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Remove FBI Vanilla Reloadcard Virus on Android Phone, Removal Guide

FBI Vanilla Reloadcard Virus, it is a ransomware to mostly attack Android phone and tablet, which also can be classified as dirty and dangerous rogue ware. Once Android devices are infected it, it will lock victims’ their screen to prevent any access to anti-virus settings or other actions to be removed directly. FBI Vanilla Reloadcard Virus is designed by cyber criminals for the purpose of earning illegal online profits quickly. In present time, as the Internet can be connected all around the world, this FBI Vanilla Reloadcard Virus is spread out widely. What it targets is the global Android devices. Through taking a good advantages of the loopholes of Android operating system, it can be relatively easy to enter the victims’ devices without any consciousness. Therefore victims must be very confused and terrified with the screen is locked without any setting suddenly. If things happen, don’t be nervous so much. It is advisable to search the right way to remove FBI Vanilla Reloadcard Virus on Android phone as soon as possible.


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Published on July 1, 2015

Remove Australian Communications and Media Authority Android Virus

Australian Communications and Media Authority Android Virus has been found to be a vicious infection for Android phone and tablet which can easily block the screen on the device and show ridiculous message to threaten the users. In most cases, users will see an nonsense accusation on the screen by Australian Communications and Media Authority, asking for a crazy fine with a countdown time display to increase the tension. Once seeing this locked-up message on the Android phone/tablet, users can no longer access to any application or file normally, and even they reboot the devices, Australian Communications and Media Authority Android Virus message was still there and so was the locked-up situation. In this case, users have to get rid of Australian Communications and Media Authority Android virus as soon as possible.

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Published on June 29, 2015

Remove Poliisihallituksen Virus on Android Phone & Tablet, Remove Android Virus

Poliisihallituksen Virus Description

Attackers has published a hazardous ransomware called Poliisihallituksen virus on android system, the main tactic is to completely block the targeted android phones and stop targeted users from accessing system, and blackmail money as ransom. The new android virus, Poliisihallituksen virus, identified as a malicious ransomware which affects various versions of android system across multiple countries. Exploration of this critical android ransomware could allow itself completely compromise the infectious system and block out those innocent users from accessing android system, and even open an access for attackers to remotely execute virus code for further attack. It can be said that Poliisihallituksen virus can be exploited in infinite targeted attacks, and victimized android users have to suffer from incredible damage once such virus left long on the infectious system without a fix. It can carry out serious damage on both system corruption and sensitive information exposure.

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Published on June 26, 2015

Remove NSA Virus on Android Phone, Blocked Phone Unlock Tips

NSA Virus, also called National Security Agency Virus, is able to lock you out of your Android phone/tablet in a sudden. It is a lock screen virus which is designed by cyber criminals to cause others trouble. If there is notification of “Your phone has been locked”, in the name of NSA, you can suspect that your Android phone has infected by NSA Virus. Originally, NSA Virus aimed at PC. But now, smart phone, especially with Android system, is popular with ordinary people. Then NSA Virus gets started to not only focus on computers but only finds some mobile phone targets. Once the Android devices have NSA Virus infections, the only we should do is to remove NSA Virus from blocked phone as soon as possible.


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Published on June 24, 2015

Remove Crypt0L0cker Virus, Files Encrypted Virus on PC & Android Phone

What Is Crypt0L0cker Virus

Attackers are now utilizing Crypt0L0cker virus to attack online users’ PCs for malicious benefit-making. Crypt0L0cker virus is regarded as a new version of Cryptolocker encrypted ransomware, carefully crafted by hijackers or cyber gangs to bypass security, encrypt files, and steal confidential information, such as login credentials, online transaction data, memorized banking data, and a lot of other financial details. A number of newly discovered files encrypted viruses affecting PCs, tablets, and android phone could let hijackers take over the victimized systems and allow them to trick money by performing tricky fraud tactics. If successfully exploited, the Crypt0L0cker virus would pop-up a warning screen claiming that “we have encrypted your files with Crypt0L0cker virus,” and you need pay for files recovery. As said, all your files exactly could be encrypted by the Crypt0L0cker ransomware if successfully exploited, including network disks, USB, photos, videos, documents, and more. But, which doesn’t mean that victims should pay the demanding fine to access their encrypted files. Because, the attackers never has conscience, they won’t fulfill the promise that get all your files back just when the required payment is finished. In stead, Crypt0L0cker virus will attack your PCs or Android phone once again and again.

