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Remove Not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent.ahgx, What Is Not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent ahgx

General Information

Its name has already manifested some of its properties:

  1. “Not-a-virus” means adware.win32.agent ahgx is not categorized as virus.
  2. “Adware” means win32.agent ahgx mainly trigger advertisements.
  3. “Win32” indicates that not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent.ahgx affects Windows OS.
  4. “Agent” is the term for certain object with undefined path or a path that hasn’t been put in virus reservoir.
  5. “ahgx” shows its variant number.

In conclusion, not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent.ahgx is a spam script of pop-up adware. It is believed that most people would resort automatic removal by installed anti-virus program but end up with failure as specialized technician from VilmaTech Online Support since “agent”, its meaning should come to your knowledge that “agent” is the word for security utilities to convict certain item whose removal method cannot be found from virus reservoir, has dropped a hint. To figure out why certain detected item cannot be removed and the dangers to be harassed by not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent.ahgx, it is advisable to finish reading. Should you have question, please feel free to start a live chat for answers.

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Why Malicious File Cannot Be Removed?

Though not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent.ahgx cannot be counted as virus at all, its script can modify browser settings to control online behavior and its executable files can be loaded down owing to BHO technique, a technique to ensure automatic launch of advertisement whenever the target machine is connected to network, for manipulation of Database.

What’s more, according to Global PC Support Center, some .dll file has been found to be installed onto a target machine, including stdup.dll, stdact.dll, stdplay.dll, stdstub.dll, stdupnet.dll and stdvote.dll. DLL file, simply put, is created to run Windows and programs with as optimal resource as possible so as to fully function as far as possible. In other word, .dll file refers to almost all build-in software and hardware including driver and ActiveX, which implies the a good possibility that installed security utilities are prevented from obtaining updated data to fail in newly released virulent items and that malfunction happens.

Apart from the malfunction by baleful modification in system configuration to result in failure of removing detected file, there’s another reason, which is some detected items are not malicious at all. No removal method can thus be reached by installed anti-virus program from virus reservoir to remove not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent.ahgx, “c:\windows\webwork\webwork.dll” for example.

Dangers to Get Not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent ahgx

There are two kind of dangers caused by not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent.ahgx roughly. One is can be detected obviously while the other lurks deep in the target system. A list of dangers has been made by VilmaTech Online Support hereby for a clear advice.

Obvious Damage:

  1. Browser crash happens occasionally.
  2. It takes longer to display intended web page.
  3. Search redirect can happen and it is likely to increase in frequency.
  4. Homepage and search engine can be replaced by certain unknown program without permission.
  5. Random pop-up as well as pop-under and pop-in advertisements emerge to ruin overall surfing experience.

Lurking damages:

  1. Automatic update cannot be achieved.
  2. Error message can arise to inform missing or corrupted file.
  3. CPU can be consumed significantly to make a zombie machine.
  4. A lot more unknown items are piling up in local disk to result in sluggish performance.
  5. Restored information as well as log-in credentials can be collected to endanger information and financial security.
  6. Bug can be brought into being to make the target machine vulnerable enough to be susceptible to intrusive and destructive virus.

Though not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent.ahgx is not a virus at all, it is wise to remove it before more bugs/vulnerability are formed due to malicious manipulation. Considering the fact that anti-virus programs are not able to remove not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent.ahgx, it is recommended to employ manual way. Follow the below useful user guide to help yourself. Should you run into difficulty due to deficient computer knowledge, you are welcome to get specialized technical help by starting a live chat window.

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Useful Instruction to Remove Not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent ahgx from Windows

Step one – remove “winStdup” if there’s any.

  • Access Control Panel.

For Windows 8 users: click “Unpin” on the bottom-right corner of Start Screen to select Control Panel.

control panel
For Windows 7/Vista/XP users: spread Start menu and you’ll find Control Panel.

  • Bring up “Add/Remove Programs” window to find “winStdup”.

Step two – show hidden items to clear up all .dll files including the ones named according to not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent ahgx that are created on the day the “agent” was flagged.

files to be removed:

alsmt.exe albus.dll
D:\System Volume Information\_restore{BC334C0C-82A6-4BBC-8CE5-9458E5E223AF}\RP3\A0000571.exe//stream//data2246

1. instruction to show hidden items

For Windows 8 users:

  • Navigate to Start Screen and click open Windows explorer
  • Tap View tab on the pop-up window.
  • Tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options.             win8 hidden file
  • Press “OK” button.
  • Next browse to C:\Windows\System32 to remove the above listed files created on the day not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent ahgx was flagged.

For Windows 7/XP/Vista users:

  • Access Control Panel to bring up ‘user accounts and family safety’ window.user accounts and family safety
  • Click open ‘Folder Options to tap View tab.
  • Tick ‘Show hidden files and folders and non-tick ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’.
  • Press “OK” button.
  • Next browse to C:\Windows\System32 to remove the above listed files created on the day not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent ahgx was flagged.

2. instruction to arrange files by day

  • When browsing to C:\Windows\System32, right click on space to select “Arrange Icons by”.Arrange-by
  • A list of options will be enabled.
  • Choose “Modified” then and the documents/icons/files/folders will be placed in orders automatically.
  • Scroll down the window to locate files created on the day not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent ahgx was flagged (tip: the date of creation will be displayed under items correspondingly) .

Step three – remove malicious drivers.

  • Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers.
  • Find if there’s any driver named after any of the listed files in the above removal section.
  • If any, remove it.

Step four – remove virulent values under Database.

  • Hold and press Win key and R key together to bring up a Run
  • Type “regedit” and hit Enter key will bring you to Database (also called Registry Editor).run regedit
  • Navigate to the following entries to remove any value named after the files listed above in show hidden items section:                                                                                                          registry enditor2



To sum up:
Not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent.ahgx is an object to support randomly pop up advertisements rather than a virus. Yet it manages to trigger chaos on bother browser and machine due to JavaScript and BHO techniques. When DNS is manipulated by JS technique and additional .dll/.dat/.exe files are downloaded easily into a target machine because of BHO technique to overwrite file information, the advertisements supported by not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent.ahgx start to pop up and malfunction begins happening. As a result, vulnerability occurs. It can be potentially dangers. Once being detected by destructive virus with sniffer, the vulnerability can be well utilized to attack the vulnerable machine for information collection and commit misdeeds. Therefore, VilmaTech Online Support suggests a quick and efficient removal so as to rule out the possibility to be further taken advantage by additional infections. Be noted that the above instruction is exclusively applicable to not-a-virus:adware.win32.agent.ahgx removal instead of other incidental virus. If you come across additional infections and you don’t know how to fix, you are welcome to get on-demand PC security service right away.

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