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remove is another variant of startnow browser hijacker. It is a lame BHO, which can be told from the below listed detections:

  1. The search engine appearing in front of the search bar varies, sometimes it would be Bing and sometimes it would be Yahoo.
  2. Spelling mistake has been detected to the words for the search button next to the search bar.

As a matter of fact, is a browser hijacker to replace default homepage, search engine and new tab permanently. This is serving for only one purpose which is money. But the purpose is hidden by the browser hijacker well. It doesn’t show up ads on its interface like what (read more) does, while it does search like what Google does except some unusual scenarios that would help us figure out the difference has from an average search engine:

  1. Page loading speed becomes slower than it was.
  2. Multiple system running processes and some strange ones are playing in the background when doing the search with
  3. Random pop-up would appear occasionally, and it is increasing in frequency.
  4. What offers are mostly commercial results, which is not much like Google.

Note: annoying as it is found by most PC users, is not a virus. Then what is it, is it dangerous and why it keeps annoying people without being removed by anti-virus programs? To get the answers, VilmaTech Online Support would suggest a continuous reading to enrich the knowledge and to finally get the effective solution to the browser hijacker. Questions will be gladly answered as soon as a live chat window is opened up.

live chat Fights against Anti-virus Program?

It should be widely informed that what anti-virus program bases on to catch a virus is virulent attribute code. Without the code, security utilities are not that smart enough to perform the task.

As what has been made clear on the preceding paragraphs that is a BHO, it is one of the numerous browser hijackers to work for huge traffic and direct traffic to other operators that has cooperative ties with. In short, is a promotional tool. With BHO, JavaScript technologies, the browser hijacker manages to load its data files into system configuration and have browser settings changed. It is allowed as the technologies were created to do so for a better surfing experience. In this way, is not fighting against anti-virus program, it is just not a virus.

Is Dangerous?

People would instinctively believe that items that are not picked up by security programs are safe since they are too dependent on the automatic programs. Remember BitCrypt ransomware? It is not detected by anti-virus programs even in Safe Mode when it is blocking the whole screen. So now let’s learn some potential dangers by browser hijacker.

Loose Structure and Bug

As we learned from the above section that is one of the many promotional tools, it is not therefore strictly built. In other word, its structure is loose and bug can be easily detected to give chance for malicious infiltration. It could be even worse once the bug is exploited by infections embedded on the Internet due to the technologies adopts.

Identity Theft

BHO technology helps to preload data file into system configuration to ensure automatic launch at each Windows start for saving internal storage while JS technology is utilized to re-configure HTMLs for the warranty of easy access to accounts by remembering the log-in information and shortcut to certain sites, like homepage. Once the technologies are taken advantage by infections, they’ll assist in launching vicious codes automatically for continuous evil deeds and recording log-in credentials for identity theft.

Note: after reading this section, one should be now clear that it is better to remove as soon as possible. It’ll be complicated when is captured by infections and the removal will become much more cumbersome accordingly. As anti-virus programs are not going to help deal with issues, manual removal thread is offered below. Stick to the steps and help yourself and please do feel free to contact VilmaTech Online Support for specialized technical help if you run into difficulty and confusion due to deficient computer knowledge.

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Effective Manual Removal Thread for Browser Hijacker

A – Remove search engine from browser setting.

Internet Explorer

  • Click Tools on the top menu bar and select “Manage add-ons”.
  • Click on ‘Search Providers’ on the left pane and remove
    remove search engine from IE


  • Click Tools menu on the top menu bar and select Options.
  • Navigate to ‘Add-ons’ and ‘plugins’ respectively to remove
    remove search engine from Firefox


  • Click on the spanner icon to select “Options”.
  • Select “Basic” option on the left pane and remove from “Default Search Options” on the right.
    remove search engine from Chrome


  • Click on Opera’s menu to select Extensions.
  • Access Manage Extensions and remove any appearance of
    remove search engine from Opera


