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93% Off C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces and OOP Coupon

The C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces and OOP Course is provided by Udemy. The course is designated to enlighten the audience on some of the intermediate concepts of C#. This course requires the candidate to have some relevant coding experience as a pre-requisite. This is apt for those who are already familiar with the basics of coding and possess logical thinking skills. To get this course at a low price, you can click the below button to join the 93% off deal.

The course is taught by an individual who has been programming since the age of 7 and has been involved in some great software deployments. This can guarantee the candidate that he would have a great learning experience by taking up this C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces and OOP course.
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What is C# Programming Language?

C# is a simple, modern computer programming language that uses .NET framework that is used to build a variety of safe and robust applications. It is pronounced as SEE SHARP. It is an object-oriented language whose latest version was released in 2017 as C#7.0. It has its roots in C++ and has features similar to that of Java. This language has its inspiration drawn from several other languages. This language, as well as its framework, is developed by Microsoft.

The framework .NET is known to support more than 20 languages. The main idea of Microsoft was to develop apps that are supportive of the internet, in the information transfer and retrieval, providing services, etc., It is also known as the programmer’s friendly language owing to the fact that it allows the methods and objects to access certain codes without having the programmer to duplicate the code. It supports XML and SOAP.

At Udemy, You’ll Get More Opportunities to Learn Some New Skills from The Industries Experts And Sought-after Instructors

Udemy is an online learning platform, popularly known as MOOC. The platform provides courses both at free of cost and paid. Udemy offers more than 55,000 courses. The best part is that there are many free courses offered by Udemy. Not every MOOC Provides such best content at free of cost. Even the courses that are charged do not charge a hefty amount.

There are frequent offers put up on Udemy which one can avail to buy these courses. Users can use Udemy coupon code to get the most cost-effective price online. The course contents are often updated, and this makes sure that the content is well up to the current trend.

Anyone can be a part of Udemy’s teaching team if they possess the right skills. Udemy is a great place to enhance one’s skills in the technology domain. Most of the tutors in Udemy are self-taught professionals, work at the bigger universities in the top universities abroad.

One can get their doubts clarified by contacting the tutor in the course comments or even by using their mail IDs’. One need not buy just one course at a time. During special seasons, there are even flat 95% to 100% discounts offered on the courses. One can buy the courses and keep them and access it whenever they need.

Join This C# Course, Start An In-depth Learning of C# Object-Oriented Programming, Classes, And Interfaces

These are some of the topics covered in this C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces and OOP course:

  • The course is divided into 44 lectures. The first few lectures cover the details about the course and a video lecture of the source code.
  • The next few lectures are dedicated towards the learning of Classes and its related functions. How to create classes and knowledge of static members of a class. One can also know the difference between Classes and Objects.
  • The use of Methods, the related parameters and the overriding of methods are learned.
  • The initialization of Fields is learned as it is an important concept for Web development. The read-only modifier increases the code readability.
  • The concept of encapsulation is learned in depth.
  • The various access modifiers like private, public and protected are studied.
  • Properties and Indexes which are the unique concepts in C# is covered.
  • One can master the pillars of OOPS in C# like Polymorphism and Inheritance
  • Under Inheritance, one learns how to couple the classes and why composition proves to be better than inheritance for certain codes of varied applications. The composition provides more flexibility to the code whereas the Inheritance provides a tight coupling to the classes of the code. There are many unique concepts to C# like Upcasting which speaks about Derived Classes. The boxing and unboxing procedures are learned. How constructors and inheritance play a role in the usage of base keyword in passing the control to the base class.
  • There are also concepts under Interfaces that the course provides. One learns how to test interfaces, extend the interface and how to interface plays a great role in Polymorphism.
  • Under Polymorphism, one learns about Abstract members and methods overriding.
  • The use of constructors and how they are used in initializing an object is also learned.
  • What one should do after taking up this intermediate course is also discussed.

How Does It Differ From C and C++?

The languages that are derived from the mother language C are all compiler based.

Firstly, let us understand how C# differs from C.

  • C is a very old language which was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1969. C# is a relatively new language. It was released in 2000. C acts as a foundational language for those who want to venture into programming. C and C# are both used for coding applications. It is used depending on the needs.
  • C# does not support pointers whereas C supports pointers.
  • C# is an object-oriented language whereas C is a structured programming language
  • C# has more focus on the design whereas C has more focus on the functions
  • C# can only run in the .NET framework whereas C is cross-platform.
  • C# has manageable code whereas C code is unmanageable.
  • C++ is said to be the extension of C. C++ is a language that is the inspiration for the founding of C#. Initially, C# was planned to be named as Cool. It was then renamed as C#.
  • C# developed by Microsoft works only in Microsoft Operating Systems whereas C can work on any operating systems. It proves as a rival to Java.

