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What’s Avast?

Avast is an excellent and powerful antivirus software and security tool used by over 400 million users from around the world. it finds and destroys malware and other threats, it detects vulnerabilities in your home network, protects and autofills your login details. It provides advanced protection by securing your online banking and shopping, stopping hackers with a powerful Firewall, and keeping your inbox spam-free. Avast is a complete protection for your device as it updates your software automatically, prevents your apps from getting hacked and destroys your sensitive data permanently. Avast has 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is no risk to use Avast antivirus software and its service if you are a new customer.
Avast antivirus stops criminals from stealing your passwords and banking info. Avast not only provides products from home use but also for business. The Avast business product family includes features for endpoint protection, Wi-Fi security, antivirus, identity protection, password management, and data protection. For example, the desktop product will look for vulnerabilities in the Wi-Fi network and run applications suspect of having malicious hardware in an isolated sandbox. The Avast Business Managed Workplace monitors and manages desktops, and assesses on-site security protocols. The company also sells management software for IT administrators to deploy and manage Avast installations.

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