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95% Off The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp Coupon

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Programming languages are the basic and important parts of, any software. One cannot develop software without learning the codes.  But, when it comes to learning, many students get confused as the new version of languages is introducing which are going to be used in the future.

In 2008, a new version of python i.e. Python 3.0 was released. It has put the beginners in turmoil as python 2 is the most popular and widely in use. Which one should you learn? This may be your question especially if you are thinking to enroll in python 3 courses. The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp is a highly recommended Python 3 course. Here you will know why you should learn this new version.

Let’s start with the introduction and then we will move to The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp course. Do you know a little bit about this programming language? If no, then here is a brief introduction.

What is python?

Python was created by Guido Van Rossum in the year 1991. It is an object-oriented, interactive and general purpose interpreted, high-level programming language.  It uses significant whitespace to emphasize code readability. It can be used for both small and large scales and has the large standard library.

Why Python 3?

Python 2 is no doubt the popular language among software developers however it is not going to be in use until the end. Moreover, the pioneer of this language, Guido, has declared that python 2.8 will not be there. Therefore, even if the Python 3 version is slower and less compatible with Unicode, it is going to be a strong and popular use language in the future. It is incorporated with new features that are compatible with version 2.7 and all the security updates of this version will come from the python 3 development branch.

Thus, looking at the new changes in the programming world, it is the best idea to learn python 3 instead of python2. So, where to learn? Again this is an important question. Since there are many ways to enhance your knowledge of these languages, therefore, you may confuse a bit more. You need a course that is complete in every sense and you get some hands-on experience so that you don’t get familiar with coding but actually can write them without seeking help from others.

A course should include exercises and examples and many more. So, is there any course that includes all these things? Yes, The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp is that only course which will make you a python expert. This course is a perfect choice if you want to learn everything you need to master Python 3 programming skills.

What is The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp?

Udemy has brought a new programming course for its users- the modern python 3 boot camp.  Among all the other courses, this is going to be a unique one. No doubt that there are other existing python courses so what is so special about this one. It has almost 200 interactive challenges, lots of exercises; video lectures and many more that ensure you get the complete training of the course.

The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp course will help you write code easily so that you don’t have to watch other videos and waste your time. It is considered as the hybrid course as it includes interactive style course that is different than other udemy courses.

You will learn through in-depth videos of 25 hours that ensure that you don’t get bored with the videos by including some jokes, quizzes and meticulously created exercises. These quizzes are the good way to check your knowledge so that you get to know what you have learned till now. This will help you know whether you should move further or re-watch the videos.

Why Should You Join the Python 3  Course?

Up-to-date course-

Many existing courses still teach python 2 but these courses teaches the latest version and improve your knowledge of the latest and modern up-to-date code. The course focuses on the latest additions and changes so that students learn accordingly and think like the real developer even before starting to write the code professionally.

Coverage of course-

Moreover, it includes the basics topics and advanced topics such as crawling, testing, web scraping and many more. Students can preview the videos so that they can explore the curriculum beforehand and get an idea of the course and topics.

The best reason to enroll in The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp is that one in all courses which means you doesn’t have to take any other course. To get this course immediately, you can click on the the ‘Enroll This Course Now’ button to have a quick start.
Enroll This Course Now for 95% Off!
If you ask which is the demanding programming language then no doubt the name of python will come either in first or second place. Python finds application in many areas such as web development, automation, machine learning, data science, self-driving cars and many more disciplines. When it has applications in so many areas then there is no better option other than learning it.

Who can enroll in the course?

There is no such limit like who can learn and who cannot. Anyone who is the hardcore learner and interested in learning something new can take this course. Those who want to develop a website or work in the above-mentioned areas can also learn this language. This course is very beneficial for those who are excited about programming languages and want to enhance your knowledge of python. This will give an upper hand to your career and you will get lots of opportunities in the market.

What Will You Learn in This Top-Rated Python 3 Bootcamp?

As aforementioned you will learn in depth about the programming language but what actually will you learn. Here is the list of things that you learn in The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp course.