Secondly, let us understand how C# differs from C++

  • C# is a general-purpose programming language whereas C++ is a language that is highly preferred for applications that need the best performance.
  • C# has heavier libraries when compared with C that has lighter libraries.
  • C# has the feature of automatic garbage collection whereas C++ does not have.
  • C# has more protective features when compared to C++. C++ allows more serious errors easily whereas C# does not allow.

Apart from all these, the best part about C# is that it does not need the user to manage the memory. It can manage on its own using the .NET framework. Several languages are supported by.NET, but C# proves to be the best among all those.

Salient features of the C# course

These are the features of this C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces and OOP excellent course

  • 5 hours of video lectures
  • 3 Articles that can be downloaded
  • 9 Reading materials which are downloaded as supplements
  • The video lectures can be even watched on TV
  • Any good electronic device with a decent RAM and storage capacity supports this course
  • The certificate is provided at the completion of the course. The certificate has a lot of value for candidates appearing for job interviews and professionals alike.

What is the applications real time?

C# is a powerful language. Its real-time applications are manifold. Few of them are listed.

  • C#, Objective C is some of the languages that are used in Embedded Systems. Embedded Systems need to provide proper, secured output. Thus, for the design and development of Embedded Systems, the C# is used.
  • Video games are developed using C#. In fact, C# can be stated as the official language for game developers.
  • Proves to be the best for Web Application development. There were issues as the apps that are created in C# is not accessed in other platforms other than Windows as it is a product of Microsoft. There are many apps like Xamarin that work to make the app created using C# suitable for cross-platform.
  • Since C# is also derived from Visual Studio, it is good for cloud-based applications. Cloud technologies widely use this app.
  • All of the Windows products like Skype, MS Word’s newer versions, most of the recent versions of the Microsoft package like Excel, PowerPoint is created using C#.
  • Not just for Web Apps, C# proves to be good for data transfer as it can handle a large amount of data at ease. This particular quality can be attributed to its memory management ability.

How to access the videos in Udemy?

  • Go to any search engine like using a web browser
  • Type in Udemy
  • If you already possess an account, then it won’t ask for a registration
  • In case you don’t, create an account in Udemy by registering with your mail ID.

How Does this C# Course Help One with C# Programming Skills?

The various content covered in this C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces and OOP course helps one enhance their knowledge of C#.

  • C# is very good for beginners as the language is static and it is easy for one to check for errors.
  • C# is easy for beginners, but it is not as easy as Python. There is certain complex detailing in C#. This course helps one understand all those complexities. Those complexities can be explained right only by a good instructor which this course provides.
  • One needs to practice some considerable amount of coding before they start developing their small game applications. These small game developments are a test for those who are planning to apply for jobs at game development companies. The companies check if the candidate is strong with the basics or not; this course helps one to strengthen their hold on this language.
  • The short duration in which the content is delivered makes it the apt choice for working professionals who do not have a lot of free time in hand.

How to buy this excellent course of C#?

One can buy this course by making the payment online. One can use the payment gateway and prefer any one of the payment methods like Net Banking, Credit Card or Debit Card. Just pay the required amount and keep accessing the course content. Don’t forget to use the Udemy coupon code to generate a BIG discount.
What can one gain out of this C# development course?
This course is highly preferred by the professionals and students alike. For a developer, who has worked using C++ can move on to learning of C# which has a good demand in the market at present. A C# professional is paid high as it is a known fact that there is growing perspective in this language.

  • Game Developer

Game developers are some of the highly paid professionals. Unity Game Engine is the base of some video games. A large number of games for the Android and iOS platforms are coded using C#. Unity Game Engine is the engine that generates games that hold the top places in the world’s widely preferred games list.

  • In the growing fields of Virtual Reality

The Unity Game Engine that predominantly uses C# is the brain behind some of the top-notch virtual reality technologies these days. It is a known fact that Virtual Reality is all set to take a storm in the fields like arts; education etc., A knowledge of C# is a great idea if one wants to develop a career in the world next technologies and to get the fattest salary packages.

  • Get paid well

One of the biggest needs for those who are venturing into Information technology is to earn high packages. Knowledge of C# is much appreciated, and there are jobs advertised continuously for C# developers. C# is the world’s 4th largely used language.

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Tips: To use the C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces and OOP coupon, you can refer to a simple video guide here.


By taking up this C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces and OOP  course, one can avail huge discounts on the other courses offered by the same instructor. This course satisfies the need for strengthening one’s skills in OOPS of a particular language which is the backbone of any programming language. Thus, one should opt for this course if they wish to enhance their knowledge without having to bear heavy expenses. C# is a course in demand, and this is a boon for those who are searching the right resource for a while.

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