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90% Off The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux) Coupon

The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux) Take This Course Now For 90% Off!
The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux) is an active training that is carefully designed to help you get a fuller understanding of building React web applications. You need to keep a computer and the basics of core JavaScript to learn this course. The course is 4.7 top-rated on Udemy, covers everything you need to learn to be qualified in building and launching React web apps. Time to learn? Open the above button and you can take the course for up to 90% off.

Introduction to The Complete React Web Developer Course

The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux) course is taught by Andrew Mead, the most comprehensive online training that covers the modern very sought-after React web development skills & techniques. It includes the cutting-edge ES6/ES7 JavaScript technologies, React, Redux, React-Router, Webpack, Firebase, and more other skills. If you’re interested in have a depth learning of building React web applications, here is the right place to get started. Once joined the course, you’ll get about 39 hours of on-demand video, 1 article, 165 downloadable resources, and 201 lectures in total.

What Each Lecture Will Give You:

  • 2 lectures explain the reasons of learning React
  • 3 lectures teach how to set up environment, install visual studio code, Node.js and Yarn
  • 16 lectures help you get started with React
  • 17 lectures teach how to master everything you need to know about React Components
  • 8 lectures on the knowledge of stateless functional components
  • 12 lectures help you get started with Webpack
  • 4 lectures tell how to use a third-party component
  • 11 lectures on how to be a master while working with styling React
  • 9 lectures give you an introduction to React-router
  • 15 lectures focus on the knowledge you need to know about React
  • 13 lectures on how to connect React and Redux
  • 17 lectures on the skills and techniques of testing your application
  • 13 lectures on how to deploy your apps
  • 10 lectures on the knowledge of Firebase with Redux
  • 9 lectures on the knowledge of Firebase Authentication
  • 12 lectures on how to style budget app
  • 6 lectures teach you more about the indecision app enhancements, budget app enhancements, and how to create the final boilerplate
  • 13 lectures on the new content about hooks, context, fragments
  • 1 lecture on the fee mini course

Targets: Anyone looking to have a depth learning of building React web applications

What Popular Web Development Skills You Will Learn

The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux) course will give you a very detailed introduction on the popular web development skills, like React, Redux, React Router, Web Pack, Firebase, ES6/Es7 JavaScript, and more. Next, let’s have a simple understanding on the techniques as follows.


Generally, user interfaces are built by React and it is just a front-end interface that you can only see it on the web page. This web page is cut into pieces to build the interface by React. These pieces are known as Components.

This piece of page or React component is actually built by a small bit of code, which is a JavaScript function. These functions are placed in certain way of order to build the page to make the interface.

The writing of components as JavaScript classes is called Class Components. These Class components store information or state regarding their current situation that is stored in JavaScript object. By changing the state of the component, it renders function once again.

React component on web page shows that current state. In other words, React app has many components that are building blocks. A component is a function or JavaScript class that accepts information and shows a React element how a part of UI appears. To know more about React components, dive into The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux) course at Udemy.

React.js is a JavaScript library for building UIs. Facebook and a group of individual developers use this.

React uses JSX language that seems to be like HTML, and works inside JavaScript unlike HTML.

React simplifies development of interfaces (visual interfaces). It divides UI into a group of components. The main logic behind React is fast loading, scalable and simpleness. It works on interfaces of users and viewable in MVC template. Combination of Frameworks and JavaScript may be used as Angular JS in MVC.

React Code: Interactive user interfaces are created by React, designing views that are simple for every state in application and when the data changes React simply updates and shows the right components. It is easier to debug when the code is predictable.


In The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux) course, you’ll learn more about Firebase. Firebase platform is used for development of web and mobile apps. It is a cross platform solution for notifications and messaging for web applications, Android and iOS, previous it was known as Google Cloud Messaging. It aids developers with lot many services and tools to develop apps that are high quality and helps developers to generate revenue and user based growth. It offers various features that you can choose with combinations of cloud services for notifications, hosting, analytics, crash reporting and revenue generating from AdMob.
A drawback of Firebase is that it relies heavily on solutions of third party that is a major problem if ever Google sets aside Firebase, but that is a distant issue because as of now Google does not have such plans.

Basically, the apps back-end online features are handled by Firebase. This makes the developer to develop only the user interfaces of the front end. For smooth integration, software development kit is used with Application Programming Interface and there is no need to use MySQL and PHP or any other set up. Basically, this is called BaaS to produce any of the social media apps and most important aspect of all this is, it can be used free of cost, absolutely free usage.