  • You will learn the coding fundamentals
  • Learn the latest features of Python 3.6
  • Through the course, you will be able to understand the object-oriented programming
  • Using python you will be able to build complex requests to APIs in HTTP format
  • you will learn to build games
  • you can write higher-order functions and decorators
  • after the course, you can easily work with lambdas
  • you will work with various data structures of python such as dictionaries, sets, lists, tuples and more
  • moreover, you will learn master functions like filter and zip which are the built-in functions of python
  • you will learn to write customer modules
  • you will work with files that include CSV
  • you will learn how to handle debug code and errors
  • through this course, you will become expert at dictionary comprehensions and lists

Apart from these, you will learn how to create scraper and automated web crawler using python. In few weeks you will master the python style and learn TDD and testing where TDD is test driven development. The course will make you master of tricky topics such as polymorphism and multiple inheritances. You can make larger projects and write integrators and generators. There is many more to learn in the course hence the modern python 3 boot camp is the best course for all the beginners and others.

What is the course curriculum?

The course is covered in 356 lectures which is around28 hours videos. It starts with an introduction that is 27 minutes of video. It has many more sections, let’s know all of them in detail.

The Brief Introduction to This Python 3 Course

This section includes five more sections whose videos are available for preview. Every video is not more than 5-6 minutes which gives a little introduction to the course and the upcoming topics. The second subsection will tell you the difference between python 3 and 2. We will also tell you the basic difference in two but in the later parts. The third subsection tells how the exercise works and in the upcoming subsections, you will get the idea about the course structure and where to start.

Fundamentals ofMAC/LINUX command line

Here you will learn the need of command line and how to install it. What are the absolute paths and PWD and how to use LS and CD? Then a quiz on command line fundamental is given to check how much you have understood till now. It consists of 4 questions. In later subsections, you will study how to make directories with MKDIR, how to create files with TOUCH.

Then there is a quick activity which is followed by a section on MV where you will learn moving and renaming using it. The last two subparts are how to delete files with RM and directories. In the end, there is again a quiz where the questions related to manipulating files will be asked. There will be only 3 questions related to it. Overall there are 11 lectures in this section.

Windows command line fundamentals

This consists of 8 lectures where you will study the fundamentals of windows command line. The first video or lecture will tell you why you need to learn windows command line. In the second lecture, you will learn how to use PowerShell. The third lecture deals with paths, LS and PWD. In the fourth instructor will teach you how to use the CD command.

After the 4 lectures, you will have to answer a quiz. Then you can move to next lecture that teaches about directories making with MKDIR and how to make files. This subsection is quite complicated and thus it is kept optional for students so you can skip this part if you wish.

Then there is a short video on how to create a touch function which is followed by an optional video where you will learn how to remove files and folders. This is very basic so no need to watch it, just skip this part. The last part is a short quiz of two questions on command line fundamentals. Go though it and check your score.

MAC python setup

The instructor will guide you on installing python on MAC and how to install sublime text. The further parts are related to your first python program and solution. The last lecture in this section deals with an important note on the python interpreter and print.

Windows python setup

This section is same as the above section and the only difference is that here you will learn how to install python on PC instead of MAC and the rest goes same.

Numbers, comments, and operators

This lecture deals with the numbers, comments, and operators used in the Python language. You will learn about inks and floats, weirder operators and python documentation. It also includes three quizzes on basic math, inks, and floats.

Variables and strings

This consists of 19 lectures and is lengthy part of the course. It consists of lectures on variables and data types, naming restrictions, conventions, dynamic typing, string escape sequences, string formatting, double and single quotes, converting data types and many more. It also consists of quizzes similar to other parts of course.

Boolean and conditional logic

It consists of lectures on Boolean and conditional logic such as AND, OR, etc.

Rock, paper, scissors

This is a mini project where you will learn how to implement the python to create the project. This is a good way to experience the real working of writing code and you can develop more projects like this.

Loops in python

Loops are important parts of any programming language. Here the exercise deals with basics of loops such as while loops and more. There is an exercise in emoji art, unlucky numbers, stop copying me, while loop exercise, screaming repeating and more.

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The Basic Requirements for Python 3 Course:

There are 25 more sections of the course that will further teach you about the Python programming language in-depth. However, before beginning with The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp you have to fulfill the basic requirements which are as follows:

  • You should have a computer whether MAC or PC, both are good.
  • You should be ready to write code lines that you will learn through exercises, don’t skip them.
  • It is not important to have previous experience or knowledge of python. Any beginner can start fresh with this course.

The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp is not a single course but a comprehensive course on python that deals with everything on it. So, it’s a complete course for students.

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