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Stop JionniiCoupOn Ad from Popping up, Manual Guide for Mac OS X and Windows

Why JionniiCoupOn Pops up

JionniiCoupOn ad serves one and only purpose of making more and more PC users get to know its existence so that more business can be achieved. Such purpose will also dedicate to accumulating traffic that is able to make Jionniicoupon famous and increasing revenue obtained from publishing ads for other sites.

With BHO and JS technique, JionniiCoupOn ad manages to popup random online products whenever network is available on the target machine. Those two techniques were created for surfing optimization and have been utilized on it up to now, which is the exact reason why installed anti-virus program doesn’t pick it up and stop jionniicoupon ad from popping up when it is causing problems:

  1. Highly consumed CPU leads to sluggish performance.
  2. Endless and countless jionniicoupon popup ad makes poor surfing experience.

Though JionniiCoupOn ad is not virus at all, it is always recommended to remove jionniicoupon and stop it from popping up as soon as possible due to some potential dangers coming with it. To get detailed information about the potential dangers, it is advisable to finish this article or consult specialized technician online.

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Potential Dangers

Regardless of the adoption of legit technique to make it famous, JionniiCoupOn ad is categorized as PUP (potentially unwanted program). Unlike popup advertisements pushed by Verizon, jionniicoupon popup ad cannot be erased after being complained or filtered out through ADSL account and it is capable of incurring browser chaos, system instability and arbitrary modifications on target system. VilmaTech Online Support has found out the reasons for a sticky JionniiCoupOn ad:

  1. Jionniicoupon ad injects its service into system configuration.
  2. Jionniicoupon ad puts its executable file into startup section.

These enable the popup ad to operate under network environment. Global PC Security Center has also found out some undesirable consequences after being annoyed by JionniiCoupOn ad for a period of time:

1) Due to the adoption of Browser Helper Object, which is a DLL module, changes on a target machine will catch the attention from infections concealed in the Internet; BHO will then be utilized to alleviate infiltration with its advantage to access Internet Explorer event model unrestrictedly.

2) There’s one common consequence of being harassed by sticky programs including Jionniicoupon ad that is web vulnerability; such vulnerability can be taken advantage by browser malware easily and that will lead to the result where JavaScript being affected to take victims to designated spam sites, making search redirect possible.

One should also notice that JS technique manages to remember and record your log-in credentials, preventing from the bother to type log-in information every time logging in an account and from the trouble when forgetting the password to certain account. Once being utilized maliciously, the attacker will be able to log into your account and commit bad deeds like sending out virulent contents to contacts in your name or even worse stealing all your money from online bank.

JionniiCoupOn ad is just like a time bomb that is recommended to remove as soon as possible. Due to the legit technique it applies, anti-virus programs are not able to help remove it and stop it completely. Follow the below manual instruction to help yourself. Should there be any problems during the removal procedure, you are welcome to resort help from VilmaTech Online Support and your problem will be solved in a minute.

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Manual Guide to Stop JionniiCoupOn Ad from Popping up on Mac OS X and Windows

Step One – Enable popup blocker to stop JionniiCoupOn ad from popping up.

Mozilla Firefox: the popup blocker is one of the options under “Web features” in Tools menu.

popup blocker

Internet Explorer: its popup blocker locates under Privacy tab of “Options” in Tools menu.

popup blocker

Google Chrome: the popup blocker situated in “Pop-ups” under “Content Settings” in “Under the Hood” tab which can be accessed from “Options” in Tools menu.


Opera: its popup blocker can be found under General tab of “Preference” which is one of the sub-options of “Settings” in Opera’s menu.


Safari: the popup blocker can be found under the “Security” tab of “Preference” option contained in “Safari” option next to the Apple icon.

popup blocker

Step Two – Bring up Registry Editor to remove its critical part so as to make it easier to remove JionniiCoupOn ad.

Windows: Type “regedit” in the Run box brought up by Win+R key combination; hit Enter key will prompt to you Registry Editor; finally navigate to the following entries to remove suspicious key value started with “Run”.


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curren Version
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders Startup=”C:\windows\start menu\programs\startup

Mac OS X: there’s no such configuration in the OS, what we need is to remove JionniiCoupOn ad extension from Safari.
1. Select Preferences under Safari Menu.
2. Tap extensions tab so as to find and remove JionniiCoupOn ad.

3. Press Uninstall button to finish.

Step Three – Remove JionniiCoupOn’s start up item from system configuration.

Windows 7/XP/Vista:
1. Type ‘MSCONFIG’ in the Run box brought up by Win+R key combination.
2. Hit Enter key to gain access so as to select JionniiCoupOn ad.

3. Press ‘Disable all’ to finish.

Windows 8:
1. Type ‘Task’ in the Charms bar brought up by hovering the mouse to the bottom of the Start Screen.
2. Hit Enter key to gain access so as to select JionniiCoupOn ad under Startup tab.

win8 startup
3. Press ‘Disable’ to finish.

Mac OS X:
1. Access ‘System Preference’ under Apple menu.

system prefernce
2. Choose the user account that has JionniiCoupOn ad under ‘Users & Groups’.

remove startup
3. Select JionniiCoupOn ad and hit on minus icon to complete the startup removal session.


In most cases, PUP like JionniiCoupOn ad worms in a computer through web vulnerability or drive-by download. In other word, one manages to prevent JionniiCoupOn ad if he/she follows up good PC practice and uses extra attention when operating online. Complete removal is recommended so as to prevent the occurrence of error issue and compatibility issues in the future. The above instruction will guide you to stop JionniiCoupOn ad from popping up and remove it completely when there’s no other infections that are brought in by it. Should there be additional vicious items that prevent from complete removal and you don’t know how to resolve it, ask technicians at VilmaTech Online Support and get professional assistance that is always within your reach.

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