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95% Off The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart Coupon

The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart Take This Course Now for 95% Off!
Looking for a complete Flutter course to master the highly in-demand and fast growing technology? Looking to become a very professional Flutter developer? Wondering to know how the Google Flutter team works with Flutter? What you need is all about the 5 star course ‘The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart‘, which is a perfect start for any developers who want to know how to build iOS and Android apps with Flutter and Dart. So what are you waiting for? Click the below button and join the Udemy highest-rated Flutter course for 95% off.

Introduction to The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp

The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart course is taught by Angela Yu, which is a collaboration with the Google Flutter team. So, the will be the most comprehensive tutorial that can teach all you need to expert in the Flutter development. To learn this course, you should have a computer with 10DB of free space and admin privileges. Although you’re a complete beginner, this course also can teach you how to build your own iOS and Android apps with Dart. Now, let’s see what you’ll gain after the enrollment.

  • 170 lectures
  • 23 hours of HD video content
  • 39 articles
  • 3 downloadable resources
  • $8000+¬†Flutter development materials and curriculum
  • Certification of completion


The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart course is made for any people who want to know how to build great, native-quality and fast apps with Flutter

What you’ll learn from the Flutter Development course

    • Learn to build a native-quality apps for iOS and Android
    • Learn to be a professional in the world of Flutter development
    • Learn to utilize the Dart technology to build iOS and Android apps
    • Learn to build a very solid foundation of Flutter development
  • Learn to be an expert in the cross-platform development with Flutter and Dart
  • Learn to optimize your Flutter apps with live web data
  • Learn to build platform specific UI
  • Learn to create a new Firebase project
  • Learn to build any mobile app you want
  • Learn to be a sought-after Flutter developer
  • … much more

Flutter and Dart

In The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart course, you can learn Dart and Flutter together. Flutter is actually a framework for open source mobile application development which has been made by Google. It’s been used for developing applications for both iOS and Android. But along with this, it is also used as the primary method for creating applications regarding Google Fuchsia. As for Dart, it’s a platform which is very effectively used by Flutter.

But what is Dart?

Dart is basically garbage collected, object-oriented and class defined language. It makes use of C-style syntax that is helpful in transcompiling optionally right into JavaScript. It also supports mixins, interfaces, reified generics, abstract classes, a sound type system and static typing.

What is Dart used for?

Dart use isn’t limited to just mobile app development, but it is a form of programming language. It was approved as a standard by the Ecma (ECMA-408) and it’s used for making anything on the servers. Web, mobile app and the desktop too. To learn how to utilize Dart to build mobile apps, you need to learn more with The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart course.

How does Flutter work?

So, instead of making use of the web view or relying on the OEM widgets present on the devices, Flutter actually renders each and every view component by making use of its own high performing rendering engine. This ensures that applications which have native-like performance characteristics can be built. The engine’s C/C++ code is compiled using NDK on Android and LLVM on iOS.

Any form of Dart code is Actually AOT compiled to the native code during the compilation. The Flutter app is actually composed using Widgets which are either Stateless or Stateful. These widgets are then rendered onto a Skia canvas and then sent right to the platform. This platform is what depicts the canvas after which it sends all the events back.

Flutter and Dart work really well together to bring about great development in mobile apps.

Why Dart?

In The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart course, you’ll learn why you need to learn about Dart. In simple words, Dart is actually the programming language which is used to code Flutter apps. Dart is a product of Google and it wasn’t as extensive at the beginning as Xamarin, Ionic or ReactNative.

What Does Dart Consist Of?

Dart resembles C and it is also a programing language which is object-oriented. So if you like working with C languages like Java then Dart is the one for you and you will also likely be proficient in it. Dart, when it is used in web applications, is used with JavaScript so that it is able to run in all types of web browsers. The Dart installation actually comes along with a VM as well so as to run those .dart files from a type of command-line interface. The Dart files which are used in the Flutter apps are compiled and then packaged right into a type of binary file like .ipa or .apk and then uploaded on the app store.

Why is Dart used in Flutter?

The Dart platform is efficiently made use of in Flutter. Flutter apps are developed in Dart Language and so they made use of the many advanced features in the language. Flutter makes use of the Flutter Desktop Embedding project to work in the Dart virtual system on Windows, Android, Linux, and MacOS. This Dart virtual machine makes use of a just-in-time execution engine. Due to the App Store’s restrictions on the dynamic code execution, the Flutter apps are only able to make use of ahead-of-time compilations on iOS.

A very important feature of the Dart platform lies in its “hit reload” support. This is where source file modifications are injected right into the running application. Flutter ASO extends this kind of support for the stateful hot reloads wherein the majority of cases, changes to the source code can be very immediate reflected in the running app without needing any form of restart or loss of stare.

