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VPN.AC Coupon Code: 62% Discount + Extra 20% Off Promo Code

Are you looking for VPN.AC coupon code or VPN.AC promotional Code? Here you can get real VPN.AC promo code and get best deal. One can get 46% discount plus an extra 20% off our promo code on 1-year plan and 62% discount plus extra 20% off on 2-year plan. Learn more detailed information about the coupon below.

VPN.AC Coupon Code Overview 62% Discount + Extra 20% Promo Code + Free Trial

VPN.AC now is providing the biggest discount and saving for its customers. Generally speaking, it gives the 46% discount plus from 10% to 20% off promo code on 1-year plan. But sometime it released special offer, such as the current 2-year plan, which is only $90 USD, $3.75/month, you save 62%. With VPN.AC coupon code, promo code or discount code, you can definitely benefit a big discount on your VPN service plan. And you can experience free trial with 3 simultaneous connections. in fact, you almost save up to 85% with VPN.AC Coupon code, promo code or discount deal for purchasing annual plan. VPN.AC is a trusted and reliable VPN service, as its encryption technology is greatly approved and adopted by government and military. Plus, there is no risk to use VPN.AC as it also offers 7-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the service, you can ask as refund. The biggest discount 62% + 20% Off promo code is a limited time offer. Don’t miss out on it! Get your extra discount off promo code or coupon code now!

Brief Introduction Of VPN.AC

VPN.AC is a security-focused VPN service based in Romania where is an ideal and good location for people who concern more about the privacy. Romania doesn’t impose any data retention and is not a member of 14 Eye alliance. Therefore, you don’t worry that your personal information or data would be transferred to the third party. Moreover, practices strict no activity logs policy which guarantee that VPN.AC will never log your internet traffic and website browsing. is operated by professionals with a strong background in Information Security, Linux and Networking. VPN.AC provides multiple VPN protocols to encrypt your internet traffic and online activity. The most awesome feature is the powerful technology like innovative Elliptic Curve Cryptography(ECC), AES-GCM and obfuscation support are adopted by also offers SecureProxy browser addon for customer who don’t want to encrypt all traffic on their computer via a VPN, but look for a more secure solution for browsing with more privacy. allows 6 simultaneous connections, that means you can link up 6 different devices at the same time with one account. develops VPN client software and app for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. And it’s also compatible many other devices. Multiple speed optimizations make become the fastest VPN. You can enjoy the fast streaming speed without throttling. Obfuscation technology make it stronger to bypass the internet censorship like the Great Firewall in China. VPN.AC is the best VPN to access websites internet-censored by the Great Firewall in China.

VPN.AC Key Features

  • Multiple VPN protocol types
  • Innovative Elliptic Curve Cryptography and obfuscation support
  • No activity logs
  • No speed limit
  • Premium Gigabit servers
  • SecureProxy browser addon included
  • 6 simultaneous connections (3 with trial)
  • Truly secure DNS services
  • No protocols restriction
  • VPN Software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Multiple countries: 21 (VPN), 32 (SecureProxy)

VPN.AC Plans and Pricing Overview

  • $9.00/Month (1-Month-Plan. Billed $9.00 every month)
  • $8.00/ Month (3-Month-Plan. Billed $24 every 3 months. Save up to 11%)
  • $4.80/ Month (1-Year-Plan. Billed $58 every year. Save 46% Most Popular)
  • $3.75/ Month (2-Year-Plan. Billed $90 Biennially. Save up to 62% Best Value)

Now VPN.AC is offering 20% off promo code for all plans, so get real promo code to save another extra 20%

  • 1-Month-Plan. Billed $7.20 every month
  • 3-Month-Plan. Billed $19.20 every 3 months
  • 1-Year-Plan. Billed $46.40 every year (Most Popular!)
  • 1-Year-Plan. Billed $72.00 Biennially (BEST Deal!)

