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Learn and Understand AngularJS
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Learn and Understand AngularJS Course Review

Learn and Understand AngularJS is a brilliantly designed course which covers the most imperative concepts of Angular. With the knowledge acquired from the course, you can easily write cleaner and readable codes. The course explains the mechanism of Angular and how it works. This helps a learner to understand the concepts of Angular.js.

AngularJS consists of terms which are used quite frequently and knowing these terms, is crucial for any beginner. The Learn and Understand AngularJS course covers the bare bone basics of AngularJS and takes you through a number of course contents in order to familiarize you with the fundamental concepts. The course is designed by Anthony Alicea, who is highly proficient in the field.

What The Best AngularJS Course Covers

The Learn and Understand AngularJS course consists of 7 hours of video lectures which can help a learner overcome that barrier and understand concepts more clearly. The videos are accessible at any time you want. You can watch them as you please or even watch a lecture twice to recapitulate. The Udemy Angular.js course also includes 5 articles which are not only well-written, but are also precise and to-the-point. This ensures that you don’t spend hours trying to decipher the information. This is also helpful for developers who are well versed with other programming languages and want to jump into Angular.js right away.

There are also over 30 downloadable sources in the contents of the Learn and Understand AngularJS course. These provide the additional information that one might need in order to understand every concept very well. The course also offers lifetime access to learners. You can access the course contents from any device at any given point of time. This is extremely beneficial for those who want to access the course according to their schedule. Upon successful completion, you will not only be able to understand the basic concepts, but you will also be able to prove that you have the knowledge, to potential employers through a certificate of completion.

What You’ll Learn from The AngularJS Course:

AngularJS programming is not only fast and efficient, but it also enhances the productivity of a developer by providing capabilities which allow the developer to easily build or even debug an application. The coding patterns remain consistent and similar, this ensures that the developer does not waste time and is more productive. You can easily connect with the industry’s professional instructor at any given point of time, as well. Next, let’s see what you will learn from the Udemy best-selling AngularJS course.
best angularjs course

  • You will also learn the most fundamental concepts such as directives, Dependency injection, Code custom services, and several others.
  • You will be easily able to build a Single Page Application such as a weather forecast or a news website.
    The best way to get started with the course is to write your own code and practice as you go. This course focuses more on the technicalities rather than memorizing codes.
  • The Learn and Understand AngularJS course helps you to understand how the tools and functionalities of Angular.js work and what is the purpose of them. The course only has a few requirements. You only need a browser and a text editor to get started apart from a rudimentary knowledge of JavaScript and HTML.
  • Through this course, you can easily procure the much-needed knowledge of AngularJS and use your skills to score a high-paying job. This is definitely a worthy course which does not require too much of your time. You can spend a few hours every day and learn Angular quickly. The course contents are really versatile and do not put any restrictions when it comes to learning.
  • The Learn and Understand AngularJS course goes over the most important concepts in such a way that even beginners are easily able to understand.
  • To add to that, you also have the benefit of having 30-day money back guarantee. This ensures that your hard-earned money is in safe hands.
  • You will be able to use the terminology fluently as well. This course is updated frequently whenever a new feature is introduced. This gives you a competitive advantage over fellow developers. You will always be up-to-date with the latest technology.
  • Given that Angular.js is backed by the efficient engineers of Google, you can definitely expect to stay ahead of everyone else in this industry. The Learn and Understand AngularJS course also includes several assignments, exercises, and quizzes to challenge you and help you evaluate your skills and knowledge with ease.
  • You can even participate in discussions held in the forum and connect with a global community of developers.
  • This AngularJS course also helps you to build directives and custom directives. You’ll be excited to learn how to build single page applications. The source codes are provided to you at every step so that you’re never stuck in a situation.
  • The course introduces a fresh and unique way of learning.

This is the perfect AngularJS course for working professionals and developers who are looking for a reliable source to learn Angular.JS. It is also suitable for those who have previously taken courses, but still find it difficult to understand. The most exciting part about this course is the fact that you only need a small amount of knowledge of programming languages and you can easily get started.

What Makes The Best AngularJS Course Different?

To answer the question in the best possible way, you must understand how vital Angular.js is in today’s world. As compared to jQuery, Angular provides a significantly fast and efficient framework which does not only boost the productivity of a developer, but also allows them to create dynamic, single page applications. The competitive software development industry does not fail to sing the praises of the extensive framework of Angular.js and the rich features that it has.
AngularJS Course

  • Easy-to-understand & right for anyone

The Learn and Understand AngularJS course is definitely informative and most of all, it is extremely beginner-friendly. Since AngularJS is fairly new, it’s hard to keep up with the updates. The course allows a learner to learn AngularJS in the easiest possible way. The language used in the content of the course is simple and easy to understand. Moreover, the teaching style is so unique that learners are often amused by the ease of learning.

