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Property of is one of millions of popup advertisements helping publish various items including coupons as more modern people are turning to online shopping that provides quick and convenient way amidst fast-paced life. But there’s a little difference in since it cannot be removed easily from computers.


Regardless other sites identified as virus, it is not strictly speaking a computer virus that writes to memory and executes vicious code for replication in a target machine, instead a normal popup advertisement at best with rogue competence. Popup advertisement like is a platform designed to gain as more exposure and click rate as possible for its partners to seek profit. It is observed that the competition among popup advertisements is too fierce, especially among coupon types, for newly rising ones including to popularize them. Therefore, some rogue skills are adopted by the popup advertisement to intercept as much traffic from one single computer as possible, contributing to increasing profit when more transactions are completed on online shopping platform.’s arbitrary behavior makes it a piece of undesirable application to many PC users. If you are one of them that want to remove popup advertisement, you are welcome to follow the steps in the last part of this article or get on-demand professional help from VilmaTech Online Support here.

live chat Is Potentially Hazardous

Given the fact that is not a virus, its rogue competence places it as a type between virus and normal ones. By inserting its own executable file in Startup section and its add-on into database, popup advertisement manages to start its work whenever a network connection is available. With such random change and sticky program on a computer, vulnerability is anticipated to be exploited by virus concealed in Internet. If suffers listed below are detected, it is better to hurry up and remove popup advertisement with efficient way:

  • More pop ups are seen to ruin surfing experience.
  • Browser (which can be Opera, Safari, IE, Firefox, Chrome) becomes slow in reacting to users’ activities.
  • More junks are detected to consume a larger part of CPU usage.

Bear in mind that all popup advertisements are designed to remember targets’ preference so as to optimize its provisions, seeking more chance that targets complete purchase on their platforms. As a rogue popup ad, is believed to resell collected information to other spammers for additional income generation.

Recommendation on Removal

Considering that is not a virus at all, anti-virus programs and other build-in secure services will not help remove it. Manual way is thus recommended to be involved in its removal. One thing worthy of attention is that rectification on browser setting is not sufficient enough when a complete removal is required. More steps should be added to the removal in Database so that chances for pop up to come back or other aggressive infections to infiltrate will be totally eliminated to keep a computer safe and healthy. Some computer issues such as error message may occur in the middle of’s removal. if that’s the case to overwhelm you, you are welcome to apply for professional assistance from experts serving VilmaTech Online Support.

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User Guide to Remove Popup Advertisement from PCs and Macs


Reset browser settings to remove popup ad.

Internet Explorer

  • Click to unfold Tools menu and select Internet Options.
  • Hit Advanced tab after bringing up Internet Options window.
  • Press Restore Defaults button and confirm the change by pressing on  “OK” button.reset IE


  • Click to unfold Firefox menu and point at “Help” option.
  • After its list is expanded, choose “Troubleshooting information” .
  • Press ‘Reset Firefox’ button in a box on the left uppers corner of the web page.reset_firefox_1

Google Chrome

  • Click to unfold ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’ menu and choose ‘Options’ to bring up its window.
  • Hit ‘Under the Hood’ tab on the pop-up window and press ‘Reset to Defaults’ button to reset Chrome in a bit to remove popup advertisement.reset gg4


  • Click to unfold Safari menu next to the Apple icon and choose ‘Reset Safari’ to bring up its window.
  • Tick all given options on the pop-up window and confirm by pressing ‘Reset’ button.Reset safari


  • Show hidden files and folders before navigating to “C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera\”.
  • Find Operapref.ini file and remove it there to complete the browser reset .reset opera



Open build-in popup blocker to stop from popping up.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Bring up its Tools option again to press Web features button on the left hand side of the Options window.
  • Check as the intended item to be blocked.popup blocker

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Bring up Tools window again to navigate into Options.
  • Hit Privacy tab to follow up.
  • “Block pop-ups” option locates at the bottom of the Privacy tab and check popup advertisement to make sure to block it.                                                                                                                                    popup blocker

Google Chrome

  • Bring up its tool menu again to choose Options.
  • Hit “Under the Hood” tab on the pop-up window to press on “Content Settings” button.
  • On the next pop-up window, choose “Pop-ups” on the left pane and access “Exceptions” on the right pane to make sure that popup advertisement is in the wanted list.pop-up-blocker


  • Bring up “Safari” option next to the Apple icon and access “Preference” window.
  • Hit “Security” tab and check the box next to the option “Block pop-up windows”.
  • popup advertisement will be blocked then.popup blocker


  • Click to unfold Opera menu to point at “settings” option and access “Preference”.
  • Hit General tab and locate “Pop-up” section there.
  •  Choose “Block Unwanted Pop-ups” and hit OK button to finish.preference



Remove popup advertisement and its components from Database.

Internet Explorer

  • Navigate to Extensions under

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Microsoft\Internet Explorer\

to find and select items related to the right click on selected items to delete them.
Google Chrome

  • Navigate to ClientStateMedium under


to find and select related items then right click on selected item to remove popup advertisement.

  • Navigate to Common under


to find and select items related to popup advertisement, right click on selected items to delete them.
Mozilla Firefox

  • Navigate to Extensions under

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Microsoft\Mozilla\ Firefox

to find and select items related to popup advertisement, right click on selected items to delete them.

  • Navigate to

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Microsoft\MozillaPlugins

to find and select related items then right click on selected item to remove popup advertisement.

  • Navigate to

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Opera Software

to find and select related items then right click on selected item to remove popup advertisement.


Conclusion: is a popup advertisement offering coupons for various items. Slightly different to other average popup ads, is competent to implement some rogue activities such as refusing to be removed easily, popping up randomly on nearly every web page and inserting some of its fatal parts into target system. Such arbitrary behavior will bring to a vulnerable computer. Since is not a virus that security utilities are responsible of picking up, manual way becomes the best choice eradicating all related components for a complete removal on condition that sufficient experience in removing rogue programs and knowledge in computers are available. Should there be any other problems not listed in this article or confusion about steps, on-demand professional help from VilmaTech Online Support will be offered with pleasure if as long as click is made on the below button.

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