How to Get Extra Discount OFF VPN.AC Promotional Code?

1. Go to VPN.AC homepage, then Click on Pricing.

2. Choose your favorite plan, and click on ‘Get it Now’ button under the plan you choose.

3. Reach the payment form, the 10% off promo code, promotional code has automatically added there, you don’t need to apply one.

For extra 20% off, you have to click on “Don’t use/change Promotional Code” and then fill in the code you got from our website, click on “Validate Code” to successfully get the coupon.

4. Enter your email address and set up a password for your VPN.AC subscription if you’re a new customer.

5. Select your preferred payment method to finish payment with VPN.AC Promotional Code.

What Forms of Payment does VPN.AC Accept?

  • Mainly PayPal and credit/debit cards
  • Region-based payments: Alipay, UnionPay, iDeal, WebMoney, SEPA Direct Debit, Giropay, mobile/SMS and many more depending on your location.
  • Bitcoin and many altcoins, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, Dogecoin, Ripple and more.
  • Gift cards (Openbucks and Subway)

VPN.AC Servers and Locations

Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, US East, US West, US Central and more

What Devices and Platforms does VPN.AC support?

VPN.AC supports all popular operating system including Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Linux and router. It also works with DD-WRT, Tomato, AsusWRT, pfSense and TomatoUSB.

Is VPN.AC Reliable and Secure?

Reliable Jurisdiction: VPN.AC is operated by Netsec Interactive Solutions, an IT security company established in Romania, in 2009. Romania is an ideal and good location for VPN services. First, Romania appears to be a solid jurisdiction when it comes to privacy. It is not a member of the 14 Eyes surveillance alliance, or a close ally of any major spying regimes. Private data is also protected in Romania, with data retention being officially declared unconstitutional by the Romania Constitutional Court in 2014. The country’s High Court threw out the government’s data retention laws which were enacted under the compulsion of an EU directive. However, Romania does not impose the data retention and disclosure requirements.

Service backed by a Skilled and Experienced Team: Each individual member of VPN.AC team has over 14 years of experience in IT security, providing security audit and penetration testing services for both public and private customers, banks and military institutions. Their experience in pentesting and security audit services is mainly what gives them an edge in keeping their infrastructure secure, because it is often the infrastructure implementation which is the weakest link of a VPN service.

Strong Encryption Trusted by government and military: Encryption/data security is something what is very familiar with, as a result of being a local supplier of some of most secure commercial encrypted storage devices, which are compliant with requirements for governmental and military use (FIPS 140-2 Level 3, Common Criteria EAL, NATO InfoSec, etc.)

Does VPN.AC Keep Logs?

No, VPN.AC has strict no-logging policy. It does not log/monitor any kind of user activity such as visited web-sites, emails, IM conversations, files transferred, instant messages, DNS queries etc.

VPN.AC keeps some connection logs (to servers only) for troubleshooting and support purposes. These are kept on a separate, encrypted server (located in an undisclosed location) and are automatically deleted on a daily basis. To keep connection logs helps to identify potential attacks against service like brute-force and even some MiTM attack vectors. doesn’t keep any logs on servers not even common Linux daemon logs.

  • Here below is the Privacy Policy Explained by VPN.AC

Nothing is stored on VPN servers, not even common Linux daemon logs like entropy daemons, ntpd, OpenSSH etc.

We are using our own, private DNS resolvers for DNS queries coming from VPN users. (Feature not fully implemented on all servers yet, full roll-out by the end of January, 2014).

All DNS queries coming from customers are sent to our private DNS resolvers through encrypted tunnels.

DNS resolvers do not log anything and are mixing customer queries with millions of random queries we are generating.

We don’t log or monitor any of our customers’ traffic.

We keep connection logs for 1 day to help us troubleshoot some problems our customers might encounter. These logs include source IPs and timestamps (connection start/end time).

We keep bandwidth usage statistics, both for servers (total daily/monthly usage) and for customers.

