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Anglepoise Type75 Table Lamp (Paul Smith Edition) Review

The purchase of this lamp was a completely unplanned purchase. Although the Anglepoise lamp has always been on our family’s wish list, we always thought we would buy it in the distant future when we moved into our new ideal home.

I was watching TV at home on Saturday night and thought that my wife and I had always wanted to go to the shopping center nearby, and on Sunday it just so happened that we didn’t have anything to do, so I had the whim to say that we might as well go now, and the two of us hit it off immediately by booking a hotel and driving to the shopping center.

In the time of strolling found b1ock this store, itself has finished shopping clothing area ready to leave, noticed that there are guests to B1, which found the ground floor there is a layer of household goods area, which is displayed Anglepoise table lamp, so and the clerk confirmed the price tag, we immediately took out the phone began to search, found Anglepoise official website, Paul Smith official website, we quickly bought the bill and checkout.

The history of Anglepoise can be traced back to 1932, excellent industrial design has stood the test of time, the prototype of the cute bouncing lamp in the head of the Pixar animation is Anglepoise. The one I bought is the 2nd generation of the Paul Smith collaboration series, and there are 1 – 4 generations of colorways in the store, I chose this one because the orange color on the base is bright and durable, and this collaboration series has a total of 6 generations of colorways.

The whole light is divided into the base and body, installation is very simple, plug into the base screw a set screw can be. The center of gravity is very stable after placement, and the clever spring design makes the adjustment of several joints very smooth and stress-free with one hand. The light head can also be swung up and down, so Anglepoise is called “universal light”.

The lamp is bought without the bulb, the official instructions can support: E27 screw port, the highest power 20w, weighing less than 300g bulb. Not only convenient, but also in the placement of the lamp to maximize the switch hidden, to maintain the beauty.

We rarely have resistance to household products, but also willing to spend more money to buy, the classic design never get tired of seeing, placed in the home not only has a practical function, but also has a decorative ornamental value. And metal products, if properly maintained, the use cycle is very long, which is equal to the direct end of our needs in this category, from this perspective instead of reducing the fearless consumption, every time I buy such products, my wife and I jokingly said and add a family heirloom. Classic design to meet the aesthetic, intelligent light bulbs to solve the quality of the light source, coupled with a good price to hand, this shopping can be considered a successful pick-up.

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