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Uninstall Toggle Toolbar – What Is Toggle Toolbar? How to Remove It?

What Is Toggle Toolbar?

Removal suggestion is put on Toggle toolbar today since it makes PC users suffered the way Babylon toolbar does.

Toggle toolbar is widely deemed to be a browser hijacker that takes over the search task by force, triggers more endless pop ups from nowhere, attaches hyperlinks to more in-text words, offers more unrelated search results, slows down general PC performance regardless of what it claims to be a widget helping to obtain the most related search results and accelerate page visit speed. On the contrary, such toolbar is always created by cyber criminals who attempt to promote advertisement illegally and is used by spammers to help with spyware/ Trojan propagation. It must be hard to believe that such tiny toggle toolbar is capable of committing so much evil conducts compared to what PC users usually believe that a toolbar is an easy-to-uninstall gadget. Toggle toolbar alarms when victims are experiencing poor performance, slow browsing, additional pop-up adware and unexpected search redirect problems. It is the high time you called for an urgent toggle toolbar uninstall.

Toggle toolbar manages to form vulnerability on the target machine after it accomplishes its injection of vicious registry entries that are capable of affecting others linking to system services. That is the reason why any hard trial by victims will not rectify back to normal the browser configurations as the inner settings remain the same. It is worthy of mention that there’s no automatic way to change back specific values. What’s worse, as it displays as an add-on, toggle toolbar cannot be uninstalled by anti-virus programs. However, VilmaTech Threats Labs trawl through manual instructions to uninstall toggle toolbar hereinafter and you are welcome to follow the uninstall guideline.

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Dissemination Routine of Toggle Toolbar and Its Prevention

Most PC users detect toggle toolbar after accidental click on advertisement, freeware/shareware download and video streaming from unknown web sites. There are also many cases that toggle toolbar is loaded down onto a target machine when a search redirect virus has been there for some time. It is therefore requiring extra attention when working online. Besides, some changes should be made to strengthen secure system of the machine itself, such as update system, upgrade installed anti-virus program, run installed anti-virus program regularly, seldom use P2P programs, clean up cookies/ useless extensions/ plug-ins/ add-ons on a regular basis.

How to Uninstall Toggle Toolbar?

When getting down to toggle toolbar removal, you will simply see how different it is from others and start to understand why security utilities will not help with toggle toolbar uninstall specifically. It is worth the reminder that any leftover of toggle toolbar will help with its return within a span of time.

Step one – Access Control Panel to uninstall toggle toolbar

It is possible to see toggle toolbar in Control Panel where is usually the place to initiate uninstall.

  1. Start Menu -> Control Panel. (If you run Windows 8, right-click on ‘Unpin from Start’ at the bottom-left corner of your desktop > choose ‘Control Panel’ from the pop-up menu.)

windows 8 start screen

2.  Click on ‘Uninstall a program’ under Programs area when Control Panel window appears.

3.  Look for ‘Toggle Toolbar’ -> click on Uninstall/Change.

4.  Follow the uninstall wizards to finish the uninstall process.

Step two – Disable toggle toolbar’s startup item by using in-built utility.

A. if you are running Windows 7/XP/Vista, here are the steps:

1. Start Menu -> Select ‘Run’ -> type ‘MSCONFIG’ -> System Configuration Pops up

manage startup item

2. Manages start up items under Startup tab.

B. if you are running Windows 8, System Configuration will not help with startup management. Instead, Task Manager will do you a favor.

1. Type ‘Task’ or ‘Task Manager’ on Start screen -> select Task Manager.

2. Under Startup tab, find toggle toolbar’s startup item and disable it.

win8 startup

Step three – Show hidden files to find out those hidden by toggle toolbar

A. for Windows 7/XP/Vista users

1. Open ‘Control Panel’ from Start menu -> search for ‘Folder Options’.

2. Under View tab, tick ‘Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’ -> click ‘OK’.

B. for Windows 8 users

  1. open Windows Explorer by opening My Computer or any folder.
  2. Select View tab on Windows Explorer window, you will get numbers of options.
  3. Tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options.

Step four – Manually change browser settings.

Clicking on ‘Reset to Default’ button will not help get rid of toggle toolbar most of the time, so we need to change browser settings manually.

1. Firefox users to follow up:

1) At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Tools menu -> manage Add-ons -> modification should be made under Extensions tab and Plugins tab respectively.

firefox manage addons

firefox management

2) Go to ‘Toolbars’ and uninstall toggle toolbar there.

2. Google Chrome users to follow up:

Click on ‘Customize and control’ Google Chrome icon -> select ‘Settings’ -> manage ‘Extension’ -> ‘manage search engine’ -> ‘make Google Chrome my default browser’.

Google setting

change google chrome config

3. Internet Explorer users to follow up:

1) Go to Tools -> ‘Manage Add-ons’.

IE addon uninstall

2) Find and click on something useless including toggle toolbar in ‘Toolbars and Extensions’, ‘Search Providers’ respectively -> click ‘Disable’/ ‘Remove’ to remove toggle toolbar.

disable addon on IE

Step five – Go to the Registry Editor to delete entries related to toggle toolbar by typing ‘regedit’ (without quptation) in Run box.

registry enditor

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MicrosoftWindows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\toggle toolbar


If you experience any unexpected problem in uninstalling/ removing toggle toolbar during the removal procedure, something evil must have been done to further compromise the computer. Hence, your situation differs from that when we tested toggle toolbar on our virtual machine. And if you are poorly equipped with computer technology, you are welcome to get one-on-one assistance by contacting VilmaTech online support.

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