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Remove “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” Pop-ups(Malware Removal Tips)

“You’ve Received a Premium Offer” might be a familiar notification showing in user’s computer and cause tragic damages by leading the innocent users to click on those unsafe links and ads. “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” was created to generate more and more victims for cybercriminals to gain more profits from the Internet users who has mistakenly clicked on those links released by “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” pop-ups. In most cases, “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” uses some tempting information to draw the user’s attention,such as some promotion sale content, coupon code, prizes, etc. “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” pop-ups has the only intention to lead the users to click on the specific links it provided, resulting in irreparable losses.

“You’ve Received a Premium Offer” malware could easily infiltrate into the targeted computer by using tricky means. Since it successfully got into the system, the malware will seize the chance to add tons of unwanted programs and even more malware into the system to make it dysfunctional. “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” also forcibly installs lots of add-ons and plug-ins into the browser. Every time the user starts the browser for online surfing, “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” will take advantage of this occasion to display nonstop pop-ups everywhere, releasing more and more traps for the innocent users to walk into it. In the meantime, more and more malicious processes and applications of “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” are running in the system background without authorization, taking up the system resources gradually and causing unexpected system failure.

Moreover, “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” malware opens a door for malicious attacks and cybercriminals as well. Since the system performance was decelerated soon and become out of control, the computer protection will be weaken and corrupted. In this case, malicious virus will have the chance to break into the system without restraints. Cybercriminals and hackers will also add more trouble to the computer users by stealing important data and files illegally and using for malicious business deals which could seriously damage the users and collateral losses. Plus, “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” just keeps introducing the malicious installations into the computer, the system will be overused, ending in collapse soon. Users should remove “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” malware completely before things getting worse.

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How to Remove “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” Malware Completely

Uninstall “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” Bundled Programs

1. Do the preparatory work before the removal.
1) Close the current applications, browser and media files.
2) Use key combination Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the System Task Manager.
3) Click on Processes tab and disable the running process of “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” malwre.

4) Close the current windows.

2. Open Control Panel from the Start menu.
3. Find out all the bundled programs of “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” malware.
1) Click on “Uninstall A Program” link in the Control Panel.

2) In the displayed programs list, find out all the unwanted programs belong to “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” malware.

4. Select the unwanted programs then click on the Uninstall button to remove them completely.

Remove “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” Add-ons from Browser

1. Start the browser.
2. Remove all the malicious add-ons, plug-ins and extensions of “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” malware from the browser.

Internet Explorer

1) Click on Tools then select “Manage Add-ons”.
2) In the displayed window, click on the “Toolbars and Extensions” then select the unwanted items of “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” from the list, right-click on them and select Disable option from the shortcut menu.

Mozilla Firefox

1) Click on Tools from the menu bar then click on Add-ons from the drop-down list.
2) Select the related add-ons of “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” malware from the list and click on the Remove button on each on the line.

Google Chrome

1) Open the Chrome menu and move the cursor on the Tools and select Extensions from the expanded menu.
2) Select the “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” malware extensions from the list and delete them completely.

3. Restart the browser after the removal.

Delete “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” Registry Entries

1. Press Win+R keys at the same time to open Run Command box, type “regedit” command in the search bar and press Enter key to continue.

2. In the Registry Editor, locate the left side branches and unfold them, find out the remaining registry entries and keys of “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” malware and remove them carefully.

3. Reboot the computer once finished removing “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” malware.


“You’ve Received a Premium Offer” might have so many variants alike showing in the computer while the innocent users are surfing on the Internet. Some users who are lacking of precaution consciousness could mistakenly click on them, leading to unexpected losses and damages to the computer and themselves. In order to protect ourselves from those malware and virus, all the computer users have to learn some methods and tips to prevent the malicious attacks in the first place. “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” malware could often get installed into the targeted computer without permission. Most of the time, unwanted malware could infect the computer by using various dirty tricks such as showing malicious pop-ups and links in the web page, inducing the users to click on them, so it could secretly install into the system and introduce a mass of malicious programs into the computer.

Sometimes, “You’ve Received a Premium Offer” malware could mix in some unknown downloads such as third-party software waiting for the innocent users to download them into the computer. As some users choose not to detect it before using, giving the golden chance for the malware to install into the computer by pretending to be some useful applications to optimize the system, in fact, they could only do something to break the whole system down. Users have to be vigilant all the time while surfing on the Internet. Never be tempted by those unknown ads or click on unknown links by mistake, those could be the traps set up by cybercriminals who want to defraud your money and destroy your computer system. If you need more guide to deal with malicious infections, feel free to click on the button and ask for help from the VilmaTech Online Experts at any time you need.

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