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95% Off NativeScript + Angular: Build Native iOS, Android & Web Apps Coupon

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About The Best-Selling NativeScript & Build Native Mobile Apps Course?

NativeScript + Angular: Build Native iOS, Android & Web Apps is the perfect course for developers who are looking for a one-stop solution which will help them gain knowledge and build their skills set in no time. The NativeScript + Angular: Build Native iOS, Android & Web Apps course is designed by a very talented developer Maximilian Schwarzmüller. Not only has he created tons of other courses which are curated especially to include the latest and most up-to-date information, but he has ensured that the course is useful enough to help the learner at every step.

  • 20.5 hours of video guide

The NativeScript + Angular: Build Native iOS, Android & Web Apps course is very detailed and includes over 20 hours of video lectures, 19 articles, and 112 downloadable resources. These lectures can be watched at one’s own pace and as per the suitability of the learner. The lectures provide extensive knowledge of the features and the terminology of NativeScript. The course is extremely useful for beginners and those who want to take their knowledge to another level without investing too much time and money.

  • Comprehensive content & easy-to-learn

Even though the NativeScript + Angular: Build Native iOS, Android & Web Apps course is paid, it is almost like learning while sitting in a classroom. For a nominal amount, you would be given over a dozen articles, all of which are laden with precise and top-notch information. The content of the course is easy to comprehend and it makes use of understandable and beginner-friendly language. The course does not require you to be an expert. All you need is some rudimentary knowledge of Angular. Once you have that, you can easily build high-end and interactive web applications in no time.

  • Lifetime access to the course

The course also includes over a hundred downloadable sources which will further enhance your knowledge of the subject and help you understand how NativeScript works. The best part is that the course offers you lifetime access. This means that even if you want to access the contents of the course a few months later, you’d be able to do so. This is extremely handy if you think you can’t grasp everything in one go and would require going over the content repeatedly. You can learn everything at your own pace and even reach out to the course instructor if you think that you’re stuck in a situation.

  • Learn at anytime, anywhere

Moreover, there is also a discussion forum where you can frequently ask questions and interact with learners across the globe. You can go ahead and view the contents of the course on any device you like. Whether you’re sitting at home and streaming videos on your laptop or if you’re trying to read the information on your device, you can easily access the contents on any device you’re comfortable in using.

  • Certificate guarantee

To add to that, the NativeScript + Angular: Build Native iOS, Android & Web Apps course also offers a certificate upon successful completion of the course. This way, you can easily show off your talent and skills in the subject while also being able to test your own knowledge. A certificate is also useful to portray to your employer that you’re dedicated and hard-working enough to work on your skills. Honest and hard-working employees who are always on the look-out for increasing their knowledge are highly demanded by most companies.

  • Level up your Angular skill

The course also teaches you how you can use the same code to build a web application and a native application. If you’re already well-versed with Angular, you don’t need a lot of knowledge to get started. You can use the same skillset to build amazing native applications, be it for any platform. You need to be familiar with the extensive Angular terminology and be well-versed with building and using components. Once you’re satisfied with the final outcome of the application, you will learn how you can get the app published on the Google Play Store or Apple Application Store. As a bonus, a brief summary of the basic concepts of Angular is added in the course contents as well.

If you’re a proficient web developer who wants to start building NativeScript web applications, this course is perfect to take you through exactly how the platform works. It also explains the bare bone concepts and fundamentals of NativeScript. The course also explains how you can come up with interesting UI’s with the premade layouts.

What is NativeScript?

NativeScript is a JavaScript framework which allows you to build top-notch, high-end web and mobile applications without any fuss. The framework gives you easy access to the native API and a lot more. A major advantage of developing through NativeScript is that you simply need to build one application which could turn into an iOS, Android or Web application. This cross-platform ability is definitely what drives developers towards the framework. You can also use Angular to get the authentic native user interface and high performance. NativeScript is making its way up as it is becoming the number one choice of a plethora of companies. The multi-platform development is something developers swear by. Developed by Telerik, NativeScript can be used by anyone. Since it is open source, anyone can make suitable changes to the framework and share it with anyone. This cuts down the cost that would go into the development of the application.

While Native may be significantly behind when it comes to search traffic but it’s definitely one of the most prominent frameworks when it comes to usage. The community and the platform is growing so rapidly that the developers of the framework are rolling out new features and facilities faster than ever. The cherry on top is the fact that you can make the use of one codebase to build a high-end web application as well.


The framework is developed in such a way that you can reuse a code which you’ve written once and run it anywhere without any trouble. Another advantage of the framework is that you don’t need to write a plug-in in order to access a native API, you can easily write to the native API. Moreover, the framework offers a lightening-fast speed of execution. Since it supports Angular, common components can be shared between the two frameworks. The assistance that NativeScript provides is extremely useful for developers for fast web development. Since NativeScript can be written in JavaScript, it is very functional and convenient for developers who are comfortable in writing in the programming language.

