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Uninstall Searchme Toolbar Completely– Toolbar Uninstall Help

Should I Uninstall Searchme Toolbar?

searchme toolbar

Many computer users are not able to recall when they installed searchme toolbar while some noticed that searchme toolbar came into the machine along with programs. It has been reported that downloading YouTube downloader is the cause for the installation of searchme toolbar. The toolbar appears to be innocuous at its first phase. However, it is highly suggested to uninstall searchme toolbar the earlier the better since it has been detected to cause troubles:

* Installed browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, IE, Google Chrome) becomes slow in loading web pages;

* Additional programs that are not familiar to victims have been found to be installed successfully;

* Web search and homepage are hijacked by some search redirect virus;

* Installed browser loads down with pop-ups.

What Is Searchme Toolbar?

Searchme toolbar is extension/plug-in/add-on (the address is different from browsers). However, it performs just like a malware. There is little chance to pinpoint searchme toolbar in Control Panel. Such trick is achieved when its registry entries are completely embedded in the registry editor located in the kernel part of a machine. As a result, vulnerability will be unveiled to various virus loafing about the Internet world, which makes the compromised machine susceptible to them. There still be possibility that it is searchme toolbar that introduce additional virus in. By reselling information collected itself to other spammers, searchme toolbar manages to gain large gravy. As a matter of fact, one is able to avoid such damages both to personal information security and computer functions. Searchme toolbar usually piggybacks on programs, therefore, one should always be careful when downloading and installing programs, freeware and shareware particularly; give first priority to custom installation other than recommended alternative; access official or reputable sites to update programs other than popup message from nowhere, especially Flash Player and Adobe pop-up messages.

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How to Uninstall Searchme Toolbar?

Though one realizes that there is urgency in uninstalling searchme toolbar after reading the preceding paragraphs, one may encounter error problems when getting down to uninstall it. As we have already known that searchme toolbar injects its registry entries into a machine, changes in registry editor will incur corresponding modifications in settings of the build-in services and installed programs. As a result, to uninstall searchme toolbar by uninstalling and reinstalling the infected browser, resetting browser and manually rectifying browser settings will definitely lead to failure. What makes uninstalling searchme toolbar a hopeless task is that pop-up window may tell one that the installation source for searchme toolbar is not available or certain path cannot be found. To uninstall it completely without its reimage after each reboot, the uninstall steps should be complete as a whole. Now follow the steps below trawled through by VilmaTech online professionals to help yourself out.

Step 1. Remove related registry entries related to searchme toolbar so as to proceed the uninstall work smoothly.

  • Windows 8


Move your mouse over lower right screen -> click Search charm -> type ‘regedit.exe’ -> hit Enter key ->

– IE:

navigate to Explorer Bars, Extensions and Toolbar respectively under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ to find and select items related to searchme toolbar > right click on selected item to delete it.

– Google Chrome:

  1. navigate to Clients, ClientState and ClientStateMedium respectively under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Google to find and select items related to searchme toolbar > right click on selected item to delete it.
  2. navigate to ClientState under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Update to find and select items related to searchme toolbar > right click on selected item to delete it.
  3. navigate to Common under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\ to find and select items related to searchme toolbar > right click on selected item to delete it.

– Mozilla Firefox:

  1. navigate to Extensions under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Microsoft\Mozilla\ Firefox to find and select items related to searchme toolbar > right click on selected item to delete it.
  2. navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Microsoft\MozillaPlugins to find and select items related to searchme toolbar > right click on selected item to delete it.
  3. navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MozillaPlugins to find and select items related to searchme toolbar > right click on selected item to delete it.
  • Windows 7/XP/Vista

Start menu -> launch Search/Run box -> type ‘regedit’ -> hit Enter key -> same process as mentioned above.

Step 2. Access Control Panel to uninstall searchme toolbar.

It is possible to see searchme toolbar in Control Panel where is usually the place to initiate uninstall.

  1. Start Menu -> Control Panel. (If you run Windows 8, right-click on ‘Unpin from Start’ at the bottom-left corner of your desktop > choose ‘Control Panel’ from the pop-up menu.)
  2. Click on ‘Uninstall a program’ under Programs area when Control Panel window appears.
  3. Look for ‘Searchme Toolbar’ -> click on Uninstall/Change.
  4. Follow the uninstall wizards to finish the uninstall process.

Step 3. Disable searchme toolbar’s startup item by using in-built utility.

  • Windows 7/XP/Vista

Start Menu -> Select ‘Run’ -> type ‘MSCONFIG’ -> System Configuration Pops up -> manage start up items under Startup tab.

  • Windows 8

Type ‘Task’ or ‘Task Manager’ on Start screen -> select Task Manager -> under Startup tab, find searchme toolbar’s startup item and disable it.

win8 startup

Step 4. Show hidden files to find out those hidden by searchme toolbar.

  • Windows 7/XP/Vista
  1. Open ‘Control Panel’ from Start menu -> search for ‘Folder Options’.
  2. Under View tab, tick ‘Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’ -> click ‘OK’.
  • Windows 8
  1. Open Windows Explorer by opening My Computer or any folder.
  2. Select View tab on Windows Explorer window, you will get numbers of options.
  3. Tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options.


Step 5. Manually change browser settings.

  • Firefox

1) At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Tools menu -> manage Add-ons -> modification should be made under Extensions tab and Plugins tab respectively.

2) Go to ‘Toolbars’ and uninstall searchme toolbar there.

firefox manage addons

  • Google Chrome

Click on ‘Customize and control’ Google Chrome icon -> select ‘Tools’ -> manage ‘Extension’  before ending searchme toolbar’s process in ‘Task manager’.

disable toolbar

  • Internet Explore

1) Go to Tools -> ‘Manage Add-ons’.

2) Find and click on something useless including searchme toolbar in ‘Toolbars and Extensions’, ‘Search Providers’ respectively -> click ‘Disable’/ ‘Remove’ to uninstall searchme toolbar.


Small piece of application as searchme toolbar appears, it imposes difficulties to victims when uninstalling it and damages to information security as well as computer performance. As a web app malware, searchme toolbar is capable of causing mess on the installed browsers, such as endless popups, unrelated search results, hijacked homepage and search engine. It is not advisable to keep searchme toolbar around as it may raise the likelihood for the compromised computer being completely locked up by counterfeit police virus. It is not worthy of taking the risk. When one get down to uninstall searchme toolbar, one should be always in strict accordance with the steps offered herein, otherwise damages can be made overtime and some services on the computer may not perform properly. On the occurrence of failure after finish the steps, one should recheck to make sure that there is no leftover or other virus that you don’t know. If you are poorly equipped with computer technology, you are welcome to get one-on-one assistance by contacting VilmaTech online support.

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