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30% Off Coursera Coupon 2020

coursera coupon 2020Get 30% off a month
This post will share some exciting Coursera coupon and flash sale promotions to help you welcome 2020 even stronger. We hope this Coursera coupon or promo is either a good way to be a smart saver or helpful for you learning something new without lots of money worries.

Coursera Coupon & New Year Promo

Check out Coursera updated promotions below and choose an offer to help you learn something new at the very affordable price. We hope this Coursera coupon is your best yet, and choose a new course taught by top universities and experts for being your better self.

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Along with that, we recommend the most popular courses and specializations as follows.

Most popular courses in 2018

Most Popular Specializations in 2018

What is Coursera?

Coursera is an educational platform where you can learn from the top professors of the world’s best universities and educational institutions, including prominent names such as Stanford. Coursera has partnered with the most brilliant teaching staff worldwide to provide excellent and in-depth course material to anyone who has a passion for learning. It is a for-profit company founded by professors of Stanford University, namely, Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. The account creation on Coursera is free of cost. They help in bridging the divide between learners and teachers by providing resources which can be accessed by anyone at any given point of time. Instructors from top universities are selected on the basis of their proven teaching methods and knowledge. One of the most prominent instructors at Coursera is Andrew Ng who has co-founded coursera.

Coursera offers several courses, which include both free and paid courses. Regardless of the charges of the course, they provide highly-precise and top-notch content. The content can be accessed by anyone but the certification requires paying an amount of money. The platform has a very reliable and rudimentary procedure for getting certificates upon your course completion. You are asked to make the payment after which you’ll be given access to the content which includes videos, articles, assignments, worksheets, audio and other study material.

Coursera has a very structured process and you need to submit timely assignments. You will be given feedback from your course instructor and once you have passed in the course, you’ll be given a fully accredited certificate. They have designed their platform to meet the current requirements of learners. The latest technology is used to deliver course material and it is ensured that the platform remains fuss-free, easy to use and easily accessible to anyone with a device and a basic internet connection.

Coursera offers certificate courses as a usual academic institution would. These certificate courses can help you land a job or even help you to make a worthy resume. These certificates hold major weightage and are acknowledged by leading institutions and organizations. The certificates hold tremendous value and are a legitimate choice for amateurs who want to get promoted in their field but lack the skills.

The learning approach of coursera is very organized. For paid courses, you receive the content and you need to thoroughly read it as it’s going to be very helpful in your assignments. The instructors grade your assignments based on your learning and keeping in mind that you met with all the submission guidelines, as is the case with most regular universities and institutions.

The free courses, however, give you the choice of accessing the content as you please. You can go through the course material at your own pace. Coursera also includes discussion boards where learners can ask questions or take the help of their fellow learners. It also makes it easy for the instructor to provide hassle-free solutions or address a common query. Moreover, the community benefits such as peer bonding are an added bonus. The discussion boards and the instructors are of great help and play a huge deal in the learning process.

Coursera provides funding for brilliant and passionate learners. Some courses even provide extra credit to regular students for attending these online courses. This helps the student to learn more while only giving a small amount of their time to learning these courses.

Coming to the pricing, Coursera has a fixed monthly subscription fee during which you can enroll in any package course, as long as you pay the prescribed amount regularly. They also have individual payment options for courses, but to get the most benefit for your money, subscriptions are better. Students also can try 7-day free trial to see if a course is right for them.

Is a Coursera Certificate Valuable?

Coursera Certificate
Simply put, attending a course on coursera is similar to studying at a university where you need to solve assignments and duly submit them. The certification for all completed courses is sent as soon as the course is completed. You are provided be grading or scoring on all assignments. Coursera certificates are extremely valuable and add a lot of weightage to your resume. They also give you the competitive advantage over regular students. The certification will give a solid proof of your abilities and skills and it will also help an organization determine that you’re committed and dedicated towards the said field.

Coursera offers a comprehensive learning experience, similar to any university. The platform is very selective about who the instructors are and they only employ skilled and proficient teaching staff. After completion of any certificate course, you will not only have additional knowledge and insight to the subject but will also possess a shiny certificate which can be a great way to prove your potential and earn a higher pay. A certification is always essential when it comes to your career. In fact, several employers take into consideration that you possess a certificate and determine how capable you are. The certification is not only for beginners, but trained professionals too.

Coursera also has specific courses where you can learn the fundamentals of a software or simple guides to programming. This helps several beginners who want to go a notch higher from the basics and learn the advanced concepts. The platform has a focused way of learning, which means that they focus on specific parts of the course at different times. It is definitely ahead of several other platforms in terms of providing high-quality content from significantly important universities. What also sets apart Coursera is the fact that it has credentials from valuable universities. Some of the major universities include Stanford University, University of Michigan, Princeton University, University of Washington and several others from distinct parts of the world. Coursera has recently started offering degree courses as well.

