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How to Remove Antivirus Pro 2017 Rogueware, Fake Anti-virus Removal

Antivirus Pro 2017 Description

Attackers have distributed a hateful malware called as Antivirus Pro 2017, which is a new version of fake anti-virus program released to fool PCs’ users and aims at tricking money from them. Antivirus Pro 2017 also refers to the rogueware due to its extortion, such virus is often carefully curated by attackers for malicious benefit-making, which usually comes endowed with tricky abilities to slip into targeted system and attack machine without any consent. How can it finish a propagation on a PC that have a real time protection by authentic anti-virus program? You may be confused about it. Antivirus Pro 2017 rogueware can be spread to targeted computers through drive-by downloads. The drive-by downloads mean those freeware, shareware, email downloads, web plugs, and a lot of other third-party Windows program. Commonly, the Antivirus Pro 2017 fake anti-virus program can be bundled within those drive-by downloads to conceal its existence, as done like that, the virus can drop down malicious codes though there is a genuine anti-spyware guarded on your PC. Thus, we have to admit the Antivirus Pro 2017 virus is indeed tricky, especially for those unsuspecting online computer users.

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Published on May 29, 2015

Remove ICE Android Phone Virus From Android Phone, Easy Removal Tips

Your Android phone has been locked by unknown reason? There is a notice asking you to pay for such fine to unlock the device? According to them, your Android phone may be infected by ICE Virus.

ICE Android phone Virus, is a ransomware, also called malware which is so terrible to take full advantage of the system security loopholes to infect devices. In early stage, ICE Android phone Virus aimed at computer of Windows operating systems, but now, it starts to attack Android devices, Android operating system. ICE Android phone Virus designed by cyber hackers,  is often used to accumulate illegal profits from dirty tactic. Not only ICE Android phone Virus, nowadays, there are various of viruses in the Internet, which causes a trouble in daily devices use. Once Android phone goes wrong, you’d better calm down and get a professional check. The best way to save the infectious Android phone is to remove ICE Android phone Virus as quick as possible with the right directions.

ice android virus_

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Published on May 27, 2015

Remove CyberLocker Ransomware, Android Phone Virus Removal Guide

CyberLocker Ransomware is now found in Android phone/tablet using the classic trick to block the screen, asking the innocent users for unreasonable fine. This lock-up situation was caused by the Cyber criminals behind CyberLocker Android virus who hope to intimidate the innocent users and make ill-gotten money from them. Once the screen was firmly locked by this evil Android virus, users can no loner access to any application or file in the device, causing high anxiety and trepidation just like the evil criminals wished. In the nonsense notification of CyberLocker, there is a crazy requirement for the users to pay a so-called fine for having illegal behaviors while using the Android phone/tablet, and if the money was not paid in time, they will get arrested by the local police.

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Published on May 25, 2015

Remove FBI Department of Defense Android Virus, Koler Mobile Ransomware Removal

FBI Department of Defense Android Virus

FBI Department of Defense android virus, a sneaky role of the Koler mobile ransomware propagated by hijackers or cyber-gangs to attack android phone, tablet, and a lot of other mobile devices. This part of android ransomware has been dedicating to performing a series of malicious campaigns to hold users’ android phones for blackmailing ransom, and there are a lot of online computer users has been trapped. As a new infection evolving and arising on mobile devices rather than PCs, FBI Department of Defense android virus comes carefully crafted with strong ability to take over the screen of your android device. Once the targeted mobile device becomes compromised, the FBI Department of Defense android virus would extort money from victimized users just through some threatening fake notifications seemingly informed from law enforcement agencies. Never suppose the FBI Department of Defense android virus has relationship with the local authentic enforcement agency, the warning what you saw is fake and a commonplace trick exploited by hijackers to fool victimized users and trick money from them.

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Published on May 22, 2015

Remove FBI Online Agent Android Phone Virus, Mobile Virus Removal Tips

FBI Online Agent Virus is a notorious swindle virus which is developed by cyber criminals to make some illegal profits. Have your Android phone blocked completely in a warning page in the name of FBI Online Agent? Did it request that the phone will be unlocked after you pay that fine? The Android phone is sure to be infected FBI Online Agent Virus. In fact, FBI Online Agent Virus is a ransomware only to cause users’ trouble and make profits from those innocent victims. Also, you can say FBI Online Agent Virus a rogueware because it access the devices without any authorization and lock it in a sudden. In addition, FBI Online Agent Virus make up a fake warning to make their lie seem real. The fine they request victims to pay is another reason to convince victims. In a word, FBI Online Agent Virus is a thorough hoax and just want to make some money from users. Once people find that device is blocked by FBI Online Agent Virus, think twice and do not be so panic to follow their malicious instructions. It is strongly advisable to ask for some professional help to remove FBI Online Agent Virus from Android phone before everything.

