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Bettersurf Ads, Get Correct Understanding and Efficient Removal Way

Bettersurf Haze

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There’s false reading of Bettersurf ads among PC users. Many people assume that bettersurf is virus simply because it plays roguery to dodge automatic removal by installed security utilities and constantly involve security threat represented by infections coupled with mechanical issues. There are some several parts posted down in the following paragraphs to answer FAQs about better surf ads. Finish this article and get to know its property, dangers and feasible removal method. On the occurrence of terrible situation that needs expert help, please contact VilmaTech Online Support by starting a live chat here.

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What Bettersurf Ad Really Is?

If one takes a closer look at Bettersurf ads, it may ring a bell as it looks just the same as popup ad. However, they are not the same subject. Strictly speaking, bettersurf is an advertising platform that is categorized as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). Such advertising platform serves as a traffic exchanging site for it totally copies the content from the other web site. As stipulated, duplicated content would fail in obtaining traffic as well as loosing rankings. To drive traffic to its partners’ sites and other products created by the same author, bettersurf ad adopts Adware:Win32/BetterSurf and other techniques including JS and BHO.

Why Bettersurf Ad Cannot Be Removed by Anti-virus Programs?

The above section has explained clearly that bettersurf ad is not an infection that replicates self to attack pivotal parts of a target machine. Therefore no vicious attribute code can be found out of it and which is the exact element for an anti-virus program to detect and implement removal. Besides, bettersurf ad, being not a virus, has no removal thread recorded in virus reservoir.

Is Bettersurf Ad Dangerous?

The answer is yes. As we know from the preceding paragraphs that bettersurf ad applies JS and BHO techniques. With the two techniques, bettersurf manages to preload its startup item into system and control the destination by manipulating Script with JS technique. As an advertising platform, what bettersurf directs to are always commercial sites with a long line of pictures. Any connected browser may suffer browser crash and target machine may encounter strained CPU consumed by dllhost.exe (read more) as plenty of resource is required to display those pictures. As a result, few resource is left to ensure strong protection by installed security utilities. Provided that an infection is trying to attack the target machine, it becomes a lot easier.

What’s more, the real purpose of bettersurf is not to promote business but to obtain as much traffic as possible. It makes sense that bettersurf adware doesn’t care about the quality of the sites it copies. To quicken the pace, bettersurf ad might as well copy inferior sites. As a consequence, bug can be found easily. In the event that a bug on a commercial site to which bettersurf is directing the target browser is found, it can be readily exploited by virus concealed in the Internet.

Here is the list of problems and dangers imposed by bettersurf ad made by a security adviser from VilmaTech Online Support to your reference:

  1. Multiple system executable files are running in the background to hog CPU.
  2. More ads are emerging to ruin surfing experience.
  3. It takes longer to load the intended page completely.
  4. Additional web applications might be detected to install without knowledge.
  5. Browser would crash after Better Surf has been ever detected.
  6. Better Surf incurs web vulnerability which can be taken advantage by infections to alleviate attacks.
  7. Better Surf can be taken advantage by malware to help record the user’s keystrokes (intending to capture passwords) and transmit the information to a designated website.
  8. JS technique adopted by Better Surf popup ad can be utilized by cyber attackers to record log-in credentials for XSS; as the worst consequence, your bank card might be emptied out.

Bettersurf’s dangerous can be random and unpredictable, it is recommended to remove bettersurf ad even when few problem is caught insight. Below is the efficient manual removal way to follow up. In case tangled mechanical issues emerge, live chat with senior technician at VilmaTech Online Support for instant help.

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Manual Way to Remove Bettersurf Ads from Windows and Mac OS X

Step One – End bettersurf’s process and other incidental ones in Task Manager.

Windows 8

  1. Enable Charms bar by hovering mouse to the edge of Start Screen and type ‘Task’.
  2. Hit Enter key to select Task Manager.
    remove Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj]'s process in win8
  3. Go to its View tab to choose “Select Columns” for “Image Path Name” and PID.
    show PID to remove Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj]
  4. You’ll then be able to see full path name of programs there and track the suspicious ones that are related to better surf.
  5. Back to Start Screen to select All Apps for Accessories.
    access all apps to remove bettersurf from Windows 8
  6. Select System Tools for System Information.
  7. After that, please expand Software Environment and choose Running Tasks.
  8. You will now see the path for each service and program in the right pane.
    use system information to remove Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj]

Windows 7/XP/Vista

  1. Use Ctrl,+Alt+Delete key combination to enable Task Manager.
  2. Browse to View tab to choose “Select Columns”.
    remove Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj]'s process in windows
  3. Check “Image Path Name” and PID.
    show PID to remove Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj]
  4. You’ll then be able to see full path name of programs there and track the suspicious ones that are related to better surf.
  5. Unfold Start Menu to access All Programs for Accessories.
  6. Select System Tools for System Information.
  7. After that, please expand Software Environment and choose Running Tasks.
  8. You will now see the path for each service and program in the right pane.

