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Remove, Guide to Delete Browser Hijack Virus Basic Knowledge, a suspicious domain, has been identified as a PC security threat that belongs to the category of browser hijack virus. It seems to be a genuine website offering search engine serves for Internet users by intuitively distinguishing its interface. However, the counterfactual situation is, does nothing beneficial for users but may trigger a variety of destructive actions on the computer that it infects. Basically, browser hijack virus has a Trojan horse component or attribute, which will mislead users into installing it onto computer. It may be disguised as a browser plug-in or extension, typically toolbar that can be downloaded and installed in user’s web browser, despite of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Similar as other Page Jacking threat, virus may be able to propagate onto user’s computers surreptitiously by attaching its components to an email message, displaying as an image, screensaver or archive file. Users may also get infected with infection when they download certain software shared on peer-to-peer networks, carrying the malevolent codes of the virus.


Upon its installation, this browser hijack virus will meddle with Internet user’s regular routine via carrying out website traffic significantly. Most commonly threat would forcibly modify default web browser configuration, including web page 404 settings and DNS redirection. As a result, the existing homepage or start-up page may be altered to its appointed domain based on When Internet users do search online, browser hijack virus would redirect their original search results to random ones, which may be related to commercial or limited adult materials. On the other hand, Internet users hate a lot because it may cover the screen of computer with distributing various pop-up advertisements by secretly analyzing their browsing history and habits. Provided browser hijack virus cannot be removed timely from computer, it may insert its related add-on, plug-on or extensions in the affected web browser for the purpose of tracking and stealing user’s valuable online information. This may include banking information, personal identification or other sensitive data. To avoid unexpected damage or data loss, it is urgent to get rid of browser hijack infection from computer.

Note: Manual removal of virus is only recommended for advanced users. If you cannot remove virus on your own, please be free to contact VilmaTech Certified 24/7 online expert here , who will be glad to help you out of trouble.

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Basic Properties of Virus

1. may sneak into user’s computers without any permission or knowledge.
2. may forcibly modify default homepage, start-up page or error page of the web browser that it infects. This may be related to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
3. may modify user’s default search results and redirect to its appointed domain based on
4. may display annoying pop-up advertisements on the screen by analyzing Internet user’s search history and habits.
5. may implant its related add-on, toolbar or extension on the affected web browser in order to steal user’s confidential data.

How to Remove Hijack Virus

Attention: Manual removal of is known as the best way to clean up all its codes, dll.files and registry files. However, it requires certain PC tech knowledge, as it is related to Windows registry. Any mis-operation or single mistake may lead to worse results such as data loss or even computer crash. Before carrying out the operation, you’d better back Windows registry entries if you are not familiar with the manual interaction.

Video Guide on How to Backup Windows Registry

1. Clean up cookies of your web browser.

Removing the cookies related to can help you to prevent the virus from re-installing its components over and over again.

Internet Explorer:

  • Open Internet Options.
  • On General tab, check Delete browsing history on exit.
  • Click the Delete Browsing History button.


Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open Firefox web browser.
  • Go to Tools and then Options.
  • Select Privacy.


  • Choose Remove Individual Cookies.


  • Delete cookies related to in the cookies showing box.

Google Chrome:

  • Go to Tools and then Options.


  • Choose “Under the Bonnet” tab.
  • Click on Privacy and choose Clear browsing data button.


2. Open Windows Task Manager and stop the running process of

  • On the “Process” tab, stop the process of

task manager1

3. Clean up all the files of showing in the hard disk.



4. Open Registry Editor and clean up all registry entries of

  • Go to Start menu, type Regedit in the search box and click OK.


  • Right-click to remove all the registry files of

registry enditor2

Why Does Antivirus Cannot Help?

Many Internet users wonder if they can remove virus with simple auto removal method. Auto removal refers to the uninstallation by antivirus software program or other security tool. It is certain that a standard antivirus application can often safeguard user’s computer against various PC threats. However, different from common viruses, browser hijack virus can often bypass the detection and removal by antivirus using its advanced hiding techniques. When installed, it will hide its codes and other components deeply in system to protect itself from user’s removal. Even though you have updated your antivirus to the latest version equipping with more current virus database, it may still have a very low chance to get rid of browser hijack virus effectively. So it is necessary to figure out other helpful way such as manual approach to eliminate virus from computer.

In Conclusion has been recognized as a harmful browser hijack virus which has the capability to attack popular-used web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It can often change default web browser configuration in order to generate website traffic on the affected computer. Most commonly the default homepage, start-up page or error page may be changed to domain or other malicious URLs. Suppose users cannot remove browser hijack virus from computer timely, it may even steal user’s confidential data for remote hackers by inserting its related add-ons, toolbars or extensions in affected web browser. To refrain from unwanted damage or loss, it is urgent to remove browser hijack virus from computer completely.

Note: Cannot remove virus with your antivirus? Are you frustrated when trying to remove infection from computer? Any problems during the manual removal, you are welcome to contact VilmaTech Certified 24/7 online expert here to get real-time support.

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