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95% Off The Complete ASP.NET MVC 5 Course Coupon

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The course titled, “The Complete ASP.NET MVC 5 Course” is an overall package. The course apart from imparting the knowledge of programming with .NET which is a server-side programming language also provides a basic idea about the ASP which is the foundation for all the activities that can be performed using.NET. The MVC provides the much-needed enhancement for the applications developed using this framework.

Are You Looking For A Complete Course to Learn Everything You Need to Master ASP.NET MVC?

This is what the course aims to cover. A breakdown of the title of the course provides you an inside view of what the course is all about. .NET is one of the most preferred backend programming languages.

Active Server Pages is abbreviated as ASP. ASP is used for server-side programming. ASP .NET is the successor of ASP. One can use C# programming language and .NET with the ASP framework with each one having its own functional properties. The C# is a programming language which performs the required operations but as a standalone, it cannot handle the humongous amount of data, though it possesses its own libraries.

That too for a web application, there is a huge data that needs to be handled. The same goes for .NET too. So, ASP is the foundation or base above which the .NET acts as the working medium. The libraries and other built-in functions are held by the framework so that the programming language needs only to work on the input and provide the output.

Model view controller is abbreviated as MVC.

Model is the backdrop that is the storehouse of values which is to be displayed to the user. Various programming needs like objects, properties can be specified in the model.

The view is the interface to the user which displays the output.

The controller controls the activities between the model and view. It creates a link between model and view. When you click a button or a URL, the processes that happen behind the displaying of information is what Controller does.

What are The Advantages Of Using ASP Framework Over Other Web Application Frameworks?

These are the reasons why one prefers using ASP framework over the other web application frameworks.

  • Functionality of C#

C# is always in comparison with that of the functionality of Java.

  • The flexibility of the framework

There are certain perceptions that open source framework is not maintained properly and one cannot rely on them. But this framework from Microsoft defies that very idea and makes it a point to convey that it is very flexible and dynamic in nature.

  • Very adaptive for windows

It is a known fact that the majority of applications generated in the world are generated for windows based Operating Systems. So, if you use a framework for developing web applications that are more compatible with windows, then the operationality of the application would be more efficient.

  • ASP is very supportive

You can work on ASP with hundreds and hundreds of programming languages. It is very adaptive with any number of programming languages available.

  • Very Popular

ASP is one of those frameworks that is used for developing sites which can handle large data traffic. It is in fact much popular than the Java-based Framework. Though PHP is more popular than ASP, it cannot handle the huge data as the ASP framework can handle, it is compatible with PHP like sites.

What are The Salient Features of This ASP.NET MVC Course?

These are the salient features of this course.

  • High-Quality lecture videos

The 7.5 hours of content delivered in this course equals the amount of knowledge you would gain by reading a 500-page course manual. This proves to be very helpful for those who are already working and they do not find time to sit and read the reading materials. This course provides the best quality in a very short span of time which you could not find very easily with other course lectures.

  • Learning at one’s pace

One can learn at one’s pace. You can take up the lectures whenever you feel like taking up. This is one of the best parts of the course as you do not have the pressure to keep following the lectures in a classroom format to understand what is being delivered in the course lectures.

The course once bought, can be accessed for a lifetime, you need not pay again and again. These course videos can be accessed both on PC as well as on TV. The best part of listening to course lectures on a TV is that you do not have the feel of actually reading. It is one of the best methods to make the fullest use of your leisure time.

  • Full refund

One can pay for the course; take up all the course lectures. If they are not interested or happy with the course content, then they can ask for a full refund. This is something which one could provide only if they have full confidence in the content they provide. This speaks for the quality of the course.

  • Certificate of Completion

This certificate would provide one with the recognition that they know the technology much well. The certificate of completion will be provided only if the person has completed the entire lecture videos. So, one could not just get away with the MCQ alone in the final test.

  • Not just lecture videos

The course not only provides lecture videos but also provides great supplementary reading materials to enhance your learning experience. These course materials can be downloaded and there are also certain links that are provided using which you can access the various course lectures.

  • Clarification of doubts

People get a lot of doubts through the course is presented very clearly. The ones who are taking up this course can actually contact the instructor if they are facing any difficulty or any sudden doubt arises in the middle of course lectures. The instructor can be reached via his mail id or by posting your query in the comments.

  • Teaching proficiency of the lecturer

It does not matter how much fancy degrees the lecturer holds, but at the end of the day, it is all about conveying the right information to the learners in the simplest manner possible. The lecturer has covered all the details that are duly important for building a web application using the ASP.NET framework.