  • Very practical experience & coding exercises

The Learn and Understand AngularJS course is different from anything you’ve experienced before. The course does not only focus on the theoretical part of Angular but also keeps the entire experience engaging and practical. During the writing of codes, a starter code is provided to help you get started and a finished code is provided to help you match your outcome. The course provides you with hands-on experience as you build your own single page application.

  • Be qualified in applying a good development job

Moreover, the Learn and Understand AngularJS course is extremely challenging and allows a learner to explore their horizons. The approach of the instructor is excellent and ensures that after the completion of the course, you’re confident in what you build. When it comes to this industry, practical experiences have more weight than simply having the skills and qualifications. This course aims to cover a range of topics and help you understand the intuitive features of AngularJS.

Introduction to AngularJS

To learn everything you need to know about AngularJS, the Learn and Understand AngularJS course is highly recommended. Angular.js is a popular web application framework. It is free and easily available to be downloaded and shared by anyone. The js stands for JavaScript, which is the most prominent programming language in the world. AngularJS is mostly used by single page applications. What this means is that the applications have a single page, but as a user scrolls down, more items keep appearing. This is very popular and commonly seen in websites such as Netflix. Since, it is a JavaScript-based framework, extensive knowledge of the programming knowledge is necessary. AngularJS also allows a developer to follow a consistent set of coding patterns which help in making the application richer.

What adds to the experience is the fact that AngularJS is updated and maintained by Google, which is a major reason why the latest features are rolled out frequently. This has replaced several other frameworks which required a lot of manual work. AngularJS allows developers to access and work from remote locations without any difficulty. This way, any software-related issues can be solved via remote support. Angular.js keeps in mind that a common architectural pattern or a structure is used to build applications.

For client-end applications, there are usually three vital components such as a user interface, a code which supports the user interface and a body containing the data for the user interface. These components are treated as separate pieces by Angular.js. This allows a developer to create separate pieces and glue them together. This increases the overall efficiency and productivity of the developer and gives high-end, rich applications.

Why is Angular.js Popular For Application Development?

why Angularjs popular
Dynamic, single-page applications can be easily created using AngularJS. Angular.js is fast and time is an important factor when it comes to developing applications. By using the plethora of features available to developers, they can easily focus on other aspects of the application. The manual work of a developer is reduced since a large amount of work is handled by Angular. This way, a developer can express data in whichever way he prefers. AngularJS is popular for developing applications because of the robust features. It can be accessed by any browser with ease.

The frequent updates and latest features added to the framework make it an efficient framework. The job of a developer becomes a lot more hassle-free which is why a majority of developers are keen on learning Angular.js. Angular even allows codes to be reused or shared within the application. This aids in rapid and easy development of the web application. It has become massively famous, particularly because of the easy scalability it offers.

Angular.js also provides you with the support of a humungous, global community of developers. You can get in touch with developers and engineers from around the globe and get your queries solved instantly. You can learn and grow as you work. This helps you grow as a developer and become more productive. Overall, AngularJS is definitely a trustworthy and reliable framework which is lightweight and offers a number of solutions to build dynamic, single-page applications. Time to learn about Angular.js? Don’t miss out on the Learn and Understand AngularJS course from Udemy.

Benefits of Learning AngularJS

When it comes to developing single page applications, Angular is one of the most popular choices. Since Angular is maintained by the top engineers of Google, you can be assured of the optimal results and perfect outcome. Angular ensures that the developer focuses on the outcome of the web application rather than the entire process of coding. It is definitely time-saving and helps in faster completion of important projects. By using Angular.js, You can easily score a promotion, given the speed of the execution of any project.

Angular requires you to divide the components of a web application. These are called the Model-View-Controller (MVC). After that, Angular takes over and takes care of the remaining code.

Angular is beginner-friendly. You can learn the framework in no time and build an efficient web application. It also reduces the effort by providing a two-way data binding, making sure that you concentrate on the application rather than being involved with codes. There are also several ready-to-use templates which make it easier for beginners to build efficacious applications. Being backed by a large community, you can expect to never be stuck in a situation. Plus, the dependency injection allows developers to avoid hard-coding dependencies. This means that dependencies would be injected into your objects instead of being created. Want to know more about AngularJS? You can dive into Angular.js with the Learn and Understand AngularJS course.

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Is the Course Worthy?

Angular has become so popular that it has surpassed a number of popular frameworks in the market. This is a major reason why prominent companies in the market use the framework to build high-end websites. Angular does a great job at solving a number of development challenges. Furthermore, it’s relevance and demand in the market is well-known among developers. Most influential companies have developers who use the framework to build rich applications. The significant advantages over other frameworks make it stand out from the crowd. Angular also makes it easier to debug.

The Learn and Understand AngularJS course is definitely worthy. One can use the knowledge acquired from the course for career advancements or in order to get a job with better pay. Angular developers are highly demanded in the industry particularly, because the outcome of their web applications is so flawless. It is imperative for budding developers to learn the framework because this is helpful in creating responsive pages.

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