A real time database is used in Firebase, which is a major concern where data is synchronized with among all users rather and instead of storing on the mobile phone before sending it. This invariably needs an internet connection at all times for the working of the Firebase app.

Most of the Android app Developers should be aware and get familiarized with the development of Firebase apps as these enhance the way one build cloud enabled apps that is versatile and powerful.


In this The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux) course, there are 12 lectures regarding on the knowledge of Webpack. Simply put, Webpack is a module bundler for JavaScript applications. Webpack takes your code, simplifies and breaks down the codes in to small parts, transforms, and bundles it.

Webpack can run parallel to separate task runners while bundling the codes. The Webpack plugins do not have much difference between the bundler and task runners. These plugins sometimes execute tasks outside Webpack like cleaning or deploying the build.

Webpack popularity is due to React and HMR (Hot Module Replacement) and it has been used in other environments like Ruby on Rails. The use of Webpack is unlimited other than that of the web. Other than JavaScript, it can bundle HTML, images, CSS, fonts, and convert them to Webpack formats. It is an extremely useful and has the ability to use the concept of plugin and loader.

Webpack works on Modules:

The Webpack can bundle even the small projects consisting of outputs and inputs. The process of bundling starts from entries defined by the users as the entries itself is modules and through imports can be directed to various modules.

Bundling a project with Webpack, it covers the imports, making a dependency graph and generating the output on the basis of its configuration. Moreover, split points are defined to produce required bundles inside the project code.
CommonJS, ES2015, AMD are fully supported by Webpack, and has the ability to format these. CSS works with its loader mechanism. There are certain plugins for certain tasks like HMR, minification and other tasks.

The work of Webpack starts from entries that are mostly JavaScript modules that are traversed by it. Webpack does evaluation of entry matches during this process, against loader configurations that indicate to Webpack how the transformation should be done for each match.


Redux is used for easier debugging of an application. During production, action and state are logged for understanding errors of code, errors of network, and various types of bugs. Testing Redux app is easier as functions for changing the state of pure function.

What is Redux?

In this The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux) course, you can learn how to connect React with Redux. REDUX is a JavaScript framework used to manage and maintain the state of application to build applications along with other frameworks. Moreover, an object that is created cannot be changed, and this is called Immutability.

Redux writes applications that are consistent in behavior that run in various environments. These JavaScript applications use Redux as a container with a state of predictableness.
In simple words, Redux is a state managing tool. Most of the times it is used along with React, it can also be used with various JavaScript libraries. It is only 2Kb hence no need to increase the size of the app’s asset.

The Redux keeps the states of application in its store and allows components to have access to any state that is required.

How does Redux work?

The working of Redux is very simple. The complete state of application is stored centrally by Redux and every component accesses the state from the store without sending any props from component to component.

Actions, store and reducers are the three types of building parts in Redux.

Actions in Redux are the events that send data from the application to the store and this data can be from any of the user interactions, form submissions and API calls.

Reducers in Redux change the state of application like taking the current state, take an action and return new state. Moreover, these states of applications are stored as objects that specify the changes in state of an application to an action sent to store.

Why Should Be An Advanced React Web Developer?

React Web Developer
Are you also interested in learning The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux) course to be a good React web developer? A very good reason to become a React developer is to look at the quantum of pay one gets if you are one. In United States alone, a React.Js Developer is paid a salary of USD 120,000.00 per annum that is approximately an average of $62.00 per hour. The ReactJS beginners at entry level job positions are paid at a starting pay of USD 59,000 per annum approximately while the top-notch React developers may make anywhere over USD 200,000.00 per annum. Such is the demand and requirement of React developers in United States itself, and then you can imagine how it would be throughout the world.

As you are already aware that the most in-demand programming language throughout the world is JavaScript for development of front end applications, as you can see the rise in the number of frameworks on the present day. In order to become a very good ReactJS developer you need to be a master programmer of JavaScript language. Ensure that there are no gaps in the programming language to give an output and problem free framework.

ReactJS and its Development:

A current state is shown on a webpage by the React component. You can learn more about it from The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux) course. Various components in the React app are the building blocks. The user interface is an appearance on the front end is due to the component that is JavaScript class, which receives information and projects its appearance.

Another way of describing React is that it is a JavaScript library, which builds the UIs. This React is officially used and maintained by the social media giant, Facebook and several other companies, and individuals. Mobile applications or single-page can be developed by React.

Now coming to back to the point, on why become a React developer? On the present there are number of instances where one has to develop user interfaces on web pages. You can see that most of the websites have contact me pages where is a “contact me” form, which is an user interface that React builds. There is a large demand for React developers on this day.

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