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How to Remove Starburn Search Redirect Virus Thoroughly

Starburn Search is one of the typical redirect viruses which can hijack user’s browser forcibly. By modifying default settings to change user’s favourite home page, Starburn Search with its own search engine can skip to any page it wants and bring users a lot of confusion, inconvenience and danger.

Once the Starburn Search redirect virus sneaks into the targeted system, it will control the browser, pretending to be a omnipotent search engine which is definitely not true. As long as using it for searching, it will redirect users to some spam sites or unsafe ads sites containing large quantity of malware, cheating them to download some so-called necessary software which in fact are fake and more harm than good to the vulnerable computer. From time to time, a lot of pop-up ads or weird messages will show up to bug users, some of them can’t even be closed. With Starburn Search redirect virus in the compromised system, things will only become worse and worse. Because it is like a backdoor Trojan virus introducing the other viruses to cause more threats. Starburn Search redirect virus can secretly disable antivirus to make the system’s defense becomes weak and very easy to be attacked. Starburn Search redirect virus can steal user’s personal data and send it to hackers and cyber criminals who will take advantages of this opportunity to make serious damages to innocent victims. In that case, it will bring users huge losses of all kinds. So it is the best to find ways to remove Starburn Search redirect virus immediately.

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Manually Remove Starburn Search Redirect Virus Step by Step

Step 1: Disable Starburn Search associated processes in the Task Manager

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys-> Go to the Processes tab in the Task Manager window, find processes of Starburn Search and end them all-> Close the current window to go on.

Step 2: Go to the Safe Mode with Networking

Restart the computer-> Pressing the F8 key repeatedly before Windows is loaded->Select Safe Mode with Networking in the Windows Advanced Option-> Press Enter key.

Step 3: Reset the browser

*Internet Explorer
Start the Internet Explorer and Click on Tools-> Locate on Manage Add-ons and find Starburn Search and disable it immediately-> Click OK to save the changes.

*Mozilla Firefox
Open Mozilla Firefox and click on Tools->In the drop-down list, choose the Add-ons->Click on Extensions then find Starburn Search extensions-> Click Remove to delete all the related Starburn Search extensions-> Save the changes after you have done with the resetting.

*Google Chrome
Start Google Chrome and go to its menu->Click on Settings and go straight to the Add-ons, choose Extensions-> Disable all the Starburn Search associated files and save the change.

Step 4: Show the hidden files of Starburn Search redirect virus

Click on the Start button to open the Control Panel-> Find and click on the Appearance and Themes(Appearance and Personalization for Windows 7) link->Double-click on Folder option and go to the View tab -> Check “Show hidden files, folders and drives” option and uncheck the “Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)”->Click OK to apply the changes.

Step 5: Remove the registry entries of Starburn Search redirect virus one step at a time

1. Click Start button to open the Run, then type “regedit” in the search box and click OK.

2. Refer to the following items to find the exact registry entries and delete them all.
“EnableShellExecuteHooks”= 1 (0×1)

3. Delete the Starburn Search redirect virus related files.

4. Restart the computer to see if Starburn Search redirect virus has already gone.

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Extra Tips:

To manually remove Starburn Search redirect virus is quite risky, especially when it comes to the registry. For all the levels of users, it is not recommended to delete files or registry keys from the Registry Editor, not even for those users who are familiar with their computers, because it is very easy and common to delete the wrong but important files, leaving a huge mess behind which is very difficult to handle with. Under this circumstance, you’d better back up the registry in advance just in case if the registry was screwed. Here are some instruction for the process of backing up the registry.
1. Click ‘Start’ in the ‘Run’, type ‘Regedit’ .Then press Enter to lunch the Registry Editor.
2. Highlight Ny Computer. In the File menu, click the Export.
registry editor - My Computer
3.Select a save location, add a file name in the ‘File name’, then click ‘Save’.
save registry file
Then the registry has already been backed up. Whenever you want to import the registry, just find the registry file just named, then double- click the file which its extension is ‘reg’, press ‘OK’ button to import.

Now the Starburn Search Redirect Virus removal has already completed, it is obvious for all of us to know that to learn how to remove malware is important and necessary. Because the virus is too cunning and usually bundled with some software, once installed in the targeted computer, it will infected the system rampantly. In order to enhance the level of defense with the virus, it is friendly recommended to contact with VlimaTech online support then learn more about how to against with the vicious virus.

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