Some Facts About .NET Framework

These are some facts to ponder upon of the .NET framework

  • It is compiled before execution and not interpreted.
  • The concept of multithreading is possible in .NET
  • The runtime of code is much lesser when compared to another framework
  • It can run on any device as it is highly compatible in nature
  • Has the ability to build extremely dynamic, user interactive web pages handling tremendous data.

What are The Topics Covered in This Course?

These are the following topics that are covered in this The Complete ASP.NET MVC 5 Course.

  • Building forms using the server and the client-side validation
  • To understand the complete nuances of working on an MVC architecture.
  • To understand the security features and to use them appropriately
  • Implementation of CRUD operations
  • To understand the postman API
  • To understand the usage of powerful jQuery plug-ins
  • To implement and authenticate the ASP.NET API
  • The building and deployment of web applications

The course is of 7.5 hours and they are divided into 139 lectures and 10 sections.

The first section covers the introductory part of the ASP.NET MVC 5 course.

  • An overview of the application will be built using this course.
  • The MVC building blocks and how they are responsible for the building of the applications
  • The tools that are used in the building of the application is discussed.
  • The place of storage in the form of files and folders for the application is discussed in this course.
  • The usage of MVC in action is covered in this course.
  • The overall structure of how this course is provided is discussed.

The second section covers the fundamentals of ASP.NET MVC

  • Action Parameters
  • Action Results
  • Convention based Routing
  • Attribute Routing
  • Passage of data to views
  • The usage of razor view syntax that provides a rendering of lists and classes systematically
  • Partial Views

The third section covers of how you should work with the data

  • The fourth and fifth section teaches you of how to create the forms and validate them.
  • The consecutive section covers the other important aspects of creating a web application.
  • What are the benefits you could derive from this course?

These are the benefits that you could derive from this course.

  • Not just programming

You could learn the complete working pattern of the MVC. This is a common criterion that would be used in most of the programming languages. So, learning MVC would be very useful.

  • One of the best steps to upgrade your knowledge after learning C#

This is one of the best courses to take up after upgrading your knowledge in C#. Since C# can also be used for ASP framework, this particular course helps you to create the best application using the .NET language.

  • Very easy to understand for beginners

From the various feedback that has been received, that mostly said that this is one of those courses which actually did not perplex those who are taking up the lecture videos. This unambiguity is due to the clarity in a lecture of the course instructor. He has made sure to make it very easy to comprehend both for beginners as well as for those who have been in the field of web development for a while.

  • One of the widely used languages by the top companies

This is one of the widely used programming languages by some of the top IT companies in the world. So, if you possess some knowledge about this particular language, then you have got a lot of opportunities in the IT world. These are also one of the highly paid jobs in the market.

Why is .NET preferred over other web development languages?

There are several web development languages in the market. But, there are few reasons why .NET is preferred over the other web development languages.

  • It provides a unified environment.
  • The integration of language is very effective.
  • It supports the use of various programming languages.
  • The other web development languages and its framework do not come along with a security package like this. The best part of using ASP.NET is for the amazing development cum security features that this course provides.

Who is the target audience?

These are the target audience.

  • Those who are looking for a better course to take up lectures on ASP.NET MVC.
  • Those who are already familiar with certain basics but looking for an apt course that would make them even more confident about the course.
  • Those who are wishing to learn about ASP.NET MVC by possessing some prior knowledge.

 What are the pre-requisites for taking up this course?

These are some of the pre-requisites for taking up this Complete ASP.NET MVC 5 course.

  • Experience in C#

A basic knowledge of C# programming language would be appreciated. As C# and .NET are from the house of Microsoft, one can actually understand this course easily if they are already equipped with the knowledge of C#.

  • Knowledge of programming

If not for C#, knowledge about some basic backend languages like JavaScript, HTML is mandatory. Overall, one could say that they can’t understand what is being discussed here in this course if they are not acquainted with the fundamentals of coding in Web Development.


These are some of the reasons why one should take up this course. It does not consume a lot of time; just a little amount of time spared per day would help you to get trained in a particular technology. This course is definitely a boon for those who want to equip themselves with a new technology in the best shortest time available.

Any technology that is produced by Microsoft has its own value in today’s IT marketplace. The course that could bag you high paying jobs with just a small investment is definitely worth your time and money. Thus, you must take up The Complete ASP.NET MVC 5 Course to climb the ladder of success in your IT career.

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