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95% Off The Digital Painting MEGA Course: Beginner to Advanced Coupon

The Digital Painting MEGA Course: Beginner to Advanced Coupon Take This Course Now for 95% Off!

The Digital Painting MEGA Course Review

The Digital Painting MEGA Course: Beginner to Advanced is a handy course which is perfect for people of all ages, be it youngsters or working professionals. The course is created by the most talented artists Austin Batchelor and Caleb Ceran. Both of them are experts in the field and share their extensive knowledge of art and the latest technology which can be used to draw the most extraordinary pieces. The course is extremely informative and showcases several techniques which are useful for digital artists.

The Digital Painting MEGA Course: Beginner to Advanced course includes all the bare-bone basics of painting through different platforms. The course includes 12.5 hours of on-demand videos which are detailed and explain every little detail on a drawing. You can easily learn how to use virtual brushes and make beautiful strokes or learn to draw the perfect tapered line. There are over 20 downloadable sources that you can find in the course. These include helpful tactics which will help you build the basic and utmost necessary knowledge of painting software.


To utilize the knowledge completely, you would require an extensive painting software which is easy to use and familiar as well. The most popular drawing software applications include PicsArt, Photoshop, Procreate, Adobe Illustrator and several others. These prominent software applications are easy to use and offer a wide set of tools to create intricate artistic pieces. The course also offers full, lifetime access which means that you can access the course materials anytime you want. The entire course material would be available to you at your disposal and you’d be able to refer back to the material at any given point of time. You can also access the course on any device you’re comfortable in using such as your laptop, phone, tablet or even your TV.

Certificate of completion

The The Digital Painting MEGA Course: Beginner to Advanced course provides you with a certificate of completion which you can use in your resume or portfolio. This will assure all the potential employers that you have the professional skills needed for the particular job. This will also showcase your dedication and commitment to your goals. You will be able to showcase your talent through the certificate. Upon the completion of the course, you’ll be able to paint using a variety of software and while using a plethora of different tools. This will also help you evolve as an artist and have a sort of variation in your pieces. This way, each work of art that you create will showcase a different side of yours. This will also showcase how versatile you are as an artist and how imaginative you can get when it comes to art.

Carefully-designed content and resources

This The Digital Painting MEGA Course: Beginner to Advanced course also includes a number of exercises which range from easy to intermediate. These exercises include a variety of styles that you need to incorporate in your drawings. They will help you take your skills up a notch without losing your very own, personal style. The course also allows you to procure expert skills which need years of hard work to accomplish. The course also introduces you to the competitive world of art. Everyone can draw interesting pieces, but this course will help you take your skills on another level and that every piece of art you create is comprehensive and looks picture-perfect.
digital painting
This The Digital Painting MEGA Course: Beginner to Advanced course does not only cover the most basic and essential tools used for drawing, but it also helps you to understand how important the picture quality is. It also allows you to learn photorealistic rendering. The contents of the course include thorough and in-depth information about shapes, forms, textures, styles, different kinds of brushes, customized brushes, and so much more. You will also be able to interact with the entire community of artists and learn how they work. Quizzes and worksheets will challenge you to be versatile and help you create beautiful digital art. If you’re ever stuck in a situation, you can contact the course instructors and clear your doubts instantly. This convenience and friendly support of the community is extremely helpful, especially for beginners.

Learn at your own schedule:

Along with that, The Digital Painting MEGA Course: Beginner to Advanced course also provides fuss-free and easy access to its content. It is extremely easy to understand, given the free-flowing and comprehensible language used in the course. Moreover, you are also given the amazing money-back guarantee. This guarantee claims that if you think the contents of the course are not worthy, you’ll be given the entire sum of money back instantly – no questions asked. The course is helpful for those who want to have the neatest drawing tricks at their fingertips. Upon the completion of the course, you will be well-versed with the basics and fundamental concepts of digital art. You will be able to work with prominent companies and create professional pieces.

Significance of Digital Art

Be it social media campaigns, banners of important events, packaging of a brilliant product or even a simple digital portrait – people around the globe have started appreciating digital art like never before. Previously Digital art had little to no significance. Artists who wanted to earn a living by following their passion weren’t getting the pay that they deserve. The latest technology has given a new meaning and a whole new perspective to digital art. In today’s world, digital art is as important as traditional art. Be it logos or exquisite graphics, it is everywhere. There are several websites which even allow artists to submit their work so that it is printed out on merchandise. To learn more about the digital painting, The Digital Painting MEGA Course: Beginner to Advanced course is a right choice.