Connection logs are transferred in real-time from VPN servers to a secure, full-disk encrypted server in an undisclosed location. No connection logs are stored on VPN servers.

How Strong is the Encryption of VPN.AC

  • OpenVPN: 256-bit AES-CBC, 128-bit AES-CBC or 128-bit BF-CBC.
  • OpenVPN 128-bit BF: 128-bit BF-CBC for data channel, RSA 2048 for keys and SHA1 HMAC (preferably to be used only on devices that do not currently support AES/custom OpenVPN settings, e.g. Synology NAS)
  • OpenVPN 128-bit AES: 128-bit AES-CBC for data channel, RSA 4096 for keys and SHA256 HMAC
  • OpenVPN 256-bit: 256-bit AES-CBC for data channel, RSA 4096 for keys and SHA512 HMAC
  • OpenVPN ECC: 128-bit AES-CBC for data channel, Elliptic Curve using curve secp256k1 for keys and SHA512 HMAC
  • OpenVPN XOR: 128-bit AES-CBC for data channel, RSA 4096 for keys and SHA512 HMAC
  • For AES (both 128 and 256 bit) we use RSA-4096 and Elliptic Curve (ECDHE) with secp256k1, SHA512 HMAC.
    VPN.AC is one of the very few in the industry providing full Elliptic Curve support.
  • All OpenVPN certificates are generated “the right way”: offline, secure machine, multiple – high quality sources of entropy.
  • L2TP/IPsec: 256-bit AES or 128-bit AES (depends on OS/device).
  • PPTP: 128-bit MPPE (considered insecure, not recommended for sensitive data transfers).
  • SecureProxy: AES 128-GCM with 4096-bit RSA certificates

How Strong is the SeucureProxy of VPN.AC

In addition to the strong VPN service, VPN.AC also provides its self-developed SecureProxy to increase the security and privacy for its customers. VPN.AC’s SecureProxy browser extensions are compatible with Chrome and Firefox. With SecurityProxy, it helps you to surf the web securely and privately withpout connecting to the ‘classic’VPN. It works like a browser proxy and all browsing traffic is encrypted through a secure tunnel. VPN.AC’s SecureProxy is a great feature for people who don’t want to encrypt all traffic on their computer via a VPN, but look for a more secure solution for browsing with more privacy.

  • Strong encryption for all browsing activity using TLS (pure HTTPS traffic):

1. Stealth against Firewall/DPI: when inspected using DPI technologies, the connections using the SecureProxy don’t trigger alerts like a classic VPN would usually do

2. Fast and Reliable: All SecureProxy servers are carefully chosen with hosting providers that have very reliable, fast connections and excellent peering. And Encryption overhead is smaller than OpenVPN’s, it is less CPU intensive, and due to design it can be much faster than OpenVPN

3. There is no need to tunnel all your PC traffic through the VPN: you can have the browser tunneling the traffic through our servers and all other traffic sent via your regular ISP connection. You can call it “a VPN inside the browser”

4. Current locations available with the SecureProxy extension: USA (8 servers on West Coast optimized for Asian traffic and 4 on East Coast optimized for European traffic, 1 in Central US), Japan (6 servers optimized for Asian traffic), Hong Kong (3 servers), South Korea, Singapore (2 servers), India, Australia, Canada (Vancouver and Montreal), UK (3 servers), Ireland, Germany (2 servers), Austria, France, Hungary, Netherlands (2 servers), Finland, Norway, Czech Republic, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Mexico, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Romania and South Africa.

Does VPN.AC Work in China and Other Censored Countries?

  • Yes, VPN.AC can unblock all internet-censored by the Great Firewall in China and will not be banned by the strong internet censorship in China. you can freely browse any websites in China with VPN.AC as its excellent and powerful obfuscation features.