  • Click on Safari Menu and Preferences.
  • Hit on Glims/Extension to remove
    remove search engine from Safari

B – Change homepage URL from

Internet Explorer

  • Choose Tools menu again to select “Internet Options”.
  • Browse to General tab and put in your desirable homepage URL.
  • Press “Use Current” to restore homepage from
    restore homepage from on IE


  • Select Options from Firefox’s Tools menu.
  • Hit General tab and type your favorite homepage URL in ‘Home Page’.
  • Press “Use Current Pages” to restore homepage from
    restore homepage from on Firefox


  • Click on the spanner icon again for “Settings”/”Options”.
  • Locate Basic section and type your favorite homepage URL in “Open this page” under ‘Home Page’.
  • Press “OK” to restore homepage from
    restore homepage from on Chrome


  • Access Opera’s menu to select “settings”.
  • Choose “Preference” and tap its General tab to locate “Home page”.
  • Set your desired search engine and restore homepage from
    restore homepage from on Opera


  • Access Safari’s Preference again and hit on General tab.
  • Put in your desirable homepage URL in “Homepage”.
  • Press Enter/Return key to restore homepage from hijacker.
    restore homepage from on Safari

C – Modify Hosts file to block

For Windows users

  • Press down Win and R key together to get a Run box.
  • Put in “CMD” and hit Enter key to get a little black Window.
  • See that flashing line?
  • Type “ping” and hit Enter key to get its IP address.
    ping startnow hijacker on Windows
  • When the IP address is displayed, please navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc and click open “Hosts” file.
  • Paste the IP address to the file and save the file to block from hijacking.

For Mac OS X users

  • Access Finder folder and select Utilities for Terminal.
    access Terminal on Mac to ping
  • See that flashing line?
  • Type “ping” and hit Enter/Return key to get its IP address.
  • Next press down shift+command+g key combination to type “etc” (/private/etc/hosts).
  • Hit Enter/Return key will bring up to etc folder.
  • Then click open Hosts file.
  • Paste the IP address to the last line and save it to block from hijacking.


Brief Conclusion on is not a virus; instead, it is a browser hijacker (categorized as BHO) to help intercept traffic. When online shopping becomes a rage nowadays, fierce competition can be seen everywhere. With more traffic, the operator gets high rank. Then how to outshine other competitors when white SEO has been fully learned and plays by operators? Some new starters start targeting browser hijackers like To get more traffic from one computer, utilizes BHO and JS technologies to stick to a machine. Due to the legality of the two technologies, is not picked up by security utilities.

How to Prevent

As a piece of freeware, needs funds to keep going. With the huge traffic it intercepts, manages to attract co-operations with many freeware/shareware/adware. Therefore, installing a third-party program with “recommended” method would result in harassment as the browser hijacker would be placed as one of the sub-options in the installation package; clicking on random adware could lead to hijacking as promotional tools would cooperate together for a more aggressive promotion. Removal Recommendation

Being loosely built, has apparent bugs; directing traffic constantly to online operators’ sites, the browser hijacker will caught the attention from infections. Consequently, additional infiltration can happen if delay is ever made to the removal or the target machine is poorly protected. If it is the case, victims are advisable to remove all the infections before removing as the additional infections and damages thereby would hinder complete removal, which would not stop the appearance of vulnerability/loophole/bug to be exploited by random virus. Want solutions to the infections that worm into the vulnerable machine by Browse to virus reservoir; or simply consult security advisers from VilmaTech Online Support for quick fix according to your concrete situation.

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Create Restore Point after Removing

The mechanical damages or malfunctions caused by infections would deter quick fix to some extent. If you found your computer becomes poor in performance after getting, it is recommended to create a restore point after a complete removal so that the next time, just in case, you get a virus, simply perform a system restore will relief the troubles and enable a quick fix to rescue your computer, though the restore can’t help exterminate a virus thoroughly. Here’s the video to show how to create a restore point:

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