FBI online agent

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Published on May 20, 2015

Remove “You have 48 hours to pay the fine” Android Phone Ransomware

It is kind of bizarre to see “You have 48 hours to pay the fine” warning message showing in your Android phone or tablet as you know you didn’t do anything wrong. This is indeed a scam for the innocent users because “You have 48 hours to pay the fine” is a well-created ransomware looking for the victims and hoping to make profits from them. Since this Android phone virus successfully infected a targeted device, it will secretly block the screen so as to stop the user from accessing any application or file normally. Under this circumstance, the ransomware will seize the chance to threaten the Android phone user in the name of some judicial authorities, asking them to pay an unreal fine for some ridiculous reasons. Usually, this Android phone virus will list all the illegal behaviors and violations of the users just to intimidate them so they will easily follow the guide and hand over the money.

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Published on May 18, 2015

Remove “Attention! Your Phone Has Been Blocked Up for Safety Reasons” Virus on Android Phone

Android Virus Description

A malicious Android Ransomware called “Attention! Your phone has been blocked up for Safety Reasons” virus has been holding increasingly users’ Android phones for blackmailing ransom. And it never stops evolving and arising on mobile devices. Once users’ Android phones become blocked up, then an interface filled with fake warnings would keep popping-up to threaten them for money. Just around last year, a lot of Android phone users were blocked up by such “Attention! Your phone has been blocked up for Safety Reasons” virus that blocked mobile devices until the required fine was paid up. Till now, this sort of Android Ransomware comes again to coerce Android phone users for extracting more ransom. A lot of Android phone users have been trapped. Just similar to the FBI Prism Android Ransomware, attackers or cyber gangs turn targets from PCs to mobile devices, they are serving malicious codes or app on android phone by using the commonplace ransomware social engineering. Refer to “Attention! Your phone has been blocked up for Safety Reasons” Android ransomware interface as below:

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Published on May 15, 2015

Remove Caribarena Virus on Android Phone,Mobile Virus Removal Guides

Caribarena Ransomware, or Caribarena Virus, is known as a tricky ransomware which is able to lock victim Android phone to cause innocent users’ losses. Caribarena Ransomware is designed by online criminals, aiming at extorting victims’ money finally. It is as dangerous as a rogue application because Caribarena Ransomware block infected Android phone to force users to pay such bogus fine to unlock the phone. What’s worse, it still claims that it belongs to the official agency. So there are many users trust it easily and firmly. That’s why Caribarena Ransomware could have plenty of opportunities to have its illegal behaviors successfully. On one hand, it makes up some fake accuses to frighten victims, through banners or warming notes, which may threaten users to pay that $200 bogus fine without thinking carefully. On the other hand, Caribarena Ransomware continues to claim that if users can not pay the money within the deadline, the phone would be blocked forever, to increase users’ tension. Confront with the situation, what users’ would do is to calm down and keep clear-minded to avoid struggling in the scam. Then, look for some professional way to remove Caribarena Ransomware from infected phone as soon as possible.

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Published on May 13, 2015

How to Remove FBI Prism Virus on Android Phone/Tablet

FBI Prism Android Phone virus was specially created to victimize the Android phone/tablet users for some evil purposes related to great danger and damage to the device and users. Once FBI Prism virus successfully infected the targeted Android phone/tablet, users will encounter terrifying locked-up situation with an nonsense charge onscreen. It is similar to the one we have reported about the locked-up PC situation before, once the FBI Prism Android phone virus has infected the targeted devices, users could not access to any applications and files in the phone/tablet normally. This is definitely a malicious ransomware infection in your device asking for unreasonable fine which you should not fall for because all of this is just a scam caused by evil criminals who want to make profits from the innocent users.

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Published on May 11, 2015

Remove Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security Virus from Android Phone

What is Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security Virus?

With high speed development of smart phone technology, more and more online criminals aim at this newly market. Android operating system, the most widely used smart phone operating system all over the world, naturally becomes the primary target for those malicious attacks. Here is a screen shoot of Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security Virus.

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Published on May 8, 2015