To sum it up, the certificate courses offered in Coursera are extremely valuable and hold significant value. They can help you build professional credibility and increase your earning potential. Learning through Coursera is an efficient way to gain a thorough understanding of any concept and expand your horizon.

Paying for the certification also allows you to do your bit and give back to the Coursera community for encouraging high-quality content to be available at your disposal. The specialization also helps you to acquire new skills that you are looking for.

What kind of Courses are offered on Coursera?

Coursera has an expansive list of courses which are offered by the most prestigious institutions of the world. The courses include articles, lectures, assignments, quizzes and the added benefit of peer interaction on the discussion board. You can find numerous courses to match your choice. Upon completion of a course, you will receive an electronic Course Certificate. There are a variety of courses being offered on the platform, both paid and free of cost. Some of the most popular courses include:

  • Data Science Specialization
  • Programming for Everybody: Getting Started with Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Excel Skills for Business
  • And several other courses…

You can find a course on every single topic that peaks your interest. You can even enroll in a degree course through the enrollment process.

Benefits of Taking A Course on Coursera

Coursera review
Self-Paced Courses: The free courses are usually self-paced which is why you can take as much time as you want to learn. Every course includes lectures which can be watched as per your convenience. This makes the learner feel comfortable in learning at their own pace and getting a deeper understanding of the subject they are learning. Self-paced learning can be the perfect choice for making it more affordable for individuals as well.

Quizzes and Assignments: Quizzes and Assignments are rather tricky and challenging. These help you to recapitulate all the information that you have learnt. The questions are specifically chosen to make you think and answer. The tests can be retaken several times and the last score is recorded for reference. Assignments also make sure that you are taking the course seriously. They also help in increasing the learning capabilities of the students. Sometimes, the assignments include reviewing previous peer assignments. Apart from this, there are several writing tasks given to you.

Video Lectures, Articles and other study material: Every course includes several meaningful, precise and to-the-point material along with videos to help you grasp the knowledge quickly. You can stop, pause and replay videos several times. These videos are usually kept short and crisp to ensure that the learner remains focused and that the content is precise and accurate. The articles are well-written and high-quality. They provide you with the intellectual nourishment your mind requires. You can find information or even personal perspectives on the topics you’re interested in.

Certificates and Degrees: Coursera offers several degree courses which are recently introduced. The degree courses, mostly include ‘Masters’ in any particular subject. These are really handy for those who are working and want to get an additional qualification without investing much time and money. The certificate courses on the other hand are shorter courses which impart valuable information to learners. These certificates are verified and are only given after the learner meets the prescribed passing marks. These certificates are sent electronically, but hold immense value and can add a lot of worth to your resume. Try to build a resume that showcases what you’ve learned in the course and how you plan on applying that piece of information. Adding it to your resume will add a whole lot of professionalism to it. It also shows drive, conviction as well as talent.

Discussion Forums: The discussion board offers a lot of help in case you’re stuck on a topic. You can simply ask the instructor or even your peers to help you out. You can even discuss solutions after you’ve received your graded assignments. Their community help is really empowering and helps you grow as a learner. The community is also really diverse, with people learning together and belonging to different countries of the world. You can easily connect with several other learners and know their progress and thoughts on any topic of discussion.

Budget-Friendly: You can choose to take a monthly subscription or go for individual courses. These courses are a lot cheaper than attending an institution to get valid certification. They are hassle-free and provide you with the comfort of sitting at your own home and learning comfortably. The knowledge you acquire through the course is easily worth what they charge for the certification.

Can Coursera Courses Fetch You Jobs?

Coursera courses
For any job seeker, getting picked from the lot of potential candidates can be really stressful. Coursera Certificates ensure that you have a competitive advantage over those people. Employers may even think of you as a dedicated learner. These courses not only impart enormous amounts of knowledge but are also a great way to learn new skills in the comfort of your own home. They’re also insightful which is why you can use the knowledge you learn and apply it during your job. It might even be useful during your interview. Furthermore, Coursera Courses do not require much of your time. But keeping in mind that they give you a command of the strong fundamental concepts, making them extremely valuable. The ease of finding high-paying project increases significantly after pursuing a certificate course.

Coursera is an increasingly popular and fast-growing and since it’s partners with top institutions and universities, it makes the certificates even more valuable. Another feature is the fact that you would be learning directly from the prolific professors of major universities for free or at a minimal cost. If you choose the correct courses, they can help you be more productive once you’re hired.

Organizations hire employees based on the value they can add to the position they’re in. Coursera can be used to make yourself a more hardworking employee and be more productive. It is also very helpful in helping you gain understanding and learn the fundamentals of a new subject or technology. Coursera makes you more employable as the certifications can be added to your resume. Overall, getting a course in a certain subject which you’re proficient in, can extensively help you fetch a job.

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