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95% Off React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) Coupon

React The Complete Guide
Update: The instructor updated the ‘React 16 – The Complete Guide (incl. React Router 4 & Redux)’ course to the new name of ‘React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux)’.
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Learn React from Scratch Deeply with The Popular Udemy Platform

The course titled, “React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux)” is one of the highly rated courses for those who wish to learn more on the front-end development section of web development. The course is intended for those who are already familiar with the concepts of Web Development, and they want to leverage their skills in Web Development and make it big. This course teaches the kind of technology that is being used in companies like Netflix where the UI design plays a very vital role.

Udemy is a unique online learning experience with over 88,000 courses in various disciplines which are being handled by expert instructors and professionals. Professionals working in huge established firms, those who have carved a niche for themselves in their respective areas of teaching are a part of this huge learning platform.

Not just these, the interactive sessions by the course instructors make the learning even more interesting. The React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) course instructors make sure that the course is taken in a very interesting manner.

Udemy holds a specialty that sets it apart from another MOOC is that one can take up some of the best courses at the cheapest rates from the best teaching faculty. The Udemy is a platform where the students learn some of the concepts that they weren’t able to grasp easily in college.

The major reason stated is that Udemy covers all the major concepts in such a short span of time as the time constraint is one of the biggest problems of those who work with the tech sector. The certificates from Udemy are valued and respected outside. The quality of teachers is given major importance as the students need to get the proper learning materials.

What Can One Learn from The React Course?

One can learn a lot from this React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) course. Few of the main things that can be learnt are:

  • One can learn how to build web apps that are fast, user-friendly, user interactive, powerful.
  • One can apply for high package salary jobs as well as work as a freelancer. A course is sufficient enough to make one work as a freelancer. This shows that the course is an overall package.
  • One can provide amazing User Experience design that helps to leverage one’s JavaScript skills.

What are The Prerequisites?

The following are some of the prerequisites that one has to possess.

  • JavaScript is a front-end development language, CSS and HTML are the scripting languages that are the client-side development languages. One should be familiar with the fundamentals of these languages.
  • Expertise in JavaScript is not needed.
  • The basic idea of how to implement JS6 in JavaScript is appreciated.
  • The framework idea of JS and React is not a mandate one.

Topics That are Covered in This React Course with Their Explanation

There are plenty of topics that are covered in this course. The React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) course is so long that one can learn most of the concepts that are used in React from this course alone.

Getting Started

Under the Getting Started section, the following topics are covered.

  • Introduction

Maximilian Schwarzmüller, the one who teaches this course has been coding since the age of 13; he is familiar with both the front end as well as the backend languages. He is a self-taught person, being a self-taught person; he very well knows the struggles of learning new languages. He went on to earn a business degree and had a stint with banks. He gets through the contents that are covered in this course. The learning outcomes and how the big companies are making use of this technology to enhance the user experience.

  • What is React?

This is the main part of this course. One has to know what react means before diving into the modules. The React is the library for JavaScript that is used for the view layer of web and mobile apps. The ReactJS is used to create web applications that use a large amount of data and can refresh itself.  Facebook Scientists developed the ReactJS. The ReactJS can be used to create reusable interfaces.

Which companies use React framework

One will be astonished to see the amazing list of companies that use this framework and that encourages them to take up this course. Right from Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Whatsapp, several others use the React Framework to create the Interactive User accounts.

Real-World SPAs & React Web Apps

React is a component driven library. One can create a component and reuse it over the entire application.

Each component has its responsibilities which are called as re-usability and separation of concerns respectively. E.g., button, textbox. React is a component driven library, the idea is that we can create a component and reuse it over the entire application.

Each component has its responsibilities which are called as re-usability and separation of concerns respectively.

Reflux Router is designed to make routing easy for single page apps.

To keep one’s app in sync with the URL, a reflux router is needed. That is the reason why the reflex routers have been taught in this course. The app should be kept in sync with the web. That is when one can make the fullest use of the course. The interaction coupled with the sync is the most important.

The React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) course covers all the important aspects of React framework and what makes it a must read one.

Why should one learn to React?

The React is the software design pattern that uses the model of MVC. Now one might wonder what a software design pattern is. Software design is one of the crucial areas of software engineering. It is the dynamic nature of the software that makes it user interactive to make it more easily approachable.

One can use some of the oldest existing design frameworks for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but they won’t show as great working as how React does. React is the new age design pattern. The React is best suited for Windows, Android platforms. The windows and the android are the highly used platforms in the market and knowledge of React is highly appreciated.