Process to exterminate:

  • End the processes with the path referring startup section, C:\Program Files\bettersurf, C:\Users\AppData\Local\bettersurf, C:\Users\AppData\LocalLow\bettersurf and C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\[browser that has bettersurf]\Profiles\.
  • End WINLOGON.EXE, iexplorer.exe and load32.exe if any.
  • End non-system running process after exiting all programs.

Step Two – Eradicate bettersurf’s extension from browser settings if any.

  • Internet Explorer – access Tool menu and go to ‘Manage add-ons’ to remove bettersurf’s extension from ‘Toolbars and Extensions’.
    remove better surf from IE
  • Mozilla Firefox – access Firefox’s menu and select Options; remove bettersurf’s extension from ‘Add-ons’ and ‘plugins’ respectively.
    remove  bettersurf from firefox
  • Google Chrome – press the spanner icon to select “Tools”; go to ‘Extensions’ and remove bettersurf’s extension.
    remove  bettersurf from chrome
  • Opera – Go to Opera menu for Extensions; remove bettersurf’s extension from Manage Extensions.
    remove  bettersurf  from Opera
  • Safari – press ‘Safari’ menu for ‘Preferences’ and go to ‘extensions’ tab for bettersurf’s removal; then back to ‘Safari’ menu to select Help for Installed Plug; remove bettersurf’s extension from Ins & list if any.
    remove  bettersurf from safari

Step Three – Enable Popup Blocker contained in browser setting to stop bettersurf from popping up.

  • IE – unfold Tools menu to select Options; hit Privacy tab and scroll to the bottom to check “Block pop-ups” option.
    use popup blocker to stop better surf
  • Firefox – spread Tools menu to hit Web features button on the left hand; select bettersurf as the intended item to be blocked.
    use popup blocker to stop better surf
  • Chrome – click on Tool menu and choose Options; hit “Under the Hood” tab to click on “Content Settings”; then choose “Pop-ups” on the left pane.
    use popup blocker to stop better surf
  • Opera – click open Opera’s menu and go to “settings”; select “Preference” and then hit General tab; check “Block Unwanted Pop-ups” under “Pop-up” section.
    use popup blocker to stop better surf
  • Safari – hit on Apple icon to select “Safari” for its sub-option “Preference”; hit “Security” tab and check the box next to “Block pop-up windows”.
    use popup blocker to stop better surf


Bettersurf Conclusion

Bettersurf ad is not itself dangerous enough to cause destructive damages. However, the vulnerability it makes by manipulating DNS settings and bugs it reaches on loosely programmed web sites can bring about various consequences including both mechanical issue and information security issue. Be noted that BHO and JS techniques are used by programmers to improve surfing experience, yet they can also be utilized maliciously to help preload harmful items without being examined and record log-in credentials as well as online whereabouts. As a consequence, the target machine will be attacked completely within a short period of time.

As a matter of fact, some precautions can deter Bettersurf from penetrating into a system. Before that, we should learn about the dissemination ways that better surf ad employs:

  1. Bettersurf piggybacks on third-party programs, shareware and freeware particularly.
  2. Bettersurf ad worms in through vulnerability and bug found on installed programs or system.
  3. Bettersurf ad can be brought in by other web applications such as

Therefore, to deter better surf’s infiltration, one should adopt extra attention when downloading and installing third-party programs, check incidental items in the installation package; use carefulness when going to some commercial sites; update system, installed programs as well as drivers appropriately to put an end to vulnerability.

In short, remove better surf with manual removal method upon its detection so as to stop any further damages. Please be advised that the above instruction is exclusively applicable to bettersurf rather than including its incidental issues. Should one encounters error issues and other tough problems because of better surf, please feel free to contact VilmaTech Online Support for exclusive help.

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