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90% Off JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio Coupon

JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio
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About The JavaScript Web Projects Course.

JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio course is a top-rated JavaScript course that teaches all you need to know about modern HTML5, CSS3 and modern JavaScript skills and techniques for building more responsive and mobile friendly web projects. The course will teach you how to build over 20 web projects using the modern JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 skills. If you are always willing to be a professional JavaScript developer but don’t know how to level up your current skills, then this JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio course is a good start.

Course details:

  • Taught by Andrei Neagoie
  • 32.5 hours of video guide
  • 23 articles and 49 downloadable resources
  • 232 lectures

Course requirements:

To learn this JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio course you should have the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Who this course is for:

It is intended for anyone who want to know how to build JavaScript projects in person, anyone who want to master modern JavaScript, or anyone who want to deep their JavaScript knowledge.

Introduction to Modern JavaScript

By learning this JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio course, you will get a depth learning of modern JavaScript. JavaScript is a procedural language that has gained maximum popularity in the world. It can be used anywhere. This language is known to be dynamic, based on a prototype, full of versatility, multi-paradigm with eccentricity in the scripting language. When we talk about JavaScript, we can assume its existence in most of the websites we visit while surfing the internet.

With the strong presence of JavaScript on websites since a long time back, modern JavaScript has newly been formulated by the developer in recent days. There are new features added to the JavaScript, which we are going to discuss in this article. To know the improvised concept of modern JavaScript, one should know the significant segment of JavaScript. We are going to start with the basic definition of the same. If you want a complete bootcamp to advance your modern JavaScript skills, then this JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio course can help you.


JavaScript was invented in 10 days by Brandon, and it was intended to sort of semi throwaway scripting language for the web mainly. Apart from the idea of making documents available on the internet using JavaScript, it has been improved with the time to make many applications live on the web using JavaScript.

An organization named ECMA provides the official standard specification of JavaScript. It is responsible for all kinds of improvisation we are going to learn today, called modern JavaScript. One master of heard people taking the name of ES6 as its dance for Xmas script developed in 2015. It goes on for the coming years like ES7 means it has been established in 2016 and beyond. You will know more about ES6 and ES7 from the JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio course.

What is Modern JavaScript?

Modern JavaScript is the new specification in which few implementations have been adhered to make the scripting language powerful and robust. The explicit growth of JavaScript, which we have already mentioned as ES6 majorly, has entered the market. There are so many new concepts, and essential features have been added to it. This JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio course will teach more about modern JavaScript.

Many libraries, including AngularJS or web components, are there in modern JavaScript, and it relies on polyfills to be runnable on the browsers that don’t support the recent implementations. There were a few concepts like transpiler is included in the modern JavaScript:


Please transpilers can be called as compilers also. It is a machine that is used to transform code in one language to another similar word. It is an integral part of the development in the frontend. As we all know, browsers are prolonged systems to adopt and feature new implementations, so the transpilers were created to produce the same code into another compatible language.

What’s new in it?

The modern JavaScript truly has more capability than the older versions. Also, we can say that ES6+ versions of JavaScript can adequately support the following things-

  • The scope of all variables can be defined in it.
  • The content of the objects can be secured.
  • Functions can be defined without name and body.
  • Using any framework, one can quickly call Ajax or web services in just one or two lines.
  • The capacity to store data has been increased using the different caching techniques and document-oriented databases
  • The versatility of being executable on any platform, even without browser.
  • Flexibility to develop mobile apps Web services along with desktop software.

ES6+ versions have come up with numerous superb features like a sync-await, object methods, class keyword, promise, and many more things. We have stated some of the necessary information when one wants to get introduced to modern JavaScript. An improvised version of JavaScript has so many things that can be understood by a single line – you can do more while writing less.

ES6, ES7, ES8, ES9, ES10 Features

Ecmascript 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 is the enhanced version of JavaScript that was officially released in the last few years.In this JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio course you will learn more about them. Each of them has some improvised features when compared to the previous version. Altogether there is a whole set of new features that can be analyzed by most of the people. The evolution of JavaScript has been established by technical committee 39, also known as TC39. It is a community of some Pioneer software organizations that meet periodically for the development of JavaScript.

In 2009, ES5 was published, which is regarded as one of the significant releases subsequently in 2015 ES6 was released, in 2016 ES7, in 2018 ES8, in 2019 ES9 and ES10 in 2019. Today in this content, we will discuss some of the standard features that can be observed in all these versions of EcmaScript.