Digital art is a lot more versatile and intricate that traditional art, which is a major reason why people are drifting towards this form of art. There are a lot of technicalities involved in the software programs and tools, which allow you to create something with confidence. Digital art is definitely easy to create, given that you can undo an action if you don’t like it. Everyone has different taste and different skills, therefore, every piece of art created this way would be unique and extremely interesting. There are several websites where amateur artists can display their work or even use that page as a portfolio. Tumblr, Pinterest, and several other websites play an important role and help artists to discover a whole new global community. They can also interact with fellow artists and even score potential projects through the platforms.
There are a lot of high-quality designers out there who are very peculiar about their content, while there are also some who just have the need to get the job done. It is true that anyone can draw amazingly with the help of practice. One just needs plenty of imagination and time at hand to put that image on paper. While digital art might be easier to start with, it is brutal to make it look perfect, when finished. Since you’re dealing with a lack of texture, all you have is the screen you’re drawing on. But to justify that, Every sort of skill requires plenty of effort and dedication.

Digital Art Vs Traditional Art

There are several ways in which digital art is considered better than traditional art. Traditional art also has several aspects involved, such as the kind of paper, different textures, brushes, paints and what not. While this can be extremely easy, given the physical aspect of traditional art, Digital art has the benefit of allowing an easily-controllable environment. Digital Art can be made by anyone, regardless of any factors. You can easily control the contrast of the colors or easily make corrections to a drawing. There are a variety of changes you can make to your drawings. In traditional art, there are a number of drawbacks such as the consistency of paint. Therefore, it can be said that Digital art races ahead when it comes to realism and minor details.

How You Can Be A Proficient Artist

It takes a long time to perfect traditional art, given the different strokes and lines that one needs to learn. It is crucial to have a good device to draw on and easy-to-use software which is simple, yet efficient. Good software is one which does not require exorbitant payments and allows you to render high-quality pictures. It should allow you to simulate brushes, effortlessly. It should also be equipped with brushes, layers and other tools which make it a perfect fit for you. It’s a bonus if the software helps you customize brushes, pencils, and lines according to your style.

Perfection comes with practice, you must follow The Digital Painting MEGA Course: Beginner to Advanced course and learn the tricks thoroughly. But before diving into it, you must be well-versed with the basic construction of your art. Learn how to draw by starting with a few beginner-friendly pieces such as trees, houses etc. Then you can redo the artwork over and over until you’re sure that it looks good enough. Be sure to use bright and vibrant colors which make your artwork pop. Then, you can start adding details such as textures, lines, and final touches.

Career Opportunities After The Course

When it comes to career opportunities, you will find dozens of platforms where you can score high-paying projects. These websites require you to upload a portfolio to showcase your talent. You can work as a graphic designer, illustrator or doodle artist. Although most artists prefer working as freelancers, some even happen to bag permanent jobs at prominent companies such as Google, Yahoo and many more.
Several brands even pay high amounts of money so that the digital artwork can help promote their brand. You can get paid for simple tasks such as designing logos, drawing promotional comics and so much more. To perfect your art, even more, you can collect artworks that you like and try to incorporate that style into yours. There are ample career opportunities that can help you earn a massive amount of money. There are illustrators and graphic designers who even design packaging labels and design stickers for prominent brands. This not only helps them showcase their talent, but also opens up doors for future job opportunities. You can also use these projects in your portfolios to see which brands you’ve worked with.

When you enter the market, make sure that your work displays what you can do and reveals your potential. In today’s world, the market is flooded with illustrators but the ones which make it to the top are the ones who are efficient at marketing. Making the use of social media sites like Instagram, Deviantart, Facebook, Pinterest and more ensures that the audience stays hooked to what you have to offer. If you deliver projects on time and offer budget-friendly art pieces, you will surely score great deals. Creative positions are definitely well-paid if you correctly showcase your talent. Ambitious and dedicated artists always find amazing job opportunities in this field. The highest paying job includes concept and storyboard artists who get hired by gaming companies. These companies often pay huge amounts of money and offer a stable monthly income.

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Is The Digital Painting Course Worthy?

The Digital Painting MEGA Course is rightly a beginner-friendly course which efficiently teaches you how you can use several different tools to create beautiful masterpieces. There are several artists in this creative industry, but the ones who are talented and skilled get the highest-paying jobs. This course is absolutely perfect for those who have little to no knowledge of software and tools. The extensive course material includes in-depth videos which help the learners to easily understand basic concepts without any hassle. For professionals, it can be extremely helpful in allowing you to understand how you can add finishing touches and minor details, to make your artwork look perfect.

Painting requires a variety of brushes, and the Digital Painting MEGA course helps you to understand how brushes can be used and how you can use customized brushes in your paintings. The downloadable sources are extremely handy while the exercises and worksheets are challenging and provocative. You need to put in all your efforts and this is what helps you practice your artwork with ease. The course instructors ensure that you have no problem whatsoever and that the fundamentals are as clear as they should be. The completion certificate is the perfect cherry on top which can make your portfolio look worthy. Overall, this The Digital Painting MEGA Course: Beginner to Advanced course definitely teaches some useful techniques which take enormous amounts of time to learn otherwise.

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