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Published on June 19, 2015

Remove ICSPA Virus on Android Phone, Android Lock Scam Removal

ICSPA Virus stands for International Cyber Security Protection Alliance Virus, which is a lock screen virus to annoy many Android phone users.For ICSPA Virus, which is categorized as a malware, it locks Android devices to prevent users from accessing any settings and make some troubles. On the other hand, it is also a ransomware. With ICSPA Virus infected, victims are always asked for a sum of fine to unlock their devices. Of course, such a fine is so fake that it will not be trusted. If your Android devices are locked suddenly and ask you to pay a fine, you may suspect that your Android phone is infected by ICSPA Virus. Then the next step is to swiftly search for some professional instructions to remove ICSPA Virus on Android phone as soon as possible.

icspa virus

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Published on June 17, 2015

Remove Metropolitan British Police Android Phone Virus Completely

Metropolitan British Police Android Phone Virus is now threatening the phone/tablet users by secretly blocking the screen, displaying a intimidating message to the targeted user and asking for an unreasonable fine. Have to know this horrible information tip has nothing to do with the Metropolitan British Police or the similar agency units, it is actually a ransonware related trick played by cyber criminals always looking for the next victims to defraud them and make profits. Using the name of the local authority is a classic evil move, Metropolitan British Police Android Phone Virus can increase the probability to fool the innocent users and get the ransom as they planned. Most of the users blindly submit themselves to the rule of the fake Metropolitan British Police and pay the money as required, letting the evil genius have their way that easy.

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Published on June 15, 2015

Remove Tox Ransomware, How to Remove Tox Virus from Infectious PCs

Tox Ransomware Description

Tox is regarded as the hazardous malware called Ransomware, attackers use the new version of the Tox Ransomware in ambitious attacks against PCs, Tablets, and even Android phones. Tox, the sort of notorious ransomware that is frequently exploited to compromise targeted users’ PCs, tablets, and android phones, has also been used in lot of attacks on targeted users for extorting a specific ransom. Tox ransomware can be said is an evolution of encrypted virus, difference is, the virus comes identified as a platform that allows anyone can create their versions and cashes in ransom. It may lure anyone to become its affiliate to create their own Tox virus and distribute it to others with 70% of the profit. In this ransomware distribution, the Tox can turn anyone as its accomplices, just need become Tox affiliate, create profile, and then use associated malicious files to get more users trapped. Although there are a lit of difference on distribution, the original nature of the Tox ransomware is similar with the Bit Cryptor Ransomware used to encrypt files on victimized system and extort money.

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Published on June 12, 2015

Homeland Security Virus Removal Tip, Remove Android Lock Screen Virus

Do you know Homeland Security Virus? As an Android phone user, your Android device has ever been attacked by this ransomware, or locked by this lock screen virus? How does it work and happen? Why your Android phone would be the target of Homeland Security Virus?

Homeland Security Virus, a notorious lock screen virus, which is created by cyber criminals to make illegal profits online from victims. Simply, Homeland Security Virus is a scam virus. It takes full advantage of security loopholes and victims’ mentality to earn much money. The top priority of Homeland Security Virus to attack Android device, may be make some profits, which always causes lots of troubles to users’ daily life at the same time. Also, Homeland Security Virus can be categorized as a rogue ware. It attacks your Android phone and roughly locks the screen in a sudden. People usually can not think out why their Android phone is locked so suddenly. Confronting with this dreadful virus, there is the only way to save your Android device, to remove  Homeland Security Virus on Android phone as quick as you can.


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Published on June 10, 2015

United States Court Android Virus Removal, Remove Android Phone Virus

United States Court Android Virus is now targeting a mass of Android phone and tablet users who are not familiar with the routine easily falling for the lock-up scam and losing much money. United States Court Android Virus is not a legitimate agency to ask for money, the so-called fine is actually a ridiculous scam created by cuber crooks who want to make profits from the innocent victims who are intimidated by the fake United States Court. In most cases, Android system users will receive an appalling message accusing them of distributing illegal content on the Android phone/tablet. United States Court Android Virus just seized the chance to ask for an inexistent fine just want to take advantage of the victims.

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Published on June 8, 2015