JS techniques and recording online whereabouts or collecting log-in credentials if there’s any luck. Reselling such information would capacitate the author behind Adware Generic5.ANHA to obtain extra income. Security risk is the major reason to drive removal while mechanical problem is the incidental.

Adware Generic5.ANHA Removal Tips

As what has been stated clearly that Adware Generic5.ANHA is a Trojan Dropper mainly triggers browser chaos to connect its remote server for downloads. Therefore, it is advisable to reset all installed browsers (IE/Opera/Chrome/Firefox) after rebooting the infected machine when the removal steps are finished.

One more thing to which that needs to be stressed is that CMD might enable Adware Generic5.ANHA to retrieve all removed items as the Trojan is geared by executable files. Be careful when trying to run installed programs; avoid clicking on confusing executable files during Adware Generic5.ANHA removal procedures. It is also recommended to open any folder by right clicking to select “Open”.

Last but not least, please be advised that the above offered removal guide is exclusively applicable to Adware Generic5.ANHA. Thus failure can be anticipated if incidental damages have been established. Additional steps as well as professional techniques might be required to be involved. If you are not that technically sound to deal with cumbersome issues, live chat with security adviser to gain specialized technical help is recommended by VilmaTech Online Support.

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