So the combination of Flutter and Dart make for some of the best results as Flutter then is able to build and deploy mobile apps with ease by making use of Dart.

Is Flutter The Future of Cross-Platform Mobile Development?

Whether you are a developer or a client looking to get an app made; you are bound to come across cross-platform compatibility. In an ideal situation, anyone would want their app to run on all platforms but that’s really difficult. So it’s important to check if the cross-platform development is possible

Is Flutter a good candidate for cross-platform mobile development?

Performance: Flutter is able to swiftly connect with various native components through the JavaScript Bridge. Along with this, Dart is also synchronized well with it and so there’s much better workability in here. Other things which boost the performance of Flutter is its C++ engine as well as the framework which lets one overwrite existing code and then recycle it as well. To know more about Flutter and Dart, the 5 star course- The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart is highly recommended.

Stability of the Apps: Flutter comes with an Alpha version which works well for individual projects and it does have some really impressive features. This includes a good access system and tools which will benefit developers, but it still lags in the stability of their apps.

Development of UI: Flutter works using proprietary widgets. Its UI design allows for interoperability with the native components. But its drawbacks are that the Cupertino library which contains the iOS and Android UI elements doesn’t have some important elements.

Installation: For installing Flutter, you need GitHub and for MacOS you will be needing the zip file. But there’s still room for improvement. Google can bring about improvement by using Homebrew, MacPorts, APT and such for supporting the package managers. This will ensure that the developers and users don’t have to go through unnecessary steps

Programming Languages: Dart is easy to learn a programming language, but because it’s still new it’s not that widely known. Yet, Dart supports object-oriented concepts and can be understood easily by those Java developers.

In spite of its little drawbacks, Flutter does have better support and build automation for deploying the app.

Features of Flutter

The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart course is the best one that you need to learn all about Flutter features. The app developers over here have come up with great new features which are sure to help users:

ARM: It comes with native ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) code. This is actually a very helpful element, especially for those who are in the new startup ventures in the tech business. This will enable people to execute their ideas with ease and gain maximum benefits for their future projects.

Hot Reload: There is a feature called Hot Reload and with its help, you will be able to get hold of a wide set of widgets along with working on the dynamic interface with real ease.

GPU: It comes with a very effective GPU rendering UI power which lets it work on the latest interfaces. It’s known for its productivity and it can run within an interoperable platform.

Localize Apps: Developers will now be able to localize their apps and they will be able to use them internationally as well. The good news stems from the fact that Google Flutter will also support Apple’s new OS version and iPhone X.

WebView: App developers will be able to put their apps on the WebView component. This will make it really easy for the users to view the web content present within the mobile apps. Moreover, stabilizing and navigating the apps will become more simple as well.

Formatting: It extends support for formatting the pictures, videos and more. To know more about Flutter features, don’t miss out on learning The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart course at Udemy.

Responsive UI: There isn’t a visual designer feature on the app, but app designers are sure to love that they will be able to make a responsive UI much easily. All that they need to do will be to install all the basic components according to the needs and then add on the Flutter SDK and Flutter Doctor to check the dependencies.

Flutter is always being improved so as to bring in more useful features to the users. To master it, the best and most popular course of The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart is a priority.

Flutter? Learn Or Not

Learning Flutter is really easy with this The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart course, but there are some basics which you need to know before jumping into the pool. You should be familiar with the syntax of Dart before you begin. Dart is an object-oriented programming language, pretty similar to Java, C# and a lot more languages.
learn flutter
Should You Learn It?

In short- yes, you should. First and foremost, developers will know that constructing complex layouts are really difficult and painful in Android. But in Flutter, everything us widget and so it is way easier to make anything by controlling the widget.

Are there any challenges which developers can face?

The main challenge for any newbie would be the Dart programming language itself. Simply said, if you aren’t familiar with the languages like Java and all then get ready to slog it out because Dart won’t be easy for you then. So before you go on to play with Flutter, it’s advisable that you learn Dart.

On the other end of the spectrum, experienced developers challenges could include the architecture of Flutter. These mainly include thinking and applying methods. It means that you will have to mode careful and think more before you proceed with something simply because creating what you imagine can be hard when you are new to Flutter. One way to get better at it fast is by looking at API and learning some examples.

A universal challenge which many are bound to face is actually when they make their very first Flutter app as the Android project doesn’t come configured with Kotlin. As such the Android app will just give you compile error because of some installed dependencies which were written in Kotlin. Although Fkutter’s extension for IntelliJ IDEA and VSCode does handle it, for a very short time and then it crashes.

But overall, it’s still recommended that you persevere and learn it as it will surely be useful to you. If you’re one of those people who’re searching for the best and most comprehensive Flutter course, then The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart course is worth a try.

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