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Coupon Champ Commercial Ads, How to Stop It From Popping up?

Why Coupon Champ Keeps Popping up?

Coupon Champ is an advertising platform that collects ads from various operators and helps them to push sales. By doing so, Coupon Champ manages to get a portion of commission and generate PPC revenue. This is how it works. The more operators in, the more money it gets.

To attract more operators and win co-operations from the existing advertising platforms with good reputations, Coupon Champ soften the terms to allow the ads from dubious sites; besides, it adopts modified JS techniques to help with permanent and random popup in an attempt to intercept traffic for higher exposure rate and page rank.

Is Coupon Champ Virus?

Due to the modified JS technique, Coupon Champ becomes capable of:

  1. Replacing the default or custom browser settings like home page, search engine provider and the like.
  2. Modifying browser’s load time threshold to guarantee its random popup.

As a consequence, ads by Coupon Champ will be able to place a lock file to hinder random change, which could post adverse impact on browser’s Content Security Policy or cross site scripting. All these are driven by the modified computing technique without vicious attribute code (the significant factor to identify whether an item is virus or not). Coupon Champ is not technically a virus. However, it has been categorized by security company as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) due to the annoying scenes and also potential harms.

Potential Harms from Coupon Champ Adware

It should be informed that JS technique can be utilized maliciously by cyber criminals to record any in-put information online. Since Coupon Champ owns a broad coverage, it can be readily targeted by virus. What’s worse, some of the ads by Coupon Champ have been detected to be originated from some loosely programmed web sites. Once virus takes advantage of the unveiled bug, Coupon Champ will be capitalized as a passage to target machine. At least, the random modifications from Coupon Champ have weakened browser settings.

Below is the manual way to follow up as Coupon Champ is not a virus. It should be informed ahead that some ways offered below to access certain directory might be different from yours due to the OS installed. Therefore, certain level of computer knowledge and skills is required.

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Manual Way to Remove Coupon Champ Ads

Step1. Reset browser settings and restore it to default.

Internet Explorer

  1. Click on IE’s Tools menu to access Internet Options.
  2. Please then browse to Advanced tab and press on Restore Defaults button.
  3. Pressing OK button will reset IE.
    reset IE to restore the settings without Coupon Champ

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on Firefox button and hover mouse over Help to select Troubleshooting Information.
  2. You will spot ‘Reset Firefox’ button in the pop-up window and press on it to reset Firefox.
    reset Firefox to restore the settings without Coupon Champ

Google Chrome

  1. Click on ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’ and get its menu.
  2. Select ‘Options’ to hit ‘Under the Hood’ tab.
  3. Finally click ‘Reset to Defaults’ button.
    reset Chrome to restore the settings without Coupon Champ


  1. Show hidden files and folders (Step4) to remove Operapref.ini in “C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera\”.
    reset Opera to restore the settings without Coupon Champ

Step2. End the processes responsible for Coupon Champ ads.

  1. Use Ctrl+Alt+Delete/Ctrl+Shift+Esc (Windows8) key combination to access Task Manager.
  2. Hit View tab to choose “Select Columns” and then tick “Image Path Name” and PID.
    select colums to help end the processes responsible for Coupon Champ's pop up ads

Tip: VilmaTech Online Support would like to recommend ending processes combined by referencing the path for each service and program shown in Running Tasks for more accurate and correct location. If you don’t know how to recognize the ones responsible for Coupon Champ ads due to the insufficient computer knowledge, you are welcome to get specialized technical help by starting a live chat here.

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Windows 7/XP/Vista

  • Access Start menu to select Accessories from All Programs
  • Choose System Tools followed by System Information.
  • In the left pane, please expand Software Environment to hit on Running Tasks.
    access system information to help end the processes and services responsible for Coupon Champ's popup ads
  • The path for each service and program will be shown in the right pane.

Windows 8

  • Navigate to Start Screen and click open “All Apps”.
    all apps
  • When in, please select Accessories to continue.
  • Next access System Tools to choose System Information.
  • Unfold Software Environment node in the left pane to hit on Running Tasks.
  • The path for each service and program will be shown in the right pane.

Step3. End the services with the path to executable pointing to Coupon Champ.


  1. Press down Win key and R key together type “services.msc” in the pop-up text box.
  2. Hit Enter key to enable the system services window.
  3. Remove/disable the service with the path to executable pointing to Coupon Champ.
    use service property to help locate and remove Coupon Champ's service

Windows 8

  1. Access Windows Explorer from Start screen and choose Administrative Tools.
  2. Double click on Services icon and remove/disable the service with the path to executable pointing to Coupon Champ.
    end Coupon Champ's service in Windows8

Step4. Show hidden items to remove Temp files and the ones dropped by Coupon Champ.

Windows 7/XP/Vista

  1. Access “user accounts and family safety” from Control Panel to enter into ‘Folder Options’.
  2. Hit View tab to tick ‘Show hidden files and folders’ and non-tick ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’.
    show hidden files on WIndows7/Vista/XP to remove the items hidden and dropped by Coupon Champ
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