Another reason why Angular and NativeScript taught in this NativeScript + Angular: Build Native iOS, Android & Web Apps course is a match made in heaven is because of the front-end development tools have a similar structure when it comes to building components. With the use of NativeScript, everything such as the Camera, Maps and other functionalities can be easily accessed effortlessly. Given that the NativeScript mobile applications are faster and easier to run in comparison with other applications, Native Script is preferred by a large number of developers. The framework is efficient in reducing the hard work which goes into writing the code so that developers can focus on the outcome of the application instead.

Why Should You Learn NativeScript Framework?

No Cost: The NativeScript framework is free of cost which is a major reason why developers use it as it helps cut back major costs. You can use a number of features and functionalities and make your application flawless without investing an exorbitant amount of money. This is also why companies are drfting towards the framework as it increases the productivity of developers while also helping them to stay within the budgets.

Open-Source: NativeScript can be downloaded and used by anyone. Anyone can contribute to it to make suitable changes which will enhance the productivity of developers and add to the ease of creating the application. The dependable developer tools are absolutely handy as well.

Cross-platform: NativeScript ensures that it offers native performance on iOS and Android platforms. A code written once can be used everywhere, making it easier or developers to adapt code between multiple platforms. This essential functionality adds to the fruitful experience.

Minimal Licensing Requirements: With a lot of frameworks, developers need to face legal notices because of the usage of intellectual property. This has been made easier by NativeScript. It’s license allows users to use, change or share the framework without sharing what they’re using it for. The minimal licensing requirements relieve developers from the burden.

CSS Animation Integration: Developers can easily generate a number of icons or even splash screens on their applications. They can also easily integrate CSS animations into their applications.

Additional Features: Templates can also be used with Angular in order to make the application visibly appealing. There existing library also flaunts a number of functionalities which can make your application look a lot neater. Multiple frames can also be used in a single application. Anything can be displayed as a modal dialog as well. NativeScript also allows LiveSync and Webpack functionalities to be used at the same time. Apart from that, it also provides easy authentication through a number of sign-on providers.

Overall, NativeScript’s great tools increase the productivity of developers and ensure that the outcome results in a flawless and high-performance application.

What You Will Learn From The NativeScript Course?


Since there are a large number of Angular developers out there, this NativeScript + Angular: Build Native iOS, Android & Web Apps course is extremely valuable and constructive. The ability to use Angular alongside NativeScript was introduced so that these developers can use their skills to build applications with the framework. NativeScript helps to eliminate several development challenges, apart from offering functionalities which help a developer to build rich applications. For a nominal amount, you will not only learn how to build rich, high-performance applications, but you will also learn how you can deploy these across the Google Play Store and Apple App store. It is imperative for budding developers to learn NativeScript to increase their employability and enhance their productivity. Whether you’re a developer working with a company or if you’re working as an individual, the knowledge acquired from this course will definitely help you in the longer run. If you want to have speedy development as your core strength, NativeScript is a powerful tool which can definitely be of great help to aid in application development.

Will It Help With Career Advancements?

Honestly, the entire industry is a lot more about having the knowledge and skills instead of owning a certificate. The course adds a whole lot to your knowledge, the certificate is just a tangible proof of your capabilities and talent. Extensive knowledge of Native is highly in demand and will be asked for incessantly during job interviews. One should always thrive to procure skills which are high in demand. This way, you can easily secure a job. The rising need for NativeScript developers has given a boost to people in the industry and has created a number of opportunities for developers. Since NativeScript helps you to build high-end applications across various platforms, the course gives you a great kick start into the industry as a Native developer. Frequent updates of new features and facilities which are rolled out every now and then ensure that the framework is improved to give you optimal results. Hence, The NativeScript + Angular: Build Native iOS, Android & Web Apps course can be extremely advantageous in helping you build native iOs, Android and web applications with ease.

Is The Udemy NativeScript Course Worthy?

The right answer to the question hinges on what you think of as ‘worthy’. For a job seeker, who is looking for a job with higher pay, this NativeScript + Angular: Build Native iOS, Android & Web Apps course can be an excellent choice. Since most companies only hire employees based on the kind of skills they bring with them or how dedicated the employee would be, the knowledge you acquire from this course will be very helpful in getting you hired. The course takes you through NativeScript and Angular, both of which are prominent and significantly emerging platforms in the industry. Not only would the course help you become more employable but it will also help you seamlessly build high-end web applications. The speed of development and the increment in productivity of developers is a major reason why a number of companies choose to use NativeScript. The easy optimization across platforms is what attracts a huge chunk of people towards the framework. If building a high-end application without any hassle is your priority, then this NativeScript + Angular: Build Native iOS, Android & Web Apps course is the perfect choice for you.

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