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Cyber Command of Ohio Virus Removal – Escape from The MoneyPak Android Lock Instantly

Puzzling lock-up by Cyber Command of Ohio Virus has given the masses of Internet users a really hard time. As the computer screen has been rigidly locked, either using the mouse to click, or using the keyboard to tap, it won’t work at all. Users even reboot the machine or Android phone, but the annoying lock-up was still there, sticking like a limpet. After trying to unlock the screen over and over again, the victims are all filled up with frustration and desperation.

The lock-up is just the beginning. Cyber Command of Ohio Virus  Android lock also takes advantage of the occasion to ransom the innocent users, asking them to pay a nonexistent fine of $300. According to the fabricated warning message delivered by the Cyber Command of Ohio virus Android lock, the receivable fine is in accordance with the corresponding law, claiming that only pay the money via MoneyPak or MoneyGram xpress Packet vouchers in 48 hours can unlock the computer screen.

Cyber Command of Ohio PC or Android phone lock-up warning is definitely a scam, designed by those cyber criminals who might hide a foul heart, intending to plunder the victims for ill-gotten gains. By means of the shocking message which comes with a series of legal regulations, many innocent users got scared and worried about any legal dispute would happen to them. In this case, for the conviction of the law, most of the users choose to follow the command and pay the money faithfully. Once the criminals have successfully got the money, they will run off with it in secret. Victims not only lost the money, and their screen was still firmly locked up by Android malware.

Cyber Command of Ohio Virus would also bring about much implicative safe hidden trouble. Locking the screen, many network security threats will appear to make the users miserable. Such as the hackers might take the chance to break into the system to mess around with it. Generally, hackers will open a back door for more virus and Trojans to infect the vulnerable computer system to achieve the purpose of destruction. They can get the access to delete or modify user’s important files or data. Hackers may also go too far to encrypt confidential data, causing users a lot of losses and inconvenience. Under the circumstances, the best way to escape from the terrible mess is to remove Cyber Command of Ohio Virus in a timely manner.

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Manual Steps to Remove Cyber Command of Ohio Virus Completely

1.Restart the computer and enter the Safe Mode with Networking.

1)Reboot the machine and press the F8 key repeatedly to enter the Windows Advanced Options screen.

2)Locate the Safe Mode with Networking option and press the Enter.

2.Disable the concerning processes of the Cyber Command of Ohio Virus immediately.

1)Press the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at the same time, then wait till the Task Manager window shows up.

2)Under the Processes tab, find out all the malicious running processes of the virus in the list, then disable all of them.

3.Show up all the hidden files of the Cyber Command of Ohio Virus.

By default, some files will be protected and hidden in the system, users can find and see them directly. In order to clean all the malicious files of Cyber Command of Ohio Virus, we should do some settings about the folder properties to show up all the hidden files.
1)Click on the Start button to open the Control Panel.

2)Click on the Appearance and Personalization link and go on.
3)Click on Folder Options link.

4)Go to the View tab, check “Show hidden files, folders and drives” option and uncheck the “Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)” item as well.

5)Click OK to apply the changes.

4.Remove Cyber Command of Ohio Virus’s malicious leftovers.

1)Click on the Start button then click on the Run command, type “regedit” in the box, then press Enter .

2)In the Registry Editor, find and delete all the registry entries of the virus in the system.
3)Find the virus and delete its registry keys.
4)Find out all the malicious files of the virus and delete them.
5)Close the Registry Editor and reboot the machine immediately.


Cyber Command of Ohio Virus Android malware and the other similar Android lock virus have caused uproar all over the world. It is conceivable that countless Internet users have suffered from the hateful ransomware and cyber criminals could make exorbitant profits and run away. Due to some inevitable limitations, the police also has no fundamental solution for this grim situation.

But in fact, because of the lack of mutual cooperation between the police and the public, most of the victims choose to carry their own losses silently instead of calling the police instantly, missing the opportunity to track the criminals in the most appropriate time, this is also the reason why the cyber criminals are getting more and more rampant.

Therefore, in order to prevent the Cyber Command of Ohio Virus Android lock from harming us, we should learn to protect our legitimate rights and interests. Whenever receive any message from a lock-up warning, we should be on the alert and not believe any word about it. Meanwhile, we should call the police in the first place then figure out a correct way to remove the virus and unlock the computer screen or Android phone  in time.

More than that, we could also do something to prevent from getting infected with nasty virus like the Cyber Command of Ohio Virus Android lock. Cunning virus often freely sneak into the targeted system with vulnerabilities, most of the users won’t find any trace about it. But unconsciously, the computer system becomes weaker and weaker gradually. So, we should have an awareness to guard against Android virus by scanning the system regularly and upgrading the patches timely. At the same time, we should try not to download any freeware and shareware, because virus could be packed with them and be downloaded and installed in the system together with the other software. In a word, just to be careful and know more about the Android virus to master the cope with it.

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