To unblock internet-censored websites in some countries where practice strict internet censorship on specific websites and service is one of the reason why internet users choose to use VPN service. However, some countries not only practice the strict internet censorship but also use VPN-block tools to filter and kill VPN. China and Saudi Arabia carry out the strict censorship and restriction on their network. In China, many websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, WhatsApp, Line, Instagram, Flickr, Line, Viber, Telegram, Netflix, Hulu, Popcorn Time, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Go etc are strictly blocked. The Great Firewall strictly blocks access to specific foreign websites and slows down cross-border internet traffic. In China, foreign information sources, foreign internet search tool like Google, social media apps like Facebook and other communication platforms are blocked by the Great Firewall. it also requests foreign companies to adapt to domestic regulations. Because of the Great Firewall, the VPN service is blooming actually in China and many users at home and abroad are choosing VPN tool while in China or going to China. VPN tool like VPN.AC is essential for browsing websites and access mobile apps in China. you will not access to any foreign information, resource, entertainment news and streaming service without VPN tool.  Stealth VPN Feature XOR Protocol + TCP port 443 Bypasses the Great Firewall! especially works well and runs fast in China as it offers a powerful obfuscation features and advanced encryption protocols (OpenVPN XOR). Obfuscation hides your VPN traffic as HTTPS. XOR protocol + TCP port 443 will break through network restrictions.

Most VPN products apply the same features of HTTPS traffic like TLS encrypting data using port #443, which easily masks your data as HTTPS data and slip through the detection of firewall of the network. However, even though the VPN uses technology of port 443, it’s still possible for a firewall like the Great Firewall to recognize the data is going through VPN traffic tunnel because most regular VPN protocols have a data packer header which contains information identifying VPN encryption.
However, OpenVPN XOR, as an extra stealth VPN feature,’s XOR protocols and servers can first take away the header part of the encryption by using a technique called “Obfuscation”, which hides your use of OpenVPN. Moreover, OpenVPN XOR protocols and servers use SSL/TLS encryption that wraps the OpenVPN payload in a second layer of encryption through port #443 (this is the port that normal HTTPs traffic uses), which looks like a normal HTTPS traffic. ‘Stealth’ VPN technology scrambles or disguises your VPN traffic, making it unidentifiable as VPN traffic, or disguising it as regular TLS encrypted web traffic. Using a VPN service with obfuscation or ‘stealth’ technology allows your VPN connection to rewrite or obscure the packet headers, so it’s unrecognizable. OpenVPN XOR, as an extra stealth VPN feature, also provides a lineup of servers that are specifically designed and configured for China and other restricted countries (hence the CHINA OPTIMIZED designation):

Therefore, is one of the best VPN for people living in or travelling to China. XOR protocol + Obfuscation not only can help users successfully bypass the Great Firewall but also can completely encrypt or conceal all the internet traffic. seems to be specifically designed for China use. will not be found and blocked by the Great Firewall in China. is the best choice for you in China to access any websites and protect all your data.

Video Guide On How to Get VPN.AC 20% Off Promo Code

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Summary of VPN.AC Coupon Code: 62% Discount + Extra 20% Off Promo Code) is the advanced and powerful VPN service trusted and used by millions of users across the globe. most of the servers are connected to 1000 Mb/s (gigabit) channels. is fast and reliable as it is usually optimized by regularly tested the speed and reliability. There is bandwidth limit and no throttling. operates its self-engineered private DNS resolvers for all DNS queries by our customers. All DNS queries are encrypted (AES 128-bit) to protect customers against 3rd party DNS monitoring and hijacking. Millions of DNS queries are generated everyday, and these are mixed with legitimate queries from VPN users to make sure that potential monitoring of our DNS resolvers will be ineffective. Therefore, is the trusted and high-reputation VPN provider.

Warm Prompt: is now promoting big discount, you get 62% discount plus an extra 20% off promo code. This discount combo includes the biggest savings. 20% Off promo code, coupon code and discount is limited time offer! Grab your best deal now!

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