This React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) course deals with React 16.8, an improvised version of React. The React is one of the best frameworks for JavaScript.

MVC model of software design pattern’s V is what one can view. The V is what one sees. The React Framework for Java does this task only.

Many tend to confuse between framework and libraries. The framework is the one that holds all that is needed for the programming languages. The libraries are those that contain the header files, the extension, the function headers that are used for the functions that are repeatedly used in the program to reduce the number of lines of code used to increase the speed of the program.

The UI design and React

The React is designed for the MVC design pattern. The React is the most suitable one for all the kinds of mobile apps. There are about three kinds of mobile applications:

  • Native App
  • Web App
  • Hybrid App

The web apps are another version of the website. They cannot be used for the play store owing to its features.

The Native Apps are the ones that can be loaded on to the app stores. The Native Apps are the ones that use the frameworks of Java mainly.

Hybrid Apps are the ones that are cross platform whereas the Native Apps are not cross-platform.

The must know terms of UI/UX design to accomplish it effectively using React

To achieve a visual composition, the following five design principles are followed—


Visuals can be the design, the graphic design, photographs, animation, the pictogram that communicates with icons. They communicate with the user.

How one communicates from design to viewer

  • Designer’s perspective is to design and then open to audience
  • User’s perspective is to perceive and learn from it, decipher the meaning.
  • It has to process the designing and interpretation. The designer has to know the process of interpretation. The process of designing comes first.
  • The process of interpretation is to know how people perceive that. The way of communication, design styles, and holistic composition, the meaning of complete composition and layout with all visuals together. The visual perception is too important in the User Interface design.

Elements of design

The elements of design are various like shapes, colors, and texts. The tools to create the design are generic. They can be transformed into animation; they can be used to design websites. You will learn about how the elements are arranged, the process of interpretation, a 2D composition, time frame, animation or game design.

The typefaces and typography should go with the design. The typefaces that suit the design. The designing a logo or brand identity, the font families, different visual styles they convey. The understanding of typography is very important.

  • Balance

Balance is one of the principles that may come more intuitively to one because one utilizes it in one’s physical movement. Balance is stability or equilibrium created by an even distribution of visual weight on each side of a central axis, as well as by an even distribution of weight among all the elements of the composition. When a design is balanced, it tends toward harmony with the viewer feeling level. The average viewer is adverse to an imbalance in composition and reacts negatively to instability.

  • Rhythm

Rhythm as a design principle is based on repetition. Repetition, as an element of visual unity, is exhibited in some manner by almost every work of art. However, rhythm involves a clear repetition of elements that are the same or only slightly modified.

Quality of rhythm can be applied to the visual arts, in which it is again, basically related to movement. Here the concept refers to the movement of the viewer’s eye, a movement across recurrent motifs providing the repetition inherent in the idea of rhythm.

Rhythm is a basic characteristic of nature. The pattern of the seasons, day and night. In a design or painting, this would be termed an alternating rhythm, as motifs alternate consistently with one another to produce a regular (and anticipated) sequence. Many factors can contribute to establishing a rhythm—color, texture, figure and ground relationships, emphasis, and balance.

  • Unity

Unity means that coherence of agreement exists among the elements of design in the visual composition; they look as though they are unified, as though some visual connection holistically unified them. Another term for the same idea is Harmony.

Closure denotes that the mind’s tendency to connect individual elements to produce a completed form, unit or pattern perceives a unified, holistic image through closure of parts

Common fate denotes that the elements are likely to be perceived as a unit if they move in the same direction.

Continuing line denotes that the lines are always perceived as following the simplest path. If two lines break, the viewer sees the overall movement rather than the break; also called implied line.

Unity with Variety in Form, Size, Colour, and Texture generates interest in the composition. Neither utter confusion nor utter regularity is satisfying.

To establish a visual hierarchy, decide on the importance of the graphic elements that are the parts (visuals and type) of your design. Create a flow of information from the most important element to the least.

Salient Features of the course:

The following are some of the salient features of the course:

  • 5 hours of interrupted video lectures
  • Certificate provided on the completion of a course that includes listening and recording of the video lectures and taking the assignments that are made available on the portal.
  • Supplementary study material apart from the video lectures that help the candidate to learn more about this concept.

Video guide: Refer to a simple video on how to use the Udemy coupon to take the React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) course for 95% discount.

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Thus, by reading this article, one can derive to a conclusion on why React is the most important framework to be learned to make the interfaces user-friendly. If you want to start your learning without spending much money, don’t miss out on the React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) coupon for 95% off here.

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