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SOCA Virus – Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus Android Lock Removal

No one will be surprised to learn that a series of dangerous Android lock are nearly universal among people with computers and Android phone. Now quite a plenty of computer users are suffering from the fatal damages of malicious Serious Organised Crime Agency virus. And while infecting computers can be a great way for hackers to stay in acquiring illegal profit, to steal state secrets and to exposure confidential data, it sure has a worse downside. Read on to learn why it really might be time and how to remove the Serious Organised Crime Agency virus Android lock from the infected computer – – Even if it’s just for an hour or an afternoon or a day.

What IS the Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus

We all know that the hackers design a variety version of ransomware and Android lock can be disruptive to our PC and Android phone performance, even more corruptive. So does Serious Organised Crime Agency virus, also called in simplified form of SOCA virus (Android malware), a hazardous ransomware is endowed with high ability to attack user’s computer with random symmetric key. The hackers disguise the virus with the name similar to a national law enforcement agency (a non-departmental public body of the Government of the United Kingdom) so that can achieve scaring and forcing the victims into paying. But the truth is that the Serious Organised Crime Agency virus Android lock is produced by hackers, which has no business with any enforcement agency.

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Don’t Be Scared about SOCA Virus Locked Message

Once your computer gets infected with Serious Organised Crime Agency virus, you will lose any access to launch Windows. While you my always see the SOCA virus alert screen. In my personal view, for the first glance I have to be scared about the alert message on the solemn interface that I only can see. Vivid national emblem and flag make the virus screen looked so authority and can’t go against. In addition, I believe nearly no one wouldn’t feel horrible while seeing such clearly displayed law articles (It that saying I have violated copyright and related right law, and it provides for the punishment of deprivation of liberty for terms from 3-7 years or 150-550 basic amounts fine). Well, don’t feel terrible about the alerts, all message revealed on the Serious Organised Crime Agency virus locked screen are fake.

Should You Keep the SOCA Virus Damaging the Infectious Computer

Leaving the Serious Organised Crime Agency virus un-fixed on the victimized computers could keep you from what’s truly important. We’re not just talking about system damages – – although surely, the high-risk of confidential data theft. We’re talking about priorities. First one, the malicious SOCA virus never stops producing damages on the infected computer since it has slipped in. You will encounter slowdown, freeze down, program disabled/corruptive, files encryption, blue screen of death and even more system total corruptive problems that happen in an endless stream.

Taking the economic loss into consideration, you have to be cautious about it. The main goal for hackers of creating the Serious Organised Crime Agency virus is to blackmail and theft money from those innocent victims. It not only aboveboard threatens victimized users into paying a fine in forms of Ukash or PaySafeCard vouchers but also theft confidential data for malicious activities underground. By completely take over the infected computer, the hackers also can access to collect privacies. Due to the Serious Organised Crime Agency virus can govern the Internet browsers so that it offers more convenience for hackers to theft by tracking browsing history, online transaction remembered data, and password. Once the hackers acquire what they desire, you may lose a lot of money. Therefore, it is highly recommended you should remove SOCA virus fast in case of further damages.

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How to Remove Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus (SOCA Virus)

Want to counter the effect of this Serious Organised Crime Agency virus? Bring your infected computer to safe mode with networking while you restart Windows or actually hitting F8 key for getting there. Read on the next part.

Step A

Bring the infectious computer to the safe mode with networking to enable some programs terminated by the Serious Organised Crime Agency virus.

For Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista
1. Shut down the infected computer.
2. Find out F8 key on the keyboard of the target computer.

3. Press Power button to boot up the infected computer but before Windows launches (after skipping the first interface), you have to hit F8 key to reveal out Windows Advanced Options.
4. As you can see the page, it says safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, etc. Highlight safe mode with networking by pressing Up-Down keys and hit Enter key. Wait for a moment, Windows is loading files to the desktop.

For Window 8
Start and login the infected computer until the SOCA virus screen shows on>Press the Ctrl+ Alt+ Del keys, it will brings you to the Switch User interface>Tap the “Shift” key on the keyboard by your left hand, click on “Shut down” button>Click on Restart option>In the ‘Choose an Option’ screen, you need select “Troubleshoot.” >Click on ‘Advanced Options’, then in the following window choose ‘startup settings> Choose ‘restart,’> Press F5/5 key to highlight Safe Mode with networking option, hit enter key.

Step B

End the Serious Organised Crime Agency virus process. Press Ctrl+ Esc+ Shift (Windows7/vista) or Ctrl+ Alt+ Del (Windows XP/ Windows 8) to open Windows Task Manager. You then locate at random SOCA virus file and click on End Process.

Step C

Delete Serious Organised Crime Agency virus files from Local disk. But you need show hidden files first.
1. Click on Start button. Click “Control Panel.” And click on Appearance and Personalization.

2. Double click on Files and Folder Option.

3. Select View tab. Check “Show hidden files, folders and drives.”
4. Uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended). Then click ok to finish the changes.

5. Open Local disk, and remove Serious Organised Crime Agency virus files refer to below files. You can click on Start Button and click My Computer or Computer. You then open Local disk there.
%Program Files%\ SOCA Virus

Step D

Delete SOCA virus registry entries.
1. Press Windows+ R key to reveal out Run box. Type regedit in Run window and click Ok.

2. In the Registry Editor window, you need navigate to the below path. You then need to find out “Shell” and right click on it. Click on Modify. The default value data is Explorer.exe If you see something else written in this window, remove it and type in Explorer.exe.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\
3. Besides that, you still need delete Serious Organised Crime Agency virus registry entries, you can refer to the below registry entries.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System ‘DisableRegistryTools’ = 0
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system ‘EnableLUA’ = 0

Step E

Reboot the infected computer with regular mode to effect the SOCA virus removal.


Serious Organised Crime Agency virus (SOCA virus Android lock) could be strongly holding back your computer. It isn’t just computer users who face the scaring SOCA virus screen. Even just the duration of infecting or damaging – – can increase the number of wastage the Serious Organised Crime Agency virus makes during a single destructive task. Your infectious computer is more likely to crash if the SOCA virus Android malware keeps there longer. So there is no doubt that quickly clearing out any threats is the reliable measure to resave one infected computer. Now still point out a close note here, if you are still confused on how to exactly remove Serious Organised Crime Agency virus  Android lock after this read, you can click on the Live Chat Button as below to get helps from VilmaTech experts.

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