In today’s JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio course, you will learn how to use all these new features of a JavaScript ES6, ES7, ES8, ES9, and ES10. Here is a list of those features:

  • Properties of the class

You can easily initialize the class properties outside the constructor. Bable is the new feature of all the versions of Ecmascript in which you can efficiently perform the configuration of the set and presets.

  • Start() and End() functions

Using string.padStart() as well as string.padEnd() functions, one can easily add some of the extra characters to the beginning of the end of any string. More concisely, the pad start method initiates the pads of the current string with the replaceable strings if needed so that the string pursues the given length.

The pad and method are known for applying the padding from the right end of the current string. To reach a provided length, the padEnd() method pads the string with the given string.

  • Exponential operator

The exponential operator is the new feature which can be observed in all the recent version of EcmaScript. It as the function of returning the result by raising the power of first operating to the second operand. The exponential function is specifically the right-associative.

  • Values and entries function

The values and entries function is a technique to treat objects like dictionaries; one can fetch the parameter names for the actual field names and actual values associated with them. Object.values () is the provides the function opposite of object.keys().

Object.entries() is the function in which the method is called to return the are of innumerable property of any object.

  • Prototype function

The prototype function is a method to add another array function and determine if it contains a value.

  • Async function

The Asynchronous function is one of the massive feature included in es8. It is known as the async function and intended to work in the underlying execution of different tasks simultaneously.

These were some of the characteristic features of all the modern JavaScript versions. There are numerous other features also included in ES9 and ES10 that we haven’t mentioned in this. Additionally, these are the essential functions that have enhanced the power of Ecmascript. Some more description of the new features is going to be introduced with different browsers.

Is mastering JavaScript an Investment?

In the widely developed technological era of the 21st century, we can’t imagine life without the internet. Using the internet is one of the standard practices followed by a massive portion of the population worldwide. When one thinks about the internet, it is a source of knowledge. Source of knowledge can be grasped using different websites. We can’t imagine the presence of a site without JavaScript. All the pioneers in a software market like Google, Yahoo, Facebook is also using JavaScript as the front end web development tool. If you’re looking to master JavaScript, the JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio course will teach you how to do it.

If you are an individual who has a keen interest in developing websites and want to get in-depth web development, then mastering JavaScript is mandatory. As JavaScript is the source of interactivity of the sites, all the mini-programs in the web pages come from the functions of JavaScript. Today we are going to tell you the significance of JavaScript in the field of web development. Without any further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

Why JavaScript?

JavaScript empowers the developer to append all those interactive mini-programs in the web pages. The typical use of JavaScript is concerned with interaction with users, validating forms from the user input, and all the fancy menus.

According to a legit survey conducted, JavaScript has become the most popular as well as powerful language from the last few years. For the front end, web development, JavaScript is one of the essential communication after learning HTML and CSS. Java script is the scripting language that usually executes on the browser and utilized for the development of all kinds of websites.

You must be thinking about why only JavaScript, then you should know that if you’re going to learn JavaScript, you will understand its extensive usage in web development. The significance of JavaScript will provide you a bright future ahead. It is the only language that is known for the execution on the browser. Know that the average salary of a JavaScript developer is somewhat about $112,436 annually.

What will I get?

Despite being widely used in the web development industry, JavaScript holds an indispensable place in the world of web development. For becoming a web developer who wants to develop API and some of the back-end architecture, server-based applications on the web, you should know JavaScript for the development of the front end.

JavaScript is a streaming programming language usually known for developing the front end portion. If you want to Mark your presence in the web development industry, then mastering JavaScript can be the best decision of your life. And the JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio course is intended for those people who want to know more about modern JavaScript. After learning JavaScript, it will make you capable of developing the following things:

  • You can make websites of any kind.
  • Using the JavaScript libraries, you can develop games.
  • Online presentations for you will become a cakewalk.
  • Using node.js, you can quickly develop all the server-side applications.
  • You can put forward your creativity by creating some of the animations on the website.
  • All the automation is going to be super easy for you.
  • You can create dynamic web pages, pop-ups.
  • You can quickly validate all the forms on web sites while handling the event.

Learning JavaScript is not rocket science, and you can quickly master it through numerous websites, video tutorials, or books. All the avid web developers love the usage of JavaScript, as its usage seems sexy during development. It enhances the work by empowering the website through interaction with all the users. We hope you are going to master JavaScript soon. And the JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio course is worth trying